Lovell says it was a Major embarrassment after promised mega ship sailed past Antigua


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  1. Atleast they are still at it. You obviously have no conscience following the rip off the nation got from Romantic Rhythms, the WPP to name a few.

  2. …while, they might be #incompetent #nincompoop’s!
    …Mami! Feel me!
    …and, to this there’s some truth!
    …according to Poopee-Loopee!
    …it’s embedded, in their #roots!
    …it’s a toast 🥂to Malfeasance!
    …so, even if these shits 🥂 do stink!
    …Mr. Lovell, plenty of us still think!
    …the same of you and your team too!
    …therefore, we don’t care what you say,
    …’cause, at the end of the day! Each and every day!
    …it’s not what you say, but it’s what you do!
    …again, yet again, and again
    …my good friend, according to even Papi
    …who would blow the Conch Shell for we
    …this is pure MALFEASEANCE, and not INCOMPETENCE.
    …hence, Harry Old A.G.S. Boy
    …and, we won’t even be coy!
    …we gonna keep You & the U.P.P.
    …always in the past tense! Past tense!

    Dedicated to Kum Yah Suckah!
    Kno luk fu 🐱black pussy cat, innah dark. U haffu cyan feel um.

  3. We hear you Worst Finance Minister and Worst TOURISM Minister. Mr. Romantic Rhythms, Mr. IMF, Mr. ABST Rip-Off, Mr. Fences, Mr. Wadadli Power Plant.

    We hear you loud and clear.

  4. How quick do we forget .Failure to dredge the harbor cost us an entire cruise line to strike Antigua from their Itinerary. But Lovell and company would like us to forget all of that. How they paid a company that didn’t even have dredging experience to dredge the harbour. it was this government that had to save the day and canceled the contract and let them hold the advance $3mln they got paid. Competent dredging company Boskalis from the Netherlands was brought in to dredge the harbour and the cruise ships started to return to Antigua. Then we set our eyes on the mega ships and brought in Global Port Holdings who built us a fifth berth and we are almost done dredging to receive the OASIS class ships.

    • This company that is doing the dredging, were they really dredging or just billing the government for washing their engines? Can anyone Believe that the area would not have been mapped and the determination made that there is a big rock?
      The Sideline, why don’t you acknowledge when the Labour Party government waste the taxpayers’ money instead of talking about what UPP did or didn’t do? Why can’t the labour government get anything done right? Is it because they always get involved in corrupt deals so they can’t hold these people accountable?
      Don’t tell us about UPP, tell us about what is happening with this labour government and how they are accounting for the people of Antigua assets.

  5. The MAJOR EMBARRASSMENT is that Lovell has LOST MORE ELECTIONS than he has won. Also the UPP is split and they don’t want Lovell as leader. They are waiting with baited breath for Lovell to get a final beating from Melford so he can take Gisele Isaac-Arrindell and Shawn Nicholas with him.

    “A house divided against itself will not stand”

    • You are so obsessed with Lovell and the UPP. Does Lovell and UPP prevent you from sleeping at night? The government has spent millions dredging the Harbour and after all these years they hit a big rock. Does this sound real to you or are you a cartoon character in a cartoon country?

      • Yes Lovell is the quasi-captain of a sinking ship. His crew is against him and want to throw him overboard but they are waiting for the Melford waves to drown him.


        Lovell needs to pay less attention to his Limpy Joe and more attention to the fake friends in his party

      • DC, wait were you not the one, just days ago, claiming UPP was the best experience for A&B? Why you now attacking persons for providing reminders of the experience? Anyway the undersea dredging, is the issue about hitting a big rock or a type of rock thats harder to remove? Before posting did you do ressearch to find out if this is unusual? Let me suggest you take a read of . Guy rock drilling comes with challenges, even when not under sea. Let me also remind you that A&B is not the only place experiencing delays in similar projects epecially due to the challenges posed by the pandaemic (which you guys like to pretend is not happening). Brethen facebook recently had to abandon a project to lay cable under sea ( ). I tire of UPP opertives always wrongly painting A&B as the worst place on earth (can’t get the fruit hence claiming it is sour

        • Tenman
          No A&B is not the worst place on earth. The labour government is one of the worst governments on earth. They give contracts to who can pay the biggest bribe rather than who can perform the job. We are still waiting for the batteries for the solar panels. But then, we can keep on waiting as the money for the batteries has already been paid to the party. With the exception of Guyana, why don’t we hear of any other Caribbean country involved in this mess?
          Don’t know what experience you are talking about. But I do know that the labour government cares not about the ordinary Antiguan but about enriching themselves.
          I pity the poor Antiguans who are running behind the turkey and ham trucks at Christmas. I know of one poor non national with four children that the church helps. Last year she collected two turkeys and didn’t have a refrigerator to store them so she threw one in the garbage. She is a labour supporter.

          • DC you have wrong info. We never paid for batteries. This may have been a expectation but it was not put on paper. I have tallked to person involved ndd they have confiirmedd this. Reseach how much we paid and you willl see based on the price for solar pv systems, at the time, we got value for money. I myselff have such a system without betteries (stores on apua grid). Getting batteries would have made the payback much longer and the investment possibly a waste. What the local installers suggest is you use the battery money for more panels. Don’t beleive me here is some dvice from expert in Australiaa

  6. Lovely fe go sit his ass down, look who talking about tender board. Him nuh shame. Him think we suffer for memory lost. You

    • yup that is what Lovell keeps hoping the people will do – FORGET. He is bad news. Stay away from him and his diseased party (full of caner, sickness, sorrow and pain)

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