Lovell wants ban on all unvaccinated tourists to Antigua & Barbuda


The leader of Antigua’s main opposition, the United Progressive Party, Harold Lovell, is questioning the delay in imposing a ban on all unvaccinated tourists to Antigua and Barbuda.

He says the government should not have to wait for the tourism association to make that call.

“If we are pushing and promoting and encouraging and reaching the point where there have been suggestions that you can’t go into certain government places unless you’re vaccinated, I cannot see how we have not yet moved to a policy where persons who come into the island ought to be fully vaccinated,” Lovell said.

“I think that’s something that ought to be instituted.

“If you go to any Caribbean island right now, you must be fully vaccinated and I feel that that should be a consistent policy,” Lovell added.

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  1. If you’re going to speak such ignorance into existence please fact check! Not all caribbean islands are requiring full vaccination for entry. Only the following are;
    Anguilla, Grenada, St. Barts, St. Kitts & Nevis, Turks, and T&T. So Lovell have a seat! It’s not tourists or the UNVACCINATED alone that can spread covid. Check the facts, the highly ANNOINTED vaxxers can and actually carry a higher viral load of the virus once infected soooo I mean ppl who are vaccinated stop acting like you died on the cross for our sins! At the end of the day we ALL should be doing what we need to to protect ourselves and our families. We should NOT be looking to the next person to be our saving grace. Continue to safeguards ourselves VACCINATED OR UNVACCINATED!

    • The tourists that are coming in. are they all fully vaccinated? No no no, so why pressure the local population while at the same time you give the tourists a free pass???
      All tourists coming in to the country should be required to show proof of vaccination. Case close!!!

      • Are you more concerned about the health and safety of your fellow Antiguan and Barbudan or are you more concerned about the health and safety of the tourist? Cause the tourist are not coming to stay. They visit for a week or two and then leave. We need them to earn a living and we must make sure that we protect ourselves from them. All they come here for is our sun, sand and sea. And they pay good money for that. Reality is this industry is our main earner of foreign exchange and the biggest part of our GDP

  2. This guy will say absolutely anything at this point to win and election that proberbly won’t be called till 2023. That sad thing is I’m sure if he and his party were in power they would be doing exactly the same thing that they are critizing the government for. Lovell who you really trying to fool you had your chance and you blew it. Stop playing on people’s emotions it won’t get you elected.

  3. We’ve heard it all before……same way he said no new taxes and ABST and PIT came in.

    He will say no vaccine no entry and then when he’s in office it’s another story.

  4. Lovell has NO PLAN, NO VISION, NO SOLUTION, NO STRATEGY. He is simply saying the opposite of what the government is doing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what a waste!!!

    • You continue to ask Lovel for his plans, visions, solutions, strategies only so that ABLP could implement them. Come on!

  5. Y’all complain about Lovell policy but fail to realize Canada isn’t allowing unvaccinated into their theory. Do your research you’ll see. First yall blame tourist for bringing the virus there now he give a solution it’s a problem.

  6. I am fully Vaccinated,have been since March 2021.I did not travel in 2020 and 2021 thus far. I am looking forward to 2022 and see what happens then.I am anxious to come down to Antigua and have fun on the Beaches.I do believed “all visitors” to Antigua and Barbuda should be fully Vaccinated. It helps to protect those who are working in the Hotels and other areas of the Tourism Industry. The Vaccinations are not full proof,they give certain levels of protections.

  7. You know what is funny about Lovell and the entire UPP. They were in opposition for 28 years and they beg us for the job. Said they know how to run the country and make things better for us. We gave them a change and what did they do? They run the country straight into the arms of the IMF. They had no clue how to run the country. The first thing they asked themselves was “wha are we go do now?” Totally lost. Now again they are in opposition, and they tell us they know how to run the country. And asking us to give them a break once again. Well sorry but not you Lovell. And certainly not with that slate of inept candidates that has never even run a sweetie shop. Much less have any experience of running government. At least the ABLP has a slate a mixed experience and new young candidates who are being mentored by the old and experience ones. Remember Gaston in his first years had Sir Lester Bird as his Senior Minister and advisor. And then he has Sir Robin Yearwood and Sir Molwyn Joseph as other seniors as well. The UPP candidates have absolutely nothing to offer the country nor the people. They would be learning on the job, and we will feel the effects of all their mishaps. That will be a very expensive lesson for us to swallow. Lovell should understand that when it comes to governing this country’s affairs, he is no match for Gaston Browne. Absolutely none. Every time he goes contrary a decision that Gaston Browne made; history has proved him to be wrong. The latest one being the sale of Scotia Bank to a local bank ECAB. When Gaston wrote to Harvard and suggested to them to show some form of reparation by working with UWI Five Islands, Lovell laughed and said Gaston thinks the people of Harvard would have time for him. Well, he was wrong. Harvard is now directly in discussion with the UWI Five Island. And we have many more examples if anyone needs me to mention them.

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