Lovell says text books should have been donated to community libraries


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      “Afrocentricity is a revolutionary shift in thinking proposed as a constructural adjustment to black dislocation disorientation decenteredness and lack of agency.” – Dr. Molefi Asante, Afrocentricity The Theory of Social Change!

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  1. Does the library accept outdated school textbooks even though the information is obsolete?

    • YES, they might very well accept as a donation a refund from the e-book payment scandal.


    • A library is a museum for books and yes old book are usually stored. That’s how people go back and do research. How you you have a point of reference if you don’t have access to outdated information. But think about it for a minute. If a math book in 1812 says 1+1=2 is that book relevant today 20022? Libraries make room for new books and ussually distributes them to community-based organization

  2. Donate them to Jamale Pringle aka CA-CAPA-TI-TAH and MASKses. Or to BEGGY BEGGY FRANZ who can’t spell “GRATEFUL”

    • Time and place for everything address the water situation who forges the signature, worry obituary DPP how the born Antiguan can purchase land like the Chinese. How local Antigua can’t get water on the farm and light but once again the clowns can’t see beyond their nose. Don’t worry when you have another free show you people are so dumb. Don’t worry by the time this government is done no money will be in the treasury and you and the others who’s color blind will start eating your fingers off

  3. It’s a crying SHAME that human being can be so stupid. This is not about Blair red fools it’s about common sense idiots. Books are kept for future reference in a library. Even if a book is out dated clown’s the children in the country along with their parents need to go and collect some of the books and go home and learn to read so they can help their children with homework and use their brain cells and not follow color instead of using logic and brain power. Each one teach one that’s why the generation is so dunce and they have so much problems with the children dropouts because the parents don’t have the knowledge and the children fall right in line. Think about your children future because the red politicians children don’t need to work while the these dunce parents not making it and they children can’t get a job with no education. Don’t vote color vote for country and your children future. Keep it up you will be working for the Chinese in your country because the red administration is getting the country back to slavery. Don’t come for me use your brain

    • Yes vote for your country and children future. Blind loyalty will lead to destruction of our nation.

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