Lovell Says UPP Was Never Opposed To University

Browne, Greene, Lovell

The leader of the United Progressive Party Harold Lovell is denying that the UPP has been opposed to the idea of the University here.

Lovell said “no member of the United Progressive Party is opposed to the idea of a University here in Antigua and Barbuda.”

Earlier this year UPP Chairman D. Gisele Isaac said the UWI brand would be watered down it a campus was opened at Five Islands. She made good on a threat to resign as part-time lecturer of the UWI after the Five Islands Campus was confirmed.

The UPP leader was responding to critics who believe that Lovell should apologise for his party’s earlier stance on the Five Island Campus.

Writing on his officials Facebook page Lovell also denied that he admitted that it was an error for the United Progressive Party to stand up for the purpose-built Five Islands Secondary School, to be used as a Secondary School.

He said it was the UPP that began the process towards the establishment of a University Campus in Antigua since 2011.

“Our position as a Party and my position as Leader is that the better option would have been to locate the Campus at the abandoned United States Airforce facility at Coolidge, to be part of a University Village with AUA, the ABHTI and ABIIT.

The Five Islands Secondary School was built under the UPP to help alleviate the overcrowding in schools. It was specifically negotiated for that purpose. Our position is a principled position.

We have made our case with energy and clarity since 2014,” Lovell said.

However, the UPP leader stated that out of respect for the University of the West Indies, “notwithstanding our objection to the location, as patriots we will not stand in the way of the University of West Indies campus at Five Islands and will give our full support to the UWI in the interest of the education of our people.”

The campus officially opened this week with a grand ceremony which was televised regionally.

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  1. ”NO MEMBER”??? Are u sure about that Lovell? I recall the opposition to the university to be so strong that your “bosom buddy” said she would be very disappointed in uwi if it chose to “water down” it’s brand. She went as far as saying she would resign. Has she done so yet? Listen to the interview she did with Darren.

    Poor you. You looking like someone playing in-the-river-on-the-bank as the “leader” of the UPP.

    That’s the confusion you want to perpetuate come next general elections?? UPP sarl no wah.

  2. Talking about BACK PEDDELLING . This is a typical example how the UPP conduct business. D.Gisel now has finally destroyed the UPP. God bless The World Boss.

  3. What’s going on here? Looks like Harry is looking fo a little punbicity, but unfortunately nobody is listening, and nobody cares.

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men (lacking intellectual rigor and given to sentimentality nurtured by the twitter universe) purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan.” – MLK!

      “Early in the New Year, my government intends to position the Antigua State College to become a degree granting institution. The Antigua State College Act, 2011, will be passed thereby providing the legal framework to convert the Antigua State College into an autonomous institution with the ability to raise funds for its various initiatives as well as its new and existing programmes. … government will also continue plans to establish the University of Antigua and Barbuda. THE REPORT presented by the Advisory Committee
      headed by Juno Samuel IS UNDER ACTIVE CONSULTATION BY THE CABINET.” – Louise Lake-Tack, Governor-General. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2010!
      THE ACCREDITATION (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2011 No. 2 of 2011 Louise Lake-Tack, Governor-General. 1st June, 2011. AN ACT to amend the Accreditation Act 2006, Act No. 4 of 2006!
      ANTIGUA STATE COLLEGE ACT, 2013 No. 20 of 2013 AN ACT to establish the Antigua State College as a body corporate and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto. Louise Lake-Tack, Governor-General. 16th January, 2014!

      UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA (CUWI) ACT, 2017 No. 33 of 2017 Rodney Williams, Governor-General. 9th January, 2018. An Act to establish the University College of Antigua and Barbuda as an institution of higher education and for teaching and training persons in Antigua and Barbuda in the fields of study offered by the institution, to manage the institution and to provide for other matters connected therewith. NOTE BIEN: (CUWI)!

      “It goes without saying that the one cannot function properly as a scientist or humanist if he or she does not adequately locate the phenom in time and space. This means that chronology is as important in some situations as location. The two aspects of analysis are central to any proper understanding of society, history, or personality.” – Dr. Molefi Asante

  4. “I have heard a few disturbing statements in the media, that the UWI
    will lower its standards to accommodate this new campus. Not only do I reject
    that, I take umbrage precisely because we are the #1 ranked university in this
    region and no one walks through the doors of UWI unless they have
    matriculated to go through those doors. And when our international quality assurance
    reviewers visit this campus in good time, I am sure that they will join with the
    the other reviewers of the other campuses to say that we have delivered a
    seamless education to all our people in the University of the West Indies. ”
    [SIR HILARY BECKLES 3-Sep-2019, Opening Ceremony of UWI Five Islands Campus]

  5. King Lyadd strikes again!! What on Earth could be stressing him out so and giving him so much grey hair?

    What a spineless wimp who allowed Mrs. Arrindell to hoodwink him again. The UPP is controlled by Lovell and Mrs.Arrindell

    No one else has a say. Lovell is reaping what he sowed. He badplay Joanne Massiah in the run off for party leadership; now he himself needs leadership. LOL LOL LOL

    • Face it. Harry is Leader in name only. The real power rests with others. Everybody know that. Yes, he reaping what he sowed. It’s sad to see the man become just a shadow of his former self.

  6. Oh lard Harry tek it easy nah man🤣🤣🤣🤣. Just retire and go enjoy ya pension. Take so time off from politics. Your dream of becoming Antigua and Barbuda PM is getting further and further away🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. See, you guys are confusing the huffing of Five Islands school to the idea of a university. Juneau Samuel led a committee under UPP to edtablish a university,UWI or some other, in Antigua. Of course you guys believe a building makes a university hence your belief that because UPP is against huffing ypur children school to establish UWI,they are against it.
    Now that it is here, I hope you guys wont cry when your taxes go towards educating students from other islands, since our students cannot make the grade because of unmaintained and overcrowded schools.

    • OK h hush and stop ya crying. Y’all just bed cause we got the UWI campus established. Y’all cant accpect the fact that getting a unversity is more acessable to Antiguans. Gwan ga fin one corner ga lick ya wounds. Antigua is progressing with or without you ah bay😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  8. Harry never learn. Harry, you don’t learn yet to leave Gaston alone with his thing. Everytime he invite UPP to something you and Baldwin run quick quick and he end up embarassing you. Yuh can’t see the Top Dog laughing at you. Why you didn’t keep yourself home and not to go Gaston party? See, he end up telling lie on you. I don’t know if is a lie because I wasn’t there. Learn nuh man, UPP allyuh feel you too bright. Too much brain people. You couldn’t see he would have tried to embarass you. He would have double down if Baldwin was there.

  9. The best position UPP can have in Antigua and Barbuda is in opposition. They oppose ebrything for opposing sake. If it couldn’t be done in fuh ‘ them time,’ it shouldn’t be done in no other time, else dem ah go oppose um. Reminds me of the referendum. Dem seh dem na ha wan prablem wid de CCJ, but as lang as Gaston is PM he has ulterior motive and suh we nah ready. UPP nah truss nobody but demself, in fact dem nah even truss dem own self, dats why none adem nah win dem seat except de new bwoy from deep South. See y’all in like 4 years time, if y’all still deh bout. An tap all de lyin and misleading cause people ah see right through y’all like plain glass.

    • Harry know the real problem is they not only oppose the Government, but they keep opposing themseles and cannot present a united front on anything. Harry know dat.

  10. Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan! Those words have a haunting quality in our age of “alternative facts” and poisoned public discourse!

    That the UPP objected loudly to all and sundry, far and wide about the ABLP’s use of the functionally programmed, designed and constructed High School Facilities for an intended University College is without question!

    That Mr. Juno Samuel had only the support of the then Prime Minister, Dr. Baldwin Spencer was communicated to this mere voice in the wilderness during my review of THE REPORT to establish the University of Antigua and Barbuda presented by the Advisory Committee headed by Samuel which was UNDER ACTIVE CONSULTATION BY THE CABINET! That the Ministers of Education, Finance, the AG and the most POWAful Speaker objected to Samuel’s efforts of the Antigua State College becoming a degree granting institution as the University of Antigua and Barbuda is well documented!

    Lest We Remember! The media of the day is filled with the various statements and commentaries of the parties mentioned above! The Antigua State College ACT was amended and its Board was reconstituted by the Minister of Ed! The Boards of ABHTI and ABIIT were dismissed and the Minister of Ed took control of those two Institutions ably assisted by the most POWAful Speaker!

    Truth, Justice and The Antigua and Barbuda Way!

  11. “The age of enlightenment?”

    Mr. Lovell is 100% correct! The original idea started with the UPP, so how could they be against it. Ms. Isaac, was only highlighting the woeful track record of the ALP. Antigua doesn’t need any more international ALP scandals.

    • Don’t forget it was the People o Antigua who kicked Harry to the curb. The People have spoken. We now on a progressive, social-demcratic path, in keeping with the vision of our founding fathers and mothers. Red is still the colour of international labour, international working class, and the social democratic and democratic socialists of the world. We are a blessed nation. Forward Ever!

      • I’m not debating that; we just want to make sure this ALP government doesn’t turn what should be a defining moment in the history and development of the country into another ALP debacle.

  12. Just write the word Lovell on a tract of dirt and all the red cool aid drinkers, sycophants get triggered throw a hissy fit and start foaming at the mouth.

    A University is not a political tool to be scoring cheap political points on social media.

    A university needs highly trained specialized teachers.
    A university needs recurrent injection of capital.
    A university Plant has to be maintained and upgraded periodically.
    The grass on the premises has to be cut.
    The roads have to be maintained.

    Besides classrooms and faculty wings, a real university has sporting, health, food and beverage and entertainment facilities – aquatic sport centers, football, basketball, cricket, cafes, commissaries, nurses stations, theaters, auditoria and other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.

    Water and electricity has to be a 24/7 uninterrupted service, not to mention Internet services

    A university will be audited from independent accreditation agencies, and not subject to the ‘ minister marking his own examination papers and patting himself on the back.

    In other words a university needs money, plenty of it, just ask the pensioners and government contractors who can’t get paid.

    What is Antigua’s track record on achieving these simple objectives one may ask.

    Well I plan to sign up for the January semester so the answer better be a positive one.

  13. Watched the ceremony and noticed that LAMIN was seated next to Max Fernandez and Molwyn Joseph. Is he still a member of the UPP? Did they kick him to the curb after he PUBLICLY SUPPORTED UWI FIVE ISLANDS??

    Juno Samuel was too busy being a bully on the Electoral Commission to actually dedicate any time to bringing a university to fruition in Antigua. I can have an idea all I want, but without ACTION, it is just that: an idea.

    Juno Samuel is now doing the SHOULDA-COULDA-WOULDA dance. Because of him, the inscription at the campus bears the name of the Hon. Gaston A. Browne – forever etched in history.


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