Lovell: Tales of corruption, bobol and teefing at National Housing


United Progressive Party (UPP) Leader Harold Lovell said he has heard tales of corruption, bobol and teefing [stealing] at the National Housing Development and Urban Renewal Company Ltd.

He said some people in top positions were forced to leave because “all of the bad things you can imagine” were happening there.

“They formed the National Housing and Urban Development Company then they became the direct employers for everybody and they were able to beat down people so that they paid the workmen tradesman less than the market rate and still charging the homeowners want the houses ended up being worth.

“And so it was a complete waste of money if you listen to the tales of the corruption the bobol the tiefing all the bad things that you can imagine.

“So some of the top people they left and i’m not going to say too much, I just want to say, to ask those people who were involved in National Housing ask them why they left National Housing.”


The UPP Leader said since 2014, no audited financial statement for National Housing has been presented.



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  1. $49 , 000 ,000 cost OVERRUN for AIRPORT RUNWAY. Harry 1735 is waiting for you. Stop trying to deflect. Would not work.

    • @ HARRISON
      Just a reminder of the School Bus Scandals that land THREE UPP.Operatives in the High Court for CORRUPTION. Lovell should never mentioned the WORD CORRUPTION ever again.

      • But Harry did not …. the buses and ended up rich. Someone said the workers at national housing were making $300 per week which is why they were mostly non nationals.

  2. @ Mr. BYAM
    You should talk about what make sense. Stop your CRAP and concentrate on the MURDERERS , THIEVES and those in HIGH COURT on trial for CORRUPTION in UPP. At least We can prove the above mentioned.

    • Asot Michael, Michael Browne, Vere Bird Jr, Lord Bloom Cooper, Dato Tan Hock, Asian Village, Allen Stanford, passport scandal, Steadroy Benjamin et al. The list is endless.

  3. Lungu and Sungu…..non ah unnu betta dan de odda. Election time (stupid season) is approaching so they start the NAME and SHAME game between politicians. Election season after election season opposition accuses governments of corruptions and promises of justice when they get governance and NOTHING happens. They really think that most of Antiguans and Barbudans are suckers. From IHI, APUA rent kick backs and ministers investments (conflict of interest), Transport Board, Airport (ran way) project, ADOMS project, Library, e-books etc. See the trend….ALL these are done within/through the Statutory Corporations which makes it difficult to be charged Criminally. Politicians and their Cronies has perfected the art of malfeasance. Election doesn’t put an end to it as this practice is a recurring practice, just as the debt they incur. We the people must take Action outside the ballot. Yes we need to stop this CYCLE…..too much talk and NO ACTION. The amount of accused malfeasances (as recurring debt) that has been reported from 1994 to present, (bearing in mind the accusers all say they have proof) if proven to be true, the country would be debt free. Me tiad ah dis foolishness.

  4. You are very correct Harry and in support!!!! While you at it what went on with the car park why it’s not finished? What did you discover when you went to Trinidad that was so disturbing on the Car Park financing arrangements? Notwithstanding NHA is fair game for investigation…

  5. @Alex Well put. The political culture needs an overhaul. Who get caught in the net? Jail Time! No more excuses.

  6. All theifing,greedy Politicians must go to Prison. Once you profit from insider information and steal from the people. You belong in Hotel 1735.When sentences are given. They should all walk from the Court to Prison in bracelets on feet and hands. So that the people could taunt those greedy,thiefing Politicians.

  7. As Lovell said he heard tales. What we had under his stewardship were no tales. That was real. Does Lovell remember the Fencing Scandal, in which he himself launched an internal investigation. And yet he failed to make the entire report public. And when it was summarized, he claimed no further actions would be taken. A bathroom at JASCO was built for $600K. Roundabouts and all the other fences around sport fields. I mean when I tell people Lovell has no moral authority to speak about corruption at all. He needs to first answer corruption cases under his watch. To begin with the Airport Runway extension. He may also want to tell us about the $900Million spend to build Ratta Condominiums in St. John’s town. These things caused the entire town to be flooded on rainy days. Cornelius Glasgow showed me his contract that was a little more than $100K and he said he doesn’t know where Daniel is getting his figures from. But as Weston used to say, “every deal was a steal”. They wanted to make sure that they filled their pockets before being voted out.
    I mean the rumors of theft at National Housing is nothing new. But that is the nature of the industry. If you do not put proper controls in place those contractors will steal as much as they can. They are famous of letting you pay twice for the same items. Or ordering more than you need for your house. That is why building your own house is such a nightmare in this country. No matter how you want to control the cost they find a way to let it get out of control. I once found out after the fact that my contractor was using my material on another house he was building. We can also remember when Stanford closed his construction company SDCL because of rampant theft. He even took some of them to court, but in our court here it is very difficult to proof theft. National Housing has gone through a learning curve and has hired a qualified accountant. They should now be in much better shape. But Lovell is not telling the truth when he says that the owners are asked to pay the full price. The owners get a loan from the bank and that is what the bank will release as per agreement to national Housing. Not a cent more. All cost overrun is absorbed by National Housing.


    Where are you CHARLESWORTH TABOR? Topic is too HOT for you.Stop hiding TABOR and DESERT ROSE. I have noticed that these Guys will run and hide whenever We outlined the CORRUPTION in the UPP.

    • ERIC (THE RED) let us assume that you are correct and the Fencing Scandal, for example, that you mentioned involved corruption. I am sure you would agree that such as scandal would pale in significance compared to major international scandals that the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) administrations are always involved in. In Antigua’s short political history the ALP has become synonymous with scandals. Can you recall the SPACE RESEARCH, GUNS TO COLOMBIA, IHI, ODEBRECHT, MEDICAL BENEFITS, SHARE CHARITY, PETER VERDI and the MICHAEL BROWNE E-books just to name a few. My brother those are what you call major corruption and scandals. The list is even longer but I don’t have time now for that now.


    Thanks for AGREEING with me for some.of the UPP CORRUPTION. I shall list some more shortly for your approval. Glad that you’re seeing the.light. Your Party is RIDDLED with CORRUPTION. More to.come .STAND BY.

    • Eric don’t waste your time. he knows them all. Especially the John Ashe scandal, which Gaston safe them big time from international shame. As they themselves had admitted to had received monies from the Chinese and it went into Baldwins personal bank account and Mansoor facilitated some US$500K through one of his companies. Strange how John came to his death, as he was the main witness. And Balwin later claim he gave the monies to the Party Finance man. To date we have not been given account of those monies. And even the ONDCP has not responded on this because it seems as if they looked the other way while monies were being laundered.

      • Oh and then we have the $5million for Romantic Rhythm, which is taxpayer’s monies for which Harold up to today cannot account for. We should just forget about these things and move on. And trust he will never do it again.

  10. ERIC (THE RED) you are actually a better spinner of facts and information than Max Hurst. Please tell me how I am agreeing with you? What I stated at the beginning of my comment was a hypothetical position. As I told you before, you FROM THE SIDELINE, JUST SAYING and all the other ALP bloggers need to take a course in logic and rational thinking.

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