Lovell says UPP taking PM Browne’s early election hints seriously


The United Progressive Party (UPP) leader, Harold Lovell, said the party was taking the Prime Minister’s hints of early elections seriously.


“Our candidates have been out there. We have announced all 16 candidates for Antigua and Barbuda. So, as far as our state of preparedness is concerned, yes, we are ready, and yes, we are taking him seriously,” Lovell told state media.


Prime Minister Gaston Browne seemingly caught the UPP off-guard in 2018 when he called the elections 15 months before it was constitutionally due.


The UPP only managed to win one seat in the poll.


Last week, the ABLP administration instructed the Electoral Commission to purchase ballots and put everything in place for general elections .


On Saturday, Browne revealed that the ABLP would hold a convention to ratify its election candidates later this year.


Elections in Antigua and Barbuda are not constitutionally due until March 2023.

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  1. How can Harold Lovell Lead a Political Party and Running for Political Office with an active CRIMINAL COURT CASE and also a FORENSIC AUDIT will be conducted on the $94,000,000 RUNWAY ? This could not happen under the ABLP ( Hon. Gaston Browne ).

  2. Comrade P. Jamieson – just make sure your (ABLP) party is ready for that critical day, and don’t be concerned about the UPP.
    Cutie B had a case, he contested and won the election and thereafter he was appointed Attorney General by the Honorable Gaston Browne. So you see the politicians control the justice system in Antigua, the cartoon country.

  3. Time for the Redeem Team to rescue this country from the Wicked Labour Party.

  4. Whether he takes it seriously or not, the result will be the same: LOVELL GETS ANOTHER WHIPPING TO ADD TO HIS ALREADY DISMAL TRACK RECORD!!!

  5. Where do I start….
    #HFWL and his LLC’s
    # HFWL and his payment of retainer fees to CT to comment on anti UPP comments
    #HFWL and his rent a crowd
    #HFWL, the worst finance minister if the Western Hemisphere


    2018 St. John’s City East United Progressive Party 616 43.91% Lost Lost to Melford Nicholas (ABLP)
    2014 St. John’s City East United Progressive Party 682 46.21% Lost Lost to Melford Nicholas (ABLP)
    2009 St. John’s City East United Progressive Party 826 56.15% Won 2nd Term
    2004 St. John’s City East United Progressive Party 968 62.21% Won 1st Term
    1999 St. John’s City East United Progressive Party 660 40.24% Lost Lost to John St. Luce (ALP)
    1994 St. John’s City East United Progressive Party 465 33.92% Lost Lost to John St. Luce (ALP)
    1980 St. John’s City East Antigua Caribbean Liberation Movement 23 2.69% Lost Lost to John St. Luce (ALP)

  7. Hope there are NO excuses this time around. This election will not be anything like the last, there will be some BIG Surprises and nuf ton ah belly ache when the election results are declared. We should be voting to have Britain managing our affairs as in Monserrat and Anguilla. Our elected officials are too damn wealthy through corrupted practices within the Statutory Boards Corporations. Silly season begins now where folks will see families and friends cussing each other for supporting any particular party while the politicians smile and plan the best way to continue fleecing the country of its finances.

  8. Are we really dealing with dunces.
    Today on VOP an ad was mentioned that included 36 months. The budding politician was asked how many years is 36 months. The budding politician responded 2 and a half years. Good Dr Simon was quick in correcting.

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