Lovell tells PM Browne leave office and go into farming full-time


Lovell made the remarks at a recent meeting of the United Progressive Party.

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  1. And you Lovell need to leave the UPP so they can win an election🤣. Under your “leadership” the UPP suffer 2 of the most humiliating defeats in Antigua history🤣.

  2. no need to tell him that Lovell. After all, you will BEAT HIM AT THE POLLS!!! don´t make it so easy for him. give Gaston a proper beating where it counts – at the POLLS!!!

    • Too many big mouths. Somebody have to tell them SHUT UP and act like normal human beings. Too much self and selfishness.

  3. Watch Lovell face. He look like a sickly FROG (not a crappo). Droopy and confused like when you shine a flashlight on a frog.

  4. Conflict of interest? Coming from a government that gave Aziz Hadeed an unlected official a Cabinet position while running the biggest enterprise in the country……He oversaw every business decision that came before cabinet even those from his competitors…Harold you are right it is a potential conflict of interest what the PM has proposed but swear to the people that when you guys go back to the permanent government for campaign money you wouldnt be doing the same darn thing if you get elected!!!

  5. LOUD MOUTH LOVELL. Lovell just a NOISE MAKER. Lovell should leave the UPP and let the UPP breathe . You would lose your 9th election in 2023.

  6. Why the UPP WOMEN’S FORUM did not condemn Lovell in the manner in which He suggested that He was in a Hotel room with another woman. He is a married man and no word from UPP WOMEN. Such HYPOCRITES.

  7. Lovell is UPSET with Hon.Gaston Browne because He REFUSED to form a POLITICAL PARTY with Harold.Lovell Badplayed Hon.Baldwin Spencer , Joanne Messiah and many others. Lovell is BADMINDED and cannot be trusted.

  8. LOVELL be careful that VENOMOUS KNIGHT don’t give you a tongue lashing. You can ask DARREN MATTHEW WARD about the tongue lashing He received from VENOMOUS KNIGHT.

  9. This coming from a weakling who has LOST MORE ELECTIONS than any regional politician…. perhaps even worldwide.

    LOVELL NEEDS TO LEAVE POLITICS and go volunteer to clean the sore foot of the elderly at Fiennes Institute. That just might be his true calling in life.

    WON 2, LOST 7
    WON 2, LOST 7
    WON 2, LOST 7
    WON 2, LOST 7
    WON 2, LOST 7
    WON 2, LOST 7
    WON 2, LOST 7
    WON 2, LOST 7

  10. I know it’s everywhere… but this kind of lazy and shallow arguments are always worse (funnier) in smaller island countries:)

  11. It appears that ANR is trying to keep Harold Lovell on the front page and trying to keep Him RELEVANT. There is NO need for this HEADLINE. This is NONSENSE. This article was featured couple of days ago. What is the reason for this NONSENSE.
    LOVELL got so many on this topic.

  12. Lovell lost the election cuz you old clowns brainwashed you dumb kids into voting for this crap government. y’all are to be blamed for all the hardships anu going through. You old clowns do us fav next election. DON’T VOTE!

    • How the Hell can Lovell run a Country when He was the WORST FINANCE and TOURISM MINISTER during the UPP tenure. Lovell WORST Minister ever with the worst set of Candidates for 2023. We cannot take another chance with Lovell and UPP…SORRY To disappoint you.



  14. Just imagine the amount of ganja trees chilling under the shades of the coconut and avocado trees.
    Big man positioning himself again.
    Call me the ganja farmer

  15. LOVELL, hold on to the little money you got in the bank and go rest yourself in a cottage on the coast. You will live much longer. Go into town once in a while to buy fruits and vegetables. Oh, by the way, you can start a back yard garden and become a farmer too. This will keep you out of the city, running your mouth. Otherwise, you will fall short chasing behind this PM – the world boss – the farmer – the great leader – the winner – the maestro – the visionary – the God send…

    UPP got its chance and failed miserably. Antigua is waaaay better off with this administration and its leadership than the UPP administration. It is very easy to see this. It will take a whole lot to push the GB administration aside.

    • Excellent advice for him to go rest himself for real. I said the same thing about Lester Bird and Jackie Quinn.

      Lovell is both physically and politically TIRED, WORN, WASHED OUT and TUN DUNG. We just have to know when to take our exit jack. How many more DEFEATS can he endure?? What a sad message he is sending to (especially) FEMALES in a domestic violence situation. That they should stay and continue to get more blows hoping their partner will suddenly have a change of heart and tap bang dem baxide.

  16. Traitor dictator Gaston only practices creative enrichment schemes and stealing from our nation and our people. It can’t get any blatantly clearer and we have some on here whose heads are buried so deep up traitor dictator Gaston anus they will go along with whatever he does no matter what.

    Our nation will never get better so long as the likes of traitor dictator Gaston continue to ruin our country. Vote out every single piece of garbage, regardless of party.


    You sound like KNIGHT from Observer Radio. You should wash your mouth with soap water Hon.Gaston Browne is the WORLD BOSS Prime Minister in the CARIBBEAN. Go back to your UPP. You LOSER

    Results for 2023 election as follows

    ABLP. 17 SEATS. UPP 00. SEAT.

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