Lovell: ‘The Prime Minister never fails to disappoint’


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  1. HAROLD LOVELL you will never be Prime Minister…So shut your DAMN mouth. You will never win your seat. According to ERIC ( THE RED ) UPP WILL lose all Their seats and 6 of UPP Candidates will lose Their deposits. That is what you should be worried about. Wishing you all the best wuth the case you have in the HIGH COURT. 1735 is waiting HAROLD.

    • And while you are kicking up a storm with your praises ,there is no water emitting our pipes and gasoline is still $12.50 per gallon. Think about this.

    • I tuned out when the political windpipe took his ceremonial and arrogant stroll to the podium. Political PROSTITUTES SHOULD NEVA BE GIVEN AN AUDIENCE

    • Crimson. P.M. you are speaking for yourself. Gaston must situational ethics and know when the moment is not appropriate for certain comments.

    • @CRIMSON.P.M. Speak for your damn self. How could you be speaking for everyone? You as a lame brain do not speak for this man yah.

  2. What’s the plan Lovell?
    What’s the strategy Lovell?
    What’s the vision Lovell?
    General elections coming and Lovell is still in kindergarten

    • There’s still time to kick Harry to the curb (as the voters have done many times) and get a new UPP leader. Pringle would be a good choice, but Charles Tabor may be better. It’s time for a change. Lovell is no longer relevant. Thanks for your service, but times have changed.

  3. Is ANR the mouthpiece for UPP?

    Why everything Mr Lovell says makes a story?

    Serpent is correct ANR is a tabloid.

  4. Lovell you mess up our country , you fully vaccinated , you lie too much and water was always a problem even before Gaston , just allow the man to fix i, t anyway you not getting back there so shut up

  5. Lovell’s comments were dissapointing and more of a low mean spirited gossipy approach, which he is very good at doing. His behavior lacks any form of statesmanship, by how he twists reality with his forked tongue! UPP needs a real leader to deal with issues and not personalities.

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