Lovell tells PM Browne to Come clean on ‘monumental rip-off’ regarding SHARE, Inc. and Pointe FM deal

Photo from March 2018, PM Browne on Pointe FM

Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) is calling out Prime Minister Gaston Browne, telling him to come clean on what he sees as “a rip-off of monumental proportions” on the SHARE, Inc. land deal.


According to Lovell, Pointe FM sits on 10,000 square feet of land that was acquired from the People in a disgraceful act of nepotism and corruption.


He says the People’s patrimony, prime waterfront real estate, has a market value of one million, five hundred thousand dollars ($1.5 m).  Yet, the Cabinet agreed to sell it to SHARE, Inc., a charity run by the wife of the Prime Minister, MP Maria Bird Browne, for the peppercorn price of $30,000.


According to the Cabinet Decision of October 2015, the land and a building that sits on it were sold to the charity specifically to be used as a centre for health education  and community purposes.


However, in Parliament, last week, Prime Minister Browne told Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle that SHARE, Inc. is a shareholder in Pointe FM and Pointe FM rents the building from SHARE, Inc.





Pointe FM is the radio station closely affiliated with PM Browne on which he appears weekly.


“The whole transaction appears to be a fraud,” Lovell says of the couple’s operations.


Recently, PM Browne was chastised throughout the region for bragging – on Pointe FM – about his wife’s wealth at her tender age, at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has impoverished so many.


Instead of indulging in boasting, lies and gossip on the radio station, Lovell says Browne should concentrate on managing the country’s affairs and alleviating the suffering of the people – including irregular water supply; the absence of a stimulus or relief package to those affected by the pandemic; and the continued late payment of Social Security pensions.


In the meantime, Lovell says, “The Prime Minister should come clean and tell the truth.  Did the People get value for money?  And where is the health education and community centre?” he asks.

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  1. For the SHARE Charity shenanigans alone the ALP should be kicked out of office. As I have said many times before, in a normal country where good governance is practiced and the Rule of Law is observed Maria Browne and her husband Gaston Browne would be in jail together. What they both did is clearly a serious conflict of interest and malfeasance in government since they are both government Ministers. I hope Antiguans wake up to how bad and wrong this SHARE situation is. All the ALP minions, apologists and propagandists will say to negative comments about this matter, is that the comments are motivated because of envy for Gaston Browne and his wealth. Lord I hope some of them will see the light even if they don’t tell it to anyone. BEEF I need to hear you on SHARE. Wasn’t the Charity SHARE established primarily to help young entrepreneurs and particularly women? How is SHARE being a shareholder of Pointe FM and owner of the building carrying out the objective for which it was established? This example by SHARE is beyond creative enrichment. There are no words adequate enough to describe this SITUATION.

  2. u dont get up off ur bottom and go do the ppl them work..u always on lovell back..go look fu bramble nd go ride he back nah


    THERE goes Lovell with HIS NONSENSE. You have been preaching this since 2018 and UPP still get Their A*****S KICKED out of office in a BIG WAY. You are still trying the same NONSENSE again , it will get the same results. The TRANSACTION was LEGAL. STOP your NONSENSE TABOR and LOVELL.

    • ERIC (THE RED) do you know anything about conflict of interest? Again, I will give you the example in American politics of Donald Trump as President considering holding a G7 meeting at one of his properties. Do you remember the uproar that this caused. Compare Trump’s consideration with Maria Browne’s SHARE Charity buying property from the government, using the property to house her husband’s radio station (even though he says it is not his) and being a shareholder in the said radio station and its landlady. They are both Ministers of the same government. ERIC (THE RED) if nothing in that scenario appears wrong to you, then you are hopelessly lost, naive and beyond redemption. May God give you some wisdom so you will be able to discern right from wrong and ethical from unethical.

    • There is something called genetics and i am positive that your offsprings think just like you. That’s why slavery started and existed for so long. You can be easily lead by a cobweb. A brain is a precious thing to waste, ERIC.

    • Everyone will stand before the judgement seat of the Master of the universe one day soon and give account for the stewardship of this life. There will no escaping that event.
      All thoughts, words and deeds will be on display. You may hide stuff from man but certainly God knows everything.
      So do not be fooled, my friend….. all of us will reap what we sow.
      There are two ways in life: Good and Evil. There is NO middle ground. You stand for one way or the other.
      We have that dangerous choice to make. It is the most dangerous asset given to man: THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. That asset will NEVER be taken from us.

      We have enough knowledge and the capacity to discern between right and wrong. At the end of the day: we are all accountable for our destiny.


    • @Eric
      Have you been to school? You appear to be as dumb as an ass. Don’t really think you are Antiguan and if you are, then you are paid to write crap in support the government. Antigua must be rescued from people like you and the ALP.

  4. All the Vampires and Cockroaches are outta from the dark after the PM shine the lights on the UPPITES poor governance. I feel so sorry for their blind followers. We would not forget the deceitfulness and dishonesty whilst you were in government and you’ll couldn’t say a word. You guys would not no the truth even stretches from St. John to Old Road. Never again sane Wadadlians would let Harry and his Cabal come close to governance.

      • Yes I don’t know English but you UPPITES lacks any semblance of credibility. I can’t vote in Wadadli and never did but I was a blind follower of the UPP in 2004 when I realize they were all deceitful bunch of hypocrites and pathological liers. They promised to jail Lester Bird and Asot Michael etc. What’s happened you bunches of scrundrels and Charlatans. Never again I will fooled by anyone who supports these deceitful good Fu nothing. All you blind followers do is used Diatribes. I guessed you are a fool to read something that’s not written in English and comments on it.

  5. C’mon, Tabor!
    Creative enrichment means never having to actually WORK to acquire considerable assets before age 30, don’t you know?

  6. A lot of skeletons in his closet he don’t want Lovel in power because jail time awaits him he fears, so he try to demonized Lovel and not looking in the mirror for the wrong he has done.
    A man that does everything right is the PM in some people minds, don’t be deceived corruption is in the moustache man

  7. A sitting Prime Minister is apparently involved in a fleecing scheme and the response is to denigrate those bringing it to light? Why in today’s world are Antiguan’s still so foolishly concerned about party and not about the good of the country?

    Stealing is a crime punishable under the Constitution regardless of who commits the act!!!

  8. UPP always coming up with some dead news smh why Lovell don’t tell Antigua ppl about the “Romantic Rhythms” proceeds eh?
    Where is the people money Mr. Lovell?
    Way de money gone?
    Shut yo ass

  9. Gaston dutty ass always a tek advantage of we. A too wan hear somebady tek care a he like dem do in Haiti. He nuh care bout we.

  10. MANDINGO WOMAN creative enrichment has nothing to do with work. An unemployed person can engage in creative enrichment. Thanks for your lesson in the meaning of words but I really do not think I need it.

  11. Those who think that electing any political party to office/governance will stop the corrupt practices unless WE the people take action (make an example), then drill Redonda and lots of oil will sprew to the top. The ballot box will NOT stop corrupted practices/malfeasance, as it is a cycle/revolving door. They (the politicians) will never take action against themselves as they all play the same sport (Politricks) only different teams. While some are giving their spouses jobs their spouse knows nothing about, with huge salaries, others giving millions of government monies to charity that their spouse own, APUA is a big money maker for some, and lets not forget the GoF who is a major player in assisting these politicians in corrupted practices/malfeasance. They the politicians must be laughing their a$$ off when they see folks justifying/defending their actions. Wondering if some of these bloggers are blogging for their son’s future in politics or maybe it is their son who is blogging using their name. Me garn!

  12. Gaston Browne,you should know. It does not look good. That matter of your wife’s charity known as Share,Inc. and its involvements with Pointe FM. That picture above of you Gaston Browne. Please drop some pounds .You could soon be wearing a man-zier.

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