Lovell threatens to sue Donna Chaia


United Progressive Party Leader Harold Lovell says he plans to sue Donna Chia for statements she made about him on radio recently.

Lovell said Chaia will not be allowed to defame him and make allegations of criminality against him.

“Having listened and haven taken time, this is enough I am going to sue her,” Lovell said on radio.

Antigua Newsroom cannot repeat the allegations.

Lovell says this is not the first time that Chaia has attempted to sully his good name.

He said his lawyers have already been given instructions to sue Chaia who should prepare herself for an apology or to find money to pay.

The UPP leader who is also a lawyer denies taking bribes.

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  1. Well said,Lovell.File a Lawsuit against her backsides.I heard her and in my opinion.She sullied your name.I do not know.Why Gaston would want her on his Party’s ticket in St.Peter Constituency. That is why she is peddling nonsensical crap about others.When you are saying things about anyone.It has to be factual and with evidence to prove.Gaston Browne,do not put her on your ticket.She in my opinion would be worse than that man Michael.You would not be able to trust her.She would sell you out for a few shillings.

    • Well Beach Bum she and the incumbent in that constituency a family so maybe she figures then seat should stay in the family. What has become of his matter in the U.K. Has he travelled to the U.K. since?

  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Take it to court. Then we will find out the truth. Lovell will have his opportunity tell his side of the story, but he’ll be asked some probing questions. Who knows what we will find out???

    • Prayer Warrior would you allow an attractive woman to defame you, drag your name in the gutter and accuse you of committing a serious crime? By the way, attractiveness is subjective.

        Glad to see you once more. You Guys have dragged Hon. Gaston Browne through the mud. Lovell is trying His best to make news and stay on the front page of newspaper but this is FRUITLESS. LOVELL election record has follows
        LOSS 9 ELECTIONS. WIN 2. .Excellent record Tabor and in 2023 He will definitely lose His tenth election.Go figure.
        I hope you are His Lawyer because He will definitely lose in court.

        • @ CHARLES TABOR
          I saw the UPP SHALLOW Cabinet and I saw you are slated for ATTORNEY GENERAL….I cannot stop laughing…I hope you realize that is just a PIGMENT of your imagination. By the way I did not see your name as CANDIDATE running for election. How the hell your name is mentioned . I also saw Mr.Bowen will be in charge of PRISON.What the Hell is going on with the OUTDATED UPP to present this slate of CANDIDATES to Antiguans.

          • @Just Saying, What experience do you have to comment on this article? It would be the same experience to run a prison by learning. Maybe then we will get a better prison. Remember is not everyone in prison are convicted prisoners, some are on remand and some could be innocent…

        TABOR Donna is more attractive than you. She a BEAUTIFUL woman with a charming smile.

        • So LINDA. P. I take it that you are a woman. Donna is also a woman. Would you choose Donna over me ? 😂😂

  4. She has been trying very hard to impress her new masters on that radio station. It appears that her ceaseless chatter has put her in a spot of bother. Instead of holding onto her position that she took the night before that maybe she might have been wrong, she went the next day and double down. It was just a matter of time for the suit to come. Very surprise that Lovell actually did it though. Old firesticks and all.

    • Yes, Lovell should sue. IF he’s right, it will all come out in court. No doubt he’ll be asked some probing questions that he’ll have to answer, too. One never knows what comes out. The truth will come out. No one should be defamed.

  5. POOR Harold Lovell CANNOT take the heat get out of the kitchen. Harold Lovell should be the last Person to sue Anyone. Donna DO NOT let POOR HAROLD scare You. POOR HARRY

    • So when prople deliberately try to sully you name it’s heat. After listening to her Thursday talking about the cut and thrust of politics, I knew she was deliberately being disingenuous. I hope she can now take the heat. He should sue the radio station and it’s owner’s as well.

    • When your pm take a woman to court for singing a song wasn’t he a cry cry baby. He wants to say what he wants about people and nobody can call his name. Y’all people need to take y’all heads out of Gaston butt 🤦🤦🤦

  6. Hon.Gaston Browne you should sue KNIGHT of Observer Radio. I have all the tapes of Knight saying bad things about you.

    • Come on! ON THE MOVE.
      Donna is just upset because Harold wasn’t gangsta enough to give her what she wanted when he was in office. Listened to her getting all personal. She crossed the line when she continued to accuse him of being in a bribery scheme. & Using the media to do so.

  7. We all know that what sets Lovell apart is his remarkable political trackrecord of being HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY and CREDIBLE. Hence the reason he has:

    WON 2 elections
    LOST 7 elections

  8. I believe Harry is in love with Donna. She is a vrry attractive woman. Hatold you.know that a LAW SUIT brings out everything. Donna should welcome Harold BLUFF LAW SUIT. Bring it on Harold you will lose.

  9. Things getting hot. It’s true! The Brazilians and Colombians can really get you mixed up in some funny business. I wonder what stew have to say about this. One mixup allowed the planes a longer takeoff. Another allowed employment. Follow the money! The alphabet boys are on this case. Give them time. A Donkey fall harder than horse!

  10. Lovell I never met DONNA but looking at Her photo I am in love with Her She is so beautiful. Harold just leave the Lady alone.

  11. I heard this woman on radio making certain statements. She said she wasn’t present, did not see anything and wasn’t party to any meeting or conversation. What she did say was that she read an article in Bloomberg and deduced from the article that the ex politician committed a crime. Now I read the Bloomberg article and it didn’t name anyone. I think this woman is trying to be relevant and must be looking for something from the Labour Party. We know some people have no loyalty. Think of all the former UPP people who are now in the Labour Party. I am sure I heard her say she was a farmer. Gaston now has a farm so he could hire her to manage it.

  12. When was the last time.A politician from Antigua and Barbuda visited the USA?Could all of you tell me.If Casroy James did return the Euros in question.Because Gaston Browne did say,those monies would be returned.Does anyone know for a fact.If that did happen.Where is Casroy James at this time? He holds all of the aces to this matter.He should speak out as to the persons involved with the Odebrecht matter,in Florida.

      • In any law suit Casroy James and Gaston Browne will be the principal witnesses. I wonder if James will ever come clean and says exactly what he knows.

        • Charles what did she say wrong? Newspapers in the US and elsewhere have reported that Oderbrdth officials met with a well respected local lawyer. Those in Brazil long declared that they met with the Antiguan opposition. We have also seen the cheque stating HL was on retainer for Meinl Bank. Compliance Aid points out Meinl was a front for Oderbrdth, Its well known that Meinl’s owners were Odebrecht officials’ eg Luois Franca. Tabor, Why try to change history?

          • TENMAN nobody is trying to change any story. Everything you have said is correct. Is there any evidence there that Harold took a bribe from Odebrecht. We know Casroy James was paid 3 million Euros that he admitted. So Harold was retained by Meinl Bank as an attorney, where is the connection with a bribe from Odebrecht. Casroy James and Gaston Browne have all the answers which a public enquiry would uncover. Tell Gaston Browne to please call the enquiry so that he can determine Harold’s guilt once and for all.

    • Mount O. answers to your questions would be the simple solution to this scandalous Odebrecht matter but Gaston Browne does not want the solution. Antigua was the epicenter of the scandal through the Meinl Bank located at Long Street, yet Antigua is the only country involved in the scandal that did not convene an investigation. I say Gaston Browne alone knows why he does not want an investigation to either clear his name or that of Harold Lovell. Gaston Browne you look as guilty as hell and we only have circumstancial evidence so far. Be a man and stop hiding and looking for scapegoats. Having security detail in Miami does not mean you could not have attended a meeting. The security detail does not prevent your movements, they only protect you.

      • “In Brazil, the epicenter of the scandal, former two-term president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva…” see Leak of records from construction giant reveals a bribery scandal’s breathtaking scopeBY SASHA CHAVKIN
        JUNE 25, 2019 11:00 PM, UPDATED JUNE 26, 2019 07:43 PM, Miami Herald

        Tabor come on, you are really full of it. The epicenter of the scandal was Brazil. There was an investigation in ANU, like elsewhere. You may recall Astaphan, in 2017, was appointed (not sworn in as special counsel) to work with the police to investigate the matter. Recall a similar move under BS when Sanjeev Datadin was sworn in as special council to investigate IHI. Seems its only UPP, have the right to utilize their handpicked lawyer to investigate matters. You may also recall (then again you have amnesia when it comes to 2004 to 2014) the act of swearing him in was later deemed illegal

        • TENMAN you guys really like to split hairs. Ok, if Meinl Bank and Antigua was not the epicenter of the Odebrecht worldwide scandal, then Antigua was the epicenter for the Caribbean. Anyway, the nonsense that was undertaken by the ONDCP could not by any stretch of the imagination be considered an investigation or enquiry. By the way just for information, when Anthony Astaphan was identified by Gaston Browne to assist the ONDCP I showed how ridiculous that idea was and Astaphan was never utilized. Finally, the nonsensical excuse by Gaston for not having an enquiry was that there was no evidence of a bribery. An enquiry my friend is to to unearth evidence. Gaston was putting the cart before the horse. An enquiry follows a complaint of wrongdoing. Can you recall the Mueller enquiry in the USA into Russian meddling in the US elections? That enquiry was convened to find evidence. If your icon Gaston Browne is so sure of his innocence in the 3 million Euros bribery, either directly or indirectly, tell him to do the right thing and have an enquiry. No enquiry and he looks as guilty as hell. Anyway, history might not absolve him.

          • You need to stop before Casroy sues you. Mr. James never stated he received 3 million Euros. What he stated was he would return the moneys that was sent Let me suggest you do some research, something I figure you should have some at least basic training in. Guy just like you have no problem accepting that Lovell may have taken no bribe, you need to apply the same presumption to Casroy et al. The ABLP admin is not like the UPP admin where the then PM admitted to receiving into his own bank account, moneys allegedly for the purposes of bribing for diplomatic positions. Persons in the US are now serving prison time for the said infraction. Recall many in your crew (wrongly)arguing this was all a storm in a tea cup (via OMG), no big deal. Yet watch your mouth water regarding alleged influence peddling, because the persons involved is ALP. Tabor, try and be consistent or you will have the same hypocritical smell as your party. What a thing: The former minister of finance was on the payroll of a bank that fell under his portfolio. Yes you can argue this happened after he left office, but the infractions occurred during his tenure as FM. You think its an accident that they perused and got Lovell? Like Casroy he should have given back the money (retainer and such) or at least donate it to some worthy cause.

          • Coming from you, someone I am at loss as to who you are, thanks. Always makes me know I am on the right track, when I hear guttural screams like that. Not to worry, soon we will rid you of your cancer. The work continues….

        • Tenman, you have my deepest apologies.
          Please forgive me.
          You are entitled to your opinions and free to form your own conclusions.
          Sometimes I am mystified as to how intelligent people support these decisions of politicians.

  13. When you throw a stone in a pig pen the one that scream is the one that got hit.
    When you tell a lie you will have to cover it up with another lie. Lovell started this Odebrecht thing with a lie when he said he didn’t know these people. Then when the PM published checks made out to him and a letter of agreement that he has been on a retainer basis with them he quickly followed up with yet another lie, saying he was only doing some work and could not disclose client information. Now years later yet another lie of hiim has come to light, as Donna said he was in Miami and claim to have been there to meet with Casroy and some Brazilians. It’s because he feels guilty and have to cover up yet another lie, he believe he can scare Donna with treathning to sue her. Well I guess he doesn’t knows Donna that well. Bring it on Harold. It will be not just your polical grave but your entire carrier will be done if you dare to proceed with a sue. For your sake I hope Tabor is not your lawyer.
    I mean you need to come clean with the people of Antigua and Barbuda whom you hope to represent. But the way I see it, you have no good options. Your future looks bleak. I wonder what Mrs. Lovell has to say this time around. But you sure got yourself in lots of doo doo.

    • FROM THE SIDELINE your illogical reasoning is again showing quite clearly. Harold never denied that he was involved in a meeting in Miami with Casroy James and Franca. He is the respected lawyer that Gaston keeps harping about. That is not a secret. It is a know fact admitted by Casroy himself that he was paid 3 million Euros. How much was Harold paid. It is also a known fact that Gaston said in Parliament that the money was returned. Please ask Gaston to provide evidence that the money was returned. As the Prime Minister those are the issues he should come to the nation and address and stop chatting his utter nonsense on Pointe FM every Saturday. If he is so sure that Harold Lovell was involved in the Odebrecht bribery scandal and not himself, then why doesn’t he get to the bottom of this with a public enquiry, like the Medical Benefits Enquiry, and kill Harold Lovell politically once and for all. Gaston please stop hiding behind all your nonsensical excuses. Clear your name.

        A whey de money garne?Did Casroy James return that money? Three Million Euros, is somewhere in cyberspace.Is that the loot I saw walking down High Street,in St.Johns.The Prime Minister,Gaston Browne in Barbuda on a Saturday afternoon some years ago.He did say the money would be return.Is Casroy James still an Ambassador. Is he still an agent for the CIP? If indeed he got that money for CIP work.He should not return one damn cent.I am asking you guys.Because you guys are insiders to Gaston Browne.Many of you would know all things about him.If he passes gas,you folks would know the meal he ate anytime of the day.Where is Casroy James today? I for one would like to see an Investigation into that scandal.The Antigua “CAR WASH CHAPTER”.

        • Again as I said to Tabor, the former ambassador never stated he got 3 million Euros. No, if you had followed the news you would know Casroy was removed from being an ambassador some 3 years ago The list of CIP agents is public (yes Casroy remains a CIP agent). Yes like Lovell, Casroy could not be legally forced to return the money. However unlike HL, return the moneys sent, Casroy did

          • @tenman
            You seem to know how much Casroy received. Tell us how much he received and how much he returned.

          • Rodrigo Tacla did not recant his statement that 3 million pounds were paid to pm Gaston Browne via Casroy James.
            El Pais has a right to withdraw itself from the story pending evidence but that doesn’t mean the bribery didn’t take place.
            The PM would be more convincing if he attach dates to his statements. Harold claimed that he was in Miami December 2014.
            I am voting for public enquiry.

    • @ FTS. Enough is enough. Because we say we support Labour does not mean we have to be stupid and blind. Some of us want to hear the truth about this matter and have been listening to both sides and reading. Yes, reading. You need to do that before you come here with speculations.
      For instance, did you care to check what Lovell really said? He said he knew Franka and worked for him, but he never said he knew the Brazilians involved in Odebrecht. PM Browne published one check, the same check Lovell published, plus his invoice for the check that he submitted to Franka. We all saw them, including his passport entries. We saw PM Browne’s passport entries too. His were very troubling.
      The check was for about $4K? Is that the pay for a man who is involved with people who are paying others 3 million pounds?
      Did you hear Donna on Knight Show say more than once that she was mistaken about the time Lovell was in Miami? You don’t want to hear that because it might spoil your slavish narrative.
      Did you hear Donna come back on Knight and say something different the second time?
      Are you going to insist that Tabor doesn’t know Donna? But you do?
      Why aren’t you insisting that PM Browne call the inquiry? Why are you not asking how much money Casroy James got from the Brazilians and how much of it was for someone associated with him? He said he was giving back some of the money. Why are you afraid to ask if he really gave back any money, and if he did, on whose advice and how much? That will help us to understand what really went down.
      And finally, have any of you asked Donna why she is so bitter against a man who has done so much for her? Antigua is small. There are things we all know. Lovell does not want to talk on air about their “friendship” and she is very vague about it. But we read his release about what transpired with the personal stuff between the two of them in Miami. Her response was all over the place.
      So if they were close friends, as she keeps saying, why does she hate him so much that she is willing to try to destroy his name and career with the obvious lies that she has been telling and doubling down on? She has taken over our party station. I sat back and watch her arrogant, dictatorial and only me must talk attitude. I know she is not going to last long there. There are comrades who are upset with the free rein she has and are afraid she will cause problems for the party.
      Stop trying to trip up Tabor and instead familiarize yourself with the facts as I have. I am not a red cool aid drinking supporter like you. I have been taught to read and listen to the facts impartially.

      • Wow! I just read “FTS, the lady doth protest too much”. What a sensible and logical statement. You really have been taught to read and listen to the facts impartially. Great, compelling and beautifully written statement.

  14. When the PM says he was going to sue queen Ivena they all castigated the PM for being thin skin. But as the PM said he doesn’t play with his character. And what we have now Ivena looking for pardon. because the people that have put her up to this have left her standing all by herself. She was used for their political football and she fell for that. I think the PM should stand his ground and make her an example.

    • Sideline, please go back to sleep. Maybe when you wake up from your slumber you will post something intelligent.

  15. Well Beach Bum she and the incumbent in that constituency a family so maybe she figures then seat should stay in the family. What has become of his matter in the U.K. Has he travelled to the U.K. since?


    According to the article in elpais newspaper Harold was not the lawyer in question. Furthermore they mentioned the antigua PM by name, tell him to sue elpias. Below is what the lawyer had to say.

    Are you aware of the involvement of any more states?

    A. Yes. For example, the company paid €3 million in January 2016 to the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne. The payment was made via the diplomat from this country, Casroy James. The money was to stop Antigua and Barbuda from telling the judicial authorities in Brazil about the movements in Meinl Bank, a local lender acquired by Odebrecht that was used to launder the funds from bribes.

    Meinl Bank headquarters in Antigua and Barbuda.
    Meinl Bank headquarters in Antigua and Barbuda.EL PAÍS
    Although Browne was paid €3 million, the operation cost Odebrecht €10.5 million. Most of this money ended up in the pockets of a number of directors from the construction company and from Meinl Bank. The decision [to pay the alleged bribe to Browne] was taken in September 2015, during a meeting at the Hotel Intercontinental in Madrid, at which I was present.

    • Cool Ruler AKA Ferris! Are you aware the gentleman who gave that interview has millions of unreported proceeds frozen by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda which is the basis for his anger against not just the PM but Antigua?

    • Cool Ruler while you claiming its not Harold the UPP lawye, spokesperson, r and proposed future AG make clear Harold its the lawyer they mentioned. Why is it you are always so lost?

      “Charles Tabor April 11, 2021 At 8:33 am
      …. Harold never denied that he was involved in a meeting in Miami with Casroy James and Franca. He is the respected lawyer that Gaston keeps harping about. That is not a secret.”

      • Tenman my only response to your diatribe is to remind you of the reason for the bribe, which was to stop documents from being sent for the investigation. Perhaps you can explain how Harold not being in government could accomplish this?

        • My diatribe, Boss I am quoting Charles Tabor. The man gunning to be AG in a UPP admin. Again he makes clear Lovell was the lawyer in Miami. Why is it so hard for you to accept the truth? Akl you do is attack persons for pointing out the truth to you. This does not speak well about your mental health

          • @tenman
            Harold is a lawyer and did say he was in Miami at some point. Did he take a bribe in Miami, no. Go back and check and tell me if Gaston did not say words to the effect, could even be his direct words, that Casroy came from no where and his father was a shoe maker and he was trying to help him. He even said Casroy paid back the money. No matter what the amount was, Casroy was the one involved in the payment and he admitted it and said it had to do with CIP. You and Gaston have short memories, or you are deliberately misleading you dumb labour supporters.

          • Tenman I ask you a simple question. If the aim of the bribe was to stop documents from being delivered, how could Harold accomplish this not being in government, Sigmund Freud since you can also diagnosed people’s mental health.

    • Just amazes me how much info you lack, PM already challenged them and El Pias has recanted.

      “Antigua Observer:-Prime Minister Gaston Browne is no longer suing the Spanish newspaper El Pais for defamation over the Odebrecht Scandal.

      Near the end of July, Rodrigo Tacla the lawyer at the centre of the Odebrecht bribery scandal had made allegations against Browne in an exclusive interview published in El Pais.

      The Prime Minister tells OBSERVER media that since his threat of a lawsuit, he and the newspaper have come to an understanding.

      This occurred about a week ago.

      According to Browne, El Pais printed a new article saying that Tacia had presented no evidence to support his defamatory claims.

      Browne says that he had sent a statement to the newspaper as well as documents showing that he had cooperated with the international authorities on the Odebrecht Scandal.” see see PM Browne abandons plan to sue Spanish news agency
      Sep 14, 2017

      • TENMAN so because Gaston Browne and the Spanish newspaper El Pias has reached an understanding and Gaston has abandoned his threat to sue the newspaper, is that incontrovertible evidence that Gaston Browne had no involvement in the Odebrecht scandal perhaps via Casroy James. The fact that there is no smoking gun in Gaston’s hand does not mean he is in not way involved in the scandal. Again, if your icon Gaston is so sure of his innocence, why is he so afraid of having a thorough inquiry into the scandal. Donna thinks Harold is somewhat involved and many people believe that Gaston is seriously involved, so why not have the inquiry to clear his name. Before all that though if it should ever happen, all I need Gaston to tell the nation is when and how the Euros was returned. Are those simple questions too difficult for Gaston Browne to answer.

        • Guy EL Pais has made clear the accuser provided no evidence to back up his claim. Why you prefer to ignore that part? Cool Ruler points to an article which EL Pais has distanced itself from. So let me understand this Tabor, I have the right to make unsubstantiated allegations against you even accuse you of committing a crime? When asked to provide the evidence my response will be call a commission of inquiry? Come on you well know you would sue my … and also point it its wrong for persons to heed unsubstantiated allegations. Why you always allowing your legal training to take a backseat to your bitterness towards the ALP?

      • @tenman
        This issue keeps coming up every time by Gaston to discredit Harold. People are tired of the game. If Gaston thinks Harold took a bribe, call an investigation and put an end to this.
        Doubt any bribe would have been paid in the US as the taker would probably be charged with money laundering. More likely any bribe was paid in Madrid as Rodrigo Tacla said.
        No smart politician would have any bribe paid to him personally. He would use a front man and have the bribe paid to some corporation in a tax haven.
        Just because a news paper cannot provide the evidence on a bribe does not mean one wasn’t paid especially if internal payment was made to make the payment untraceable.

    • ” For example, the company paid €3 million in January 2016 to the prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne. The payment was made via the diplomat from this country, Casroy James. The money was to stop Antigua and Barbuda from telling the judicial authorities in Brazil about the movements in Meinl Bank, a local lender acquired by Odebrecht that was used to launder the funds from bribes.”
      It is strange. Shouldn’t Browne have been threatening to sue everybody for defamation of character? Shouldn’t he have been screaming bloody murder about his name being abused and being shamed internationally?
      But he has not. Why not? Any innocent person will be doing just that. Especially as he is a head of state.
      His behavior in the face of these accusations is not normal.

      • Boss EL Pais has distanced itself from the story. They make clear the allegations cannot be substantiated

        • Rodrigo Tacla did not recant his statement that 3 million pounds were paid to pm Gaston Browne via Casroy James.
          El Pais has a right to withdraw itself from the story pending evidence but that doesn’t mean the bribery didn’t take place.
          The PM would be more convincing if he attach dates to his statements. Harold claimed that he was in Miami December 2014.
          I am voting for public enquiry.

  17. Before the minions and sycophants of the ALP say that the ONDCP conducted an investigation, let it be clear that nothing short of a public enquiry is satisfactory.

  18. Bring the Sue Sue on. Depositions will be taken and we will find out how Politrickians can lie soooooo much.

  19. Y’all taking pretty privilege too far now. Bout she attractive? So that means she must accuse people of crimes and just carry on while damaging them?

    Being pretty didn’t save her from losing and the judge telling her about herself over her father’s will.
    Don’t know why the heck she would allow herself to be dragged back to court to be shamed yet again…..over politics and over something she cannot back up.

    Sickening. Nuff ah dem pretty on the outside….but them ah……. Inside!

    • Wa pretty about her? Because she is light skinned? She can’t touch the beautiful chocolate sisters in Antigua. Have a good look when they step out.

  20. CHARLES TABOR is working hard for ATTORNEY GENERAL. Tabor you should stop working so hard because the results 2023 election as follows..


    • S.GRAVES you know something that I do not know. Anyway, let me assure you that you are dead wrong about that, just as you might be about the 2023 general election results.

    • S. Graves, Do you know ho much Justin Simon who was the AG under the UPP cost the Treasury in lost cases? The government had to settle so many cases and pay out so much from an already broke Treasury. If the ABLP did not settle the APC debt it would have meant another 200 million dollars out of the Treasury. The Half Moon Bay debt we are still feeling the consequences from. The interest alone was about the same as the principal amount. So can you imaging Tabor as AG. We would be bancrupt in no time.

  21. HAROLD LIVELL POOR CRY BABY…Tabor get out the baby bottle to feed Harold. Don’t forget the DIAPERS.

  22. PEDRO you did not see the UPP Shadow Cabinet. What you saw was the spokespersons from the Central Executive for various subject areas. You will notice that subject areas were assigned to all the Candidates as well as non-candidates such as Gisele Isaac, Damani Tabor, Chaku Symister, Shawn Nicholas, George Wehner, Chester Hughes, Dr. Philmore Benjamin and Charlesworth Tabor. Does that outline look like a Shadow Cabinet to you? Get real and stop playing dirty politics.

    • @Tabor…why doesn’t your such as names include Bowen? As I am yet to get an answer can you advise what experience he has to be shadowing the PRISON?

      • JUST SAYING don’t forget Bowen is a trained lawyer and legal training prepares you to be able to take on many responsibilities. It is often said that a law degree is one of the best degrees to have. I hope that answers your question.

      • Just Saying, it may be because he once was an inhabitant of the prison. So he knows the place better than anyone else

        • You and Gaston are really members of the same party. All you seem to do is try to discredit the opposition. Just listen to gaston on his program on Saturdays. That’s all he talks about.

  23. Prayer Warrior you have put in brief the exact problem with this country , if wrong look pretty, embrace it. Today is a national day of prayer and fasting, even if in my opinion it’s just a formality , I beg us all in this country to seek the face of God so that all the wickedness in this land can come to an end people , can live happily again.

  24. He guilt bun he….tell he him bring it on, Donna knows what’s she talking…horrible Lovell.

  25. Urgent call out to The Bear. Plenty mele up for sale. We need a second version. You’re guaranteed the crown. ABST urgently needed in the treasury. They can’t cage you. Be careful though. Not only they like to sue. They like to kill too.

  26. HORRIBLE LOVELL….You are wasting your time trying to scare DONNA. This would never happen. Let’s go to court then the truth will be exposed.

  27. TENMAN you are the one that should be careful that you do not end up getting sued by Harold. He had a retainer with Meinl Bank and from that you are insinuating certain things. Just be careful with your insinuation. Now tell me how Casroy can sue me if I said he received 3 million Euros. So much the better he will tell us how much he received and how much he sent back. Perhaps Gaston knows and could also tell us. Maybe Gaston can sue me as well.

    • Sue for me what? You said much but never stated what part of my writeup is untrue. Again the former minister of finance fell in bed with a company that when he was FM, an entity under his portfolio regulated. Much of the corruption involving Bribery and such took place under his watch. He should never have accepted Meinl as a client. He should have followed Casroy’s lead and given up the money (Yes Casroy sent back the money), Again at no time has Casroy admitted to receiving 3 million Euros

      • TENMAN I cannot believe that you are so uninformed. You are asking suing for what yet you are still insinuating that Harold got money (perhaps through some bribe) that he should have sent back like Casroy. Again, the Prime Minister said in Parliament that Casroy sent back the money without providing any evidence. How much was sent back and to whom? The nation needs to know.

      • TENMAN since you seem to have all the information in your file, can you tell us how much Euros Casroy received?

  28. woah. 104 comments on a single article. ANR seems like you need to publish more articles on Donna and Lovell 😆 🤣 😂

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