Lovell says PM Browne planning snap election


Lovell was speaking at a UPP virtual meeting yesterday.

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  1. Oh boy they are really getting scared. Now they believe they’ll be getting snap election. Just be ready guys and girls, it will come like a thief in the night.

  2. IF there is going to be a snap election then the UPP better get themselves a new leader or everything will remain just the same as it now is. I have nothing against Lovell personally, but he has proven that he’s not the man for this hour. He belongs to another time. It’s time to move forward.

  3. Didn’t the PM say he would make it easy for Lovell by allowing Lovell to set the date for election?

  4. SMH then remind the PM of what he said so that Harold can call the date. The sooner the better.

  5. Lmao!!!!!!! Somebody don’t want to be caught with their pants down again!!!! Harry hang it up flat screen. Turn over the UPP to someone young energetic and go enjoy retirement you had your chance and blew it not one but twice!!!!

  6. Keep on voting for world dictator traitor and tyrant Gaston Browne.

    Where are the real murderers of Nigel Christian? Did he find out what the “forged” signature was all about and that person had him executed by hit men?

  7. Life is so funny while the rich are getting richer and the poor is picking up after them. Then we keep walking behind them, Saying yes, sir yes, sir we go round taking, $1000 or $500. Please divide this by 5 years and see what you are selling your vote for. OH MY.


    Tell UPP stop Their CLOWN SHOW virtual meeting… What a DISASTER it was last evening. There is NO ONE on the UPP ticket that Antiguans will vote for….

    Alex tried to cuss Sir Robin Yearwood. Alex sounded like a DUNCE

    Gladys Potter sounded like She was at the fish market.

    UPP Candidates were AWFUL.

    This is the reason for the election results for 2023


    UPP 00 SEAT

    DNA 00 SEAT


  9. He knows that things are going to get worst before they get better. Antiguans are in for some real hardships. Maybe the thought of an election now because he knows he can’t win later.

  10. It does not matter if the election is called early or later. The results will be as ERIC CARDEN predicted. UPP needs energy . The Candidates need to drink some energy drink. It is so early in the game and UPP peaked already. Waiting for the launch of the GIGANTIC RED MACHINE to roll out. Totally in agreement with ERIC CARDEN.

  11. FREDERIC saying you are in agreement with ERIC CARDEN, JUST SAYING, FROM THE SIDELINE, CARSON B, PHILLIP G, TENMAN or PETE is like saying Monday follows Sunday, in other words it is a foregone conclusion.

  12. I watched Lovell and something is wrong with Him. Lovell must stop smoking those BIG HEADS. Not good for the BRAIN.

  13. The next election may see a lot of surprises at the rate the PM is conducting himself. While the PM and a few others in the ruling party may be sure of his seats, others may be in for tough challenges. Hopefully the stalwart ladies in the party will be ready to take the leadership role.

  14. My UPP EXECUTIVES Let Us do a thorough examination of our Leader Harold Lovell.. From my polling ( READING and talking to Persons on the street) there is NO WAY UPP can win the next election with Harold Lovell at the helm. Harold lost so many elections. UPP connot do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Wake UPP and smell the roses.It is not too late. Get a new Leader before 2023.

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