Lovell: UPP will find the money to pay service providers, resolve Social Security, and save jobs


One of the main problems affecting the economy is the fact that the government owes not only people who participated in carnival but they all service providers.


They are people who have been providing services with their trucks to solid waste they owe people who have done contracts for government in various areas who have supplied goods and services otherwise and cannot get paid.


And once you have this taking place in an economy then the circulation of money dries up eventually and the economy as a result will continue to record a negative GDP growth.


We need to understand that a very tough and clear decision has to be taken and I have no difficulty in saying that whatever needs to be done we will have to find the money to do a number of things; Social Security we have said the people were owed money by the government all the different contractors, all the different service providers, you have to get the money to pay them.

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    • All u alway see wen man do one wrong but the 10 things he do wright all u never see..all u love peverty..are u na see gaston a gt he family rich before are eyes..tap play dumb just because u love the red coolaid and not the country..well sah

  1. @John doe

    They are some people paid to demonize the man when they stay in poverty from the greediest leader of all time, not to mention they have 20 different names to try get some cheap political point across. It is wrong for the UPP to make 1or 2 blunders but it is ok for the ABLP to do a whole lot of nonsense enriching themselves in their minds

  2. Every time there is Labour pain there is suffering, they only concerned about their pockets selling out the country. The worst decision ever made is selling land to Yida, The Worst, a government that cares about cabinet enrichment, during this time of difficulty we see who they are, nothing for the poor and needy only the rich and greedy. They preach vaccine that has been donated what about other issues of life. They love you so much want you vaccinated but don’t Care if you are eating,

  3. “Find the money” from where Lovell? Out you batty? Boy u nah tired chat fart and cling to straw and wet grass?? It is evident that you have no sound plan. You just chatting for chatting sake. No credible solutions to anything. You are one big tinkling cymbal and colossal waste of time! #GooLang!

  4. Smh Lovell has no ideas but it is the same ideas that Gaston pick up and try to implement. Gaston is the empty one without ideas. Lovell recently spoke about rent to own. Gaston immediately declared it was DUNCENESS. However, because of the support he saw the idea got on social media, he is now pushing a rent to own project. You ALP blind minions are just hopeless.

  5. @ SMH
    Lovell realizes this is His last kick at POLITICS,so He pulling all His dirty tricks. Would NOT work HARRY !!!!

  6. Lovell needs to shut his mudda s****t. The government to this day has not sent home a single civil servant and continues to pay them even though many have worked reduced hours
    In the private sector the UPP tactics in approaching this covid is to create mass unemployment. What f*****g job is he talking about saving his fork tongue mudda s***t.

  7. I said it before and I will say it again….

    UPP NEEDS TO GET RID OF HAROLD. If they are to stand a chance, HE IS NOT THE RIGHT CHOICE!

    Even if people wanted to vote for UPP, they will remember his dismal failure in the Ministries he served. UPP!! PLEASE GET RID OF HIM. Yes we have party supporters here in Antigua, but we have people who are people supporters and Harold WILL not win votes.

  8. UPP Harold is getting very desperate. He is now promising to get water from the moon. I mean I do remember when I was young and wanted to get a girl for the night, I would promise her everything. Just like Onion used to sing. You want me to cut off my right hand. Well Lovell you really show how desperate you are to make these promises, “You will find the Money”. Can you tell where your money tree is? IMF again?

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