Lovell says investors should be made to contribute to water system fund

Former Leader of the United Progressive Party in Antigua and Barbuda, Harold Lovell

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  1. Fantastic idea!

    Any Government who collected 11 billion, and over 2 billion in CIP, while enjoying 300 million more per year than the previous Government should be booted out after failing to end the water crisis.

    Just by cutting out the ABLP waste and creative enrichment, enough money is there to address the water crisis, from production, to storage and distribution.

    Even so, the Water System Fund is a right and principled approach to diversifying funding, to have major investors make their contribution to a sustainable water future. They get enough concessions. So this is a great way to give something back and be a good corporate citizen.


  2. Yes, Mr Harold Lovell, well said.

    Anyone that is involved in implementing a strong, sustainable water structure should have had a PLAN B in place for any unforeseen circumstances like this.

    Whose in charge of the hiring of the management structure? Whoever they are, they total nincompoops and just not fit for purpose.

    I can bet you that this is another case of cronyism or nepotism. Mercy!


    Mr Lovell, you are a Prime Minister in the making sir, especially for highlighting this important matter.

    You not only sound like a forthright politician, but you seem to know about how to run a business as well.

  3. Look I heard #HFWL responded to a question about dealing with the water issue and if you people believe that fluff then you will certainly die of thirst.

  4. This is priceless. Harold Lovell cannot and has not attracted one single investor to Antigua during his time as Finance minister or a member of cabinet. This man allowed Sandals to keep millions of dollars worth of our tax money, he poorly negotiated the sale of State Insurance, WIOC, his investors are still waiting off shore. No one trusted this waste of space. He couldn’t solve one financial problem and ran to the IMF. This genius wants to demand a water fund that his imaginary investors will pay? Ha!
    How about we provide consistent water to the hotels and have them pay their fair share? 🤯

    • Why should he reveal his financial sources now?

      Harold Lovell is doing the right thing by keeping his electioneering cards close to his chest @Coming Down.

      Our Prime Minister is very devious and duplicitous, and if Mr Lovell revealed his hand, you well and know that Gaston Browne will try and make political mayhem and capitalise on this.

      These mind games by both leaders is intriguing to say the least, and reminds me of a masterful game of chess.

      However, not checkmate as yet for the UPP, but they are not falling for the ABLP’S obvious game plan.

  5. Lovell’s own words. The water problem cannot be solved overnight. It will take time. Yet he wants the ABLP to solve the problem overnight. When he and his cronies know that APUA just took out a hundred-million-dollar loan to re-pipe the country’s old water distribution network. And he also knows that an RO Plant is not bought off the shelves and from production to delivery it can take over eighteen months. So, RO Plants that are arriving now must have been ordered over eighteen months ago. The production of water is now at seven million gallons per day. In 2014 it was only about four million gallons per day

  6. @From the Sideline
    Who cares how much water is being produced if we the people are not feeling it? If the claim is true and we the people still have to throw up water then this government is wasting the people’s money. Too much talk. They have had 8 years to fix it. They need to start packing!

  7. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 which investors King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe?? The BOATLOAD of them waiting to come ashore during “OCTOBER THE MAGIC MONTH”???? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    You’re a real 🤡
    Perfect definition of a FART BAG 🤣 🤣 🤣

  8. Do you people agree that investors should contribute to a water system fund? After all, Gaston requires investors to make a contribution to the Labour Party. Do you think Antigua Airways brought in some tee shirts and all them posters for their campaign? Mr. Marvellous is in the printing business. What did he get our passports for? They said a ton of boxes came off that aircraft. You not going to write a cheque from the treasury to finance your campaign. But it is thieving non the less. One man thinks he can thief government’s money better than no one else, without going to treasury.

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