Lovell says he never opposed sale of Scotiabank to local interests


Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party, is rejecting as “foolishness” and “lies” the claims and implications by Prime Minister Gaston Browne that the Party opposed the sale of Scotiabank Antigua to a local entity.

“We have never been against the acquisition of Scotiabank by any legitimate institution or consortium. That is foolishness!” Lovell says.

“What we opposed and criticized was the behaviour of the Prime Minister in his approach to the matter.

“We refer, specifically, to the offensive and insulting language he used to describe the Canadian principals of Scotiabank and to the threatening statements he made about the Country Manager of the Bank, who, incidentally, is a CARICOM citizen,” Lovell says.

The Political Leader also reminds Browne that Scotiabank had followed all the requirements for divestment, according to the existing law, and had duly advised the ECCB of its intention. However, it was he, Browne, who – after the fact – amended the legislation simply to withhold the necessary vesting order.

“That was an act of bad faith and not of good negotiation skills,” Lovell says, “and it still holds implications for other investors.”

Far from opposing the take-over of Scotiabank by a local institution, Lovell says the UPP – like other responsible parties – pressed Browne to name the entities that comprised the consortium to which he referred. But this information was never shared.

Lovell also refers to Browne’s often-repeated lies about “saving ABIB.” He reminds the banking fraternity and the public that the UPP’s plan to save depositors’ accounts and assets were centred on a take-over by the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank (ECAB): a plan that, after much posturing, was eventually adopted by Browne, himself.

Finally, says Lovell, the enduring proof of the UPP’s support for local economic empowerment and the stability of the banking sector is the actual existence of ECAB, the former Bank of Antigua.

“ECAB, the very institution that Browne is now crowing about, is the same bank that the Spencer Administration stepped in – personally, as the Government, and regionally – to save, and without bad-playing anybody, to boot!” Lovell declares.

The Political Leader says his feelings mirror those of retired banker Everette Christian, who, earlier this week, expressed relief that the Scotiabank matter has been resolved.

“I am happy that this long and stressful period in the lives of the Bank’s employees has come to what appears to be an amicable end,” Lovell says.

“The Prime Minister has assured the people that there will be no job losses by way of involuntary severance, and we are holding him to that.

“I also have every confidence in ECAB General Manager Michael Spencer and his team, and I wish them success in managing yet another acquisition in the interest of both their clients and the country,” Lovell concludes.

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  1. Antigua can’t be a real place…… Harold lovell is a liard…. Harold lovell said that Prime Minister was trying to bully Scotiabank into selling to local interest….. thank God Hon. Gaston Browne is the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda… or else Scotiabank today would have been owned by a Trinidad Interest….
    Cudos to the Antigua and Barbuda people for Electing the Prime Minister we did

    Where is UPP’s late Knight?


    • “Oh what a tangle web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” I am right here laughing at you people. Let me give you all a little food for thought. When a dictator has control over your local banks your privacy is in jeopardy CUB and ECAB controlled by goverment, corresponding banking gorn, we will become a high risk country, guess you fools never heard of derisking. Ask you all top dawg what did Congresswoman Maxine Waters said to him and why American bring pressure on Antigua and Barbuda about money Laundering and the flight of money, why our CIP monies in an offshore bank own by his former boss and friend. The question I would love all the top dawg poodles to answer why is the Canadian banks leaving our country. When Antiguans can’t get to trade or buy things online then you all sleeping people will understand.

      • @ KNIGHT
        I have never heard such FOOLISHNESS in my Life. Your narratives are FAKE.Knight you are like DONALD TRUMP. Hon.Gaston Browne the FINANCIAL WIZARD.

  2. I Harold lovell was PM Scotiabank and its Antiguan and Barbudan assets would Today belonging to a non-local entity, and thats just the facts

    • Oh my poodle brain. So who own Antigua and Barbuda assets at First Caribbean/CIBC bank? Something definitely wrong with you people. Poodle as your top dawg why none of the Canadian banks accepting clients with CIP monies? Ask your financial wizard if ECAB has negotiated within the sale the corresponding banking relations with Scotiabank? Just food for thought!

  3. I cringe every time I think what would have happened to Antigua if Harold Lovell were prime minister of this beloved land at this point.

    PS. Mr Pringle…If Harold Lovell WERE is correct and not WAS since we are dealing with the subjunctive!

  4. HAROLD LOVELL is the BIGGEST NOTORIOUS LIAR I have ever met. Harold OPPOSED the sale of Bank of Nova Scotia. Antiguans Let Us denounce Harold Lovell and His Upp. Hon. Gaston Browne WORLD BOSS.

      • When the top dawg can’t pronounce words like protocols and transparency. I don’t hear from you idiots, set a hypocrites.

        • Knight in Shining Armour another of Gaston’s favourite word which makes me laugh with his pronunciation is DERELICT. He pronounces it as DE RAY LICK.

          • @TABOR

            You should be ASHAMED of yourself to be DAPPLING in STUPIDITY with KNIGHT. Hon.Gaston Browne is by far more INTELLIGENT / SMARTER than TABOR and KNIGHT. Talk about things of SUBSTANCE such the MOJOR news of this week ( SCOTIA BANK).Shame on you TABOR.DO NOT expect any better from KNIGHT.You Guys are gasping at STRAWS. Antigua on the move BIG UP WORLD BOSS Hon.Gaston Browne.

  5. Harold Lovell taking Antiguans for FOOLS. Why are you such a LIAR. You have DIMINISHED the UPP. Everybody heard you said that you were against the sale of SCOTIA BANK .Stop LYING I will vote ABLP next election. The same you did with the UNIVERSITY. LIAR HAROLD.

    • MRS.MATTHEW the person who is really taking Antiguans for FOOLS is none other than Prime Minister Gaston Browne and he does it so often without any consequences that he actually believes that many of us are indeed FOOLS. His recent refusal to answer the question whether he wrote the letter to Asot and his ridiculous focus on the issue of publishing and making the distinction between writing and publishing is a perfect example that he believes we are all FOOLS and accept his LIES and NONSENSE.

      • @ TABOR
        Stick to the topic on hand and stop straying. Who write letter ..Who cares.Talk about Antigua on the move.

        • @Mrs. Matthew
          You should care about who wrote the letter and whether the contents are true. Let’s say the allegations are true, then Antigua would be like parts of Italy, where a group called the mafia controls everyone, including the Judiciary.
          Antigua can never be on the move if the government is corrupt and have also managed to corrupt the justice system.
          Sad to say but a lot of people like you lack intelligence and will accept anything.

          • @ DC
            DC what I care about is the improvement of Antigua.Who wrote letter means nothing to me. Hon.Gaston Browne has placed Antigua on the right path. DC you can worry about who wrote letter. I do not care about that , to each His own. Thanks.

          • DC
            Talking about lack of INTELLIGENCE. I find you are very RUDE. I sure you that I am more INTELLIGENT than you. So please do not go there. Let Us have a civil exchange.

        • MRS. MATTHEW Antigua might be on the move but you did not say in which direction. To most people it is moving backwards.

          • @ TABOR
            Those Side show for Candidates your UPP has chosen Antigua would be NON EXISTANT. Tabor Those Candidates cannot do Anything for Antigua. That is the reason next Election ABLP 16 UPP 00.

  6. Yes, Mr Lovell. You have an advantage. You have truth on your side. It is time to call it what it is, lies and foolishness. Don’t hold back. It is time to bare the lion in his den. I hope he agrees to debate you when the time comes.

  7. Where is TABOR , GISELE ISAAC ,KNIGHT SERPENT et Al on this topic. They are LICKING Their wounds. Why most of the members of the UPP condone such NOTORIOUS LIARS. UPP opposed the UNIVERSITY ,SCOTIA BANK , ROYAL BANK, WEST INDIES OIL , GLOBAL PORTS. What the HELL is wrong with the UPP. DNA will be the OFFICIAL OPPOSITION next election. UPP FINISHED…DONE.SHAME ON THE UPP. UPP a Political Party with NO VISION.

    • University costing taxpayers US$2 million per month. Can we afford it?

      ACB buying Royal bank has nothing to do with the top dawg. My family are shareholders and this information was communicated to shareholders long before the top dawg open his mouth.

      Global Port just ask MP Micheal Browne what he knows about this MOA.

      WIOC the new tax company that riding high on the backs of Antiguans and Barbudans cheap petroleum at high price. You people getting rape and sodomized that you all can’t see, but you all feeling it in your pockets.

      Wake up my sleeping people!

      • @ KNIGHT
        You are sleeping and BLINDFOLDED. You can only seenin one direction. You and Ithers CRITICIZED Hon.Gaston Browne for this BOLD move. Now that it has materialized you are all over yhe map. Just concede and shut up KNIGHT. What will you be saying when UPP will lose ALL Their seats next election ? Knight you will be still making nouse on the RADIO.?

        By the way Knight….Some of the UPP members believe that you have damaged the UPP with your NOISE at nights on the radio. Some of the UPP Candidates say They will never come on your program.
        You should change the name of your program to ( NOISE AT NIGHTS).

        • @ P. Harrison I extend an invitation to you come in and defend your Puppet Master. By the way I don’t need no one in the UPP to come in, my job is to wake up a sleeping people. Country before party. I await your date for the on air conversation.

          • @KNIGHT
            Let’s set a date and time. How’s Wednesday of this week at 10.00pm. Hope you will announce on your program.If OK with you I will come to the Studio. Let me know. I shall DEBUNK all your FAKE NEWS.

      • @ KNIGHT
        You should enroll in a Program at the UNIVERSITY . It would help you from chatting CRAP. You need a DEGREE KNIGHT. You are just a BIG FOOL.

        • @ KNIGHT
          Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday for a CIVIL discussion on your Program. We can discuss any topic. See you

      • So according to you, you knew long ago and said nothing to your listeners? So you kept material information away from your listeners? S.M.H.

    I have not heard from you on this TOPIC.Tabor you have EGGS on your face. Your POLITICAL LEADER has destroyed your AMBITION. I am surprised that the UPP has approved NOTORIOUS LIAR LOVELL to lead the UPP IN the next election. TABOR , LOVELL ,GISELE, SERPENT, KNIGHT opposed THE UNIVERSITY, SCOTIA BANK ,ROYAL BANK ,GLOBAL PORTS ,WEST INDIES OIL , CIBC BANK .What next UPP will oppose ? Shame on the UPP. The Upp is FINISHED.

    • He nah go say nothing cause Harold Lovell was caught with his pants down but make it would have been anyone from the government side. He would be first to post. Notice all the other blue birds such as Knight in Shiny Armur, BLACKMAN Zackie ect gone quiet.

      • @……….
        Please DO NOT mention caught with pants down MR / MS. KNIGHT might get too EXCITED. ZACKIE and the OTHERS you mentioned are HIDING. Eggs on THEIR face..SHAME SHAME on UPP

    • TARZAN sorry to disappoint you but I have no eggs on my face and I am a bit bewildered about the destruction of my AMBITION that you speak of.

  9. Poor Lovell, he does not find it insulting that Scotia initially did not approach the local banks, but instead went to Republic. Its acceptable in his mind that something this major could be going on but the finance minister is not at a early date brought into the loop. In what developed country would this be even possible? If things go bad with a bank here, is it not government persons will again call on? Lovell is well aware we are yet to have depositors insurance so there still exist the burden of a implicit guarantee on government. He seems unware of the central bank reports which make clear our local banks needed to be strengthened via actions like amalgamations. He was in office when the former central bank governor made this all clear. I am reading he would have had no problem with other banks coming and either taking over our local banks or them having to close because they did not have the necessary customer base to be efficient. The Banking act (before amendment) stated that the governor may require a vesting order. The amendment made clear, they will require one. Instead of congratulating government for removing the ambiguity he claims they moved the goal post Sad that he and his party can only be reactive because they lack vision.

  10. And this is the man who wants to be the next Prime Minister? Is this the man the UPP pining all their hopes on for wining the next elections. Give me an ibprophin. UPP at this rate is best y’all bring back Joanne Masiah. Cause as long as this guy is at the head it is to easy for Gaston and his gang to remain in power.

  11. As the OLD saying goes in ANTIGUA. Monkey BITE Lovell and UPP . I have never seen a bunch of LOSERS as HAROLD LOVELL ,TABOR, GISELE ISAAC , KNIGHT ,SERPENT et Al. These People are a BUNCH of LOSERS. UPP oppose everything. Upp DO NOT wish ANTIGUA any good.
    I listened to DAMANI TABOR on Observer this morning. Damani was a total DISGRACE. This Guy repeats the same thing over and over

  12. Harold “Mr. Stoic” Lovell, and his band of #Rookies are sounding more, and more like, a bunch of #CacklingHens, just before noon!

    The UPP should take up causes, such as Clairvue Mental Institution, garner private funding, as in philantrophic monies(they live and love to fund causes such as Mental Health), make such a project, one of your #Flagship endeavour while in Opposition, and maybe, you’ll be fortunate in breaking the back, of ABLP support!

    #DoWork, lays some eggs and stop cackling when you have no eggs, to protect!

    • @ RAS SMOOD
      You have the UPP sone brilliant ideas but the UPP DO NOT think that way. The UPP plan is to have KNIGHT ,SERPENT ,TABOR and YOUNG TABOR bashing yhe ABLP on radio everyday and night. This strategy is USELESS. I have bever heard these Guys agree with this Administration on anything. They are a bunch of small monded People. Next election UPP will be wiped out.

      • @ZIMBA…the intelligent, independent one!
        A wah a guarne?

        My thoughts are no more “brilliant,” than those of other individuals, who just might be thinking them, at the same time, but, out of #Fear they’re reluctant to speak up!

        The UPP are failing the People/the Government in several ways…

        1…Politics is one of the oldest psychological games played, on HUEmans, by Medium’s, as they mark(pawn in a Con game), HUEmans to control them.
        The present PM, Gaston Browne is a master at it.(Asot Michael comes to mind…and also, the talk of an early election; which simply means, the PM is aware, that the UPP has no real strategic long term plan, they’re disorganized, and talk of an early election will generate, and put much needed monies, in the flattering economy, since, #LocalElections circulates monies in the local economy).

        2…Politics is #Rhetoric, yet it has to be balanced with reality, truths and rights, in this New Norm, where not only food is instant but also information and propoganda, and must be addressed in these contexts.

        3…the UPP, and All opposition political parties in the Nation, fail to adhere to the #Fact, that the Government/People is controlled, by a system which has a Ruling Arm(Majority in Parliament), and a non-ruling Arm(the minority).
        They are of the opinion, and their rhetoric, over the years can attest to this; and, this is…if while I’m in opposition, and We promote, produce and bring to fruition meaningful projects/contracts which benefits, the Nation, as a whole positively, that #Credit will automatically go to, the Ruling Arm, since, they are recognized as the Official voice($), of the People.
        This is pure hog wash, in this day and age. The people are not that gullible, as some will contend. A great example, is the closeness of the elections in several Constituencies, whereby, a Candidate can lose or win by less than ten(10) votes. Therefore, your strategy matters.

        These are simply, some of the views, taken from the perspective of this #SimpleCarpenter and #Farmer; who understand, through the Unknowing powers, of Omnipotence say to me, “…no where Bodily, is everywhere Spiritually!”


  13. Behold the “man” who wants to be PM. The “man” who allowed Butch to hoodwink him into holding on to our ABST for 5 years. Behold the man who put politics before country concerning the sale of Scotiabank and the establishment of the Five Islands UWI Campus. Behold the man who has lost more elections than he has won. Lovell has contested 9 elections and lost 7 times. Behold Mr. Romantic Rhythms and Best Finance minister that took us to the IMF. Antigua and Barbuda behold Harold Lovell!!!

  14. Mr Lovell is not telling the truth on this one, he has found himself once again on the wrong side of history.

    I am pleading to Mr Knight to get the recordings of what Mr Lovell et al had to say on this matter.

    Mr Knight records the PM every time he opens his mouth, is that also true for Mr Lovell.

    Serpent check Darren’s diary it will give the date when Mr Lovell was speaking on that issue and you already know the time. LET US HEAR WHAT MR LOVELL HAD TO SAY IN HIS OWN VOICE.

  15. Well well well. KING LYADD strikes again. Lovell and Saltfish Eyes both went on radio to oppose the PM’s decision. Saltfish Eyes sat on his pompous high horse and tried to pontificate and prop himself up as some economics deity. Saltfish Eyes haffu feel like wan real baxide right now. But Saltfish Eyes nar run fu politics. Lovell is. And once again, spineless, coward Lovell has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Change your name from Lovell to LoveLIE.

  16. LIARD. LIARD .LIARD. LOVELL Be a man and APOLOGIZE.It was Gisele with the UNIVERSITY. Now Harold with Bank of Nova Scotia.Wgst is next. UPP a bunch of NOISE MAKERS. NO Substance.SHAME SHABE UPP….HAROLD LOVELL.

  17. LIAR LIAR your pants on FIRE Lovell. Just apologize and get this behind you. I have NEVER seen so many POSTINGS on one topic.

  18. I am happy for my Bank of business,ECAB. However,this matter is not finalized as of yet.In Antigua and Barbuda laws could be changed every second of every day,under a State of Emergency.For as an example.When Scotia Bank first put their assets up for sale in the Caribbean.There were laws on the books for such transactions.The Administration then went to Parliament and changed the Laws to hinder the sales of Scotia Bank assets in Antigua to Republic Bank of T&T.Gaston Browne,what has become of that so called consortium of Banks.You told us about standing at the starting line to take over Scotia Bank assets in Antigua.I listened to you in Parliament a few days ago.You were chastising the Directors of ACB and ECAB.In my opinion you were borderline threatening them for doing their work properly.They the Directors do not work for you and or your Administration.I am awaiting the “NASTY” responses from your supporters.I have US$4 in ECAB.

    • @ BUGSY
      I believe you wanted to sound INTELLIGENT but instead you sound like a DUNCE. What the HELL are you talking about. Just Praise the Hon.Gaston Browne for such an INTELLIGENT and COURAGEOUS acquisition of this MAJOR establishment. It would not hurt to praise our Prime Minister. All you UPP People have EGG all over you face. Shame on you Guys.

      • @CARSON:I would not respond to your empty brain arse.I have an MBA in Economics from an Ivy League School.What I spoke about is factual.Ask your Prime Minister.

    • Bugsy laws were changed significantly? Brethren Central bank governor “may” was changed to “shall”. I notice you wrongly attacking A&B government yet in the US a Climate change agreement was walked away from, A Iran deal was walked back, A healthcare law is essentially being walked back and the only thing that may stop it is a new president or the Supreme court. As far as government stopping deals, Trump gave serious thought to stopping the Time Warner AT&T deal, Huawei prosecution where Trump has longed made clear its really about commercial concerns and protecting US companies.

  19. PETE there have been more postings on other topics, however, the postings on this topic stands out for the brazen and barefaced lie that Harold Lovell and the UPP opposed the sale of Scotia Bank to local interests. This issue is similar to the outrageous LIE that the UPP opposed the establishment of the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Antigua and Barbuda. With respect to the latter, the contention was always the location of the UWI campus at Five Islands in a facility built for a secondary school. In fact, it was the UPP who first advanced the idea of the establishment of a University in Antigua and Barbuda. No one in their right mind should have opposed the location of the University at the old naval base location, which will now be used as the quarantine location for covid. When one compares the wider membership of both political parties, I am sure the UPP would have more members who are alumni of the UWI than the ALP, so the UPP’s opposition to a UWI campus in Antigua and Barbuda would be untenable. Now, with respect to the UPP’s position on the sale of Scotia Bank, the Party was never against local or sub-regional ownership, but rather on the bullying and obnoxious approach of the Prime Minister on the issue. One can recall his attitude to the then local manager of the bank who is a Caribbean national. On this matter, therefore, one should stop spouting all the partisan rhetoric and go back to the archives to discern the facts.

    • @ TABOR
      Thanks for FINALLY raising your head. I thought you were hiding. I hope that the UPP HENCEMAN KNIGHT would play the tape with D.GISELE ISAAC and HAROLD LOVELL denouncing the BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA and THE UNIVERSITY. I remembered D GISELE ISAAC saying that She will resign than to have a WATERED DOWN UNIVERSITY in Antigua. She also said that UWI will be damaging its BRAND. Tabor you have a convenient memory. Hon. Gaston Browne is a FINANCIAL WIZARD.Best Prime Minister in the WORLD. Hon.Gaston Browne..The EINSTEIN of the CARIBBEAN.

    • @ TABOR
      Why You and UPP always have to be explaining after what you criticized, materialized in a positive way ? This shows that TABOR and UPP lack VISION and Common Sense.

      • Each time I think Tabor would redeem himself, but he seems to always surprise me. He really sound like Lovell. Cannot man up to his mistakes.

  20. Tabor, I will not say anything until I hear from you. As you say you are OBJECTIVE. Take your time go through it all before you comment

  21. Harold, Harold, Harold – Liar, liar, pants on fire. You panicked when the current PM stood up and forcefully confronted the ex-pats over the sale of Scotia Bank to that Trinidad entity. In fact you cringed, but instead of staying hidden under Gisele’s skirt (where you knew you’d be perfectly safe) you dared to emerge to declare your opposition to the Hon. Gaston Browne’s declared intentions. You SAID that instead of blocking the sale of the Bank, Antigua should have sought some sort of accommodation as a provider of out sourced services. What a liar!!!

  22. Big up Lovell you need to do more media rounds you get the red ants nest uneasy like when you throw diesel on their nest and light it a fire, just like them burning heart symbol.

      Glad to hear you. Please play the tapes with D.GISELE ISAAC and HAROLD LOVELL denouncing the BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA and THE UNIVERSITY. D.GISELE saying the UWI will be damaging its Brand …(WATERED DOWN UNIVERSITY). Please play the tapes for TABOR and Others.

    • That is true. Lovell did not oppose the university. But he could talk for himself. But I have a problem with Harold Lovell. Harold Lovell, where you going with Edmund Mansoor again as your campaign manager? Are you crazy? UPP nearly lose with him in 2009. School children say he bad play Cort and run him from the party. He make you lose bad in 2014, and under him you get a grand cut ass in 2018. Why you putting new wine in that old wine skin? Add to that, schoolchildren say he does not like you and said publicly that you will never be prime minister.
      Do you like punishment so bad? Where you going with Mansoor? On top of that, you have Chester right there with Mansoor as deputy. You love blow. Chester too say that if he did not get to run in St Phillips South he will mash up everything in the party. You didn’t hear that too?
      Is this your version of the big tent in the party? It look like you love blow. With those two and some others you have there, you will surely get a good beating from ALP.

    • Lovell does enough of media rounds he is almost every week on the radio. So that is not the problem. What is the problem is the lies he keep telling embarrassing himself to be make out to be the biggest liar and flip flopper.

  23. This is the BIGGEST contribution on one topic on ANR. I have never read anyone getting so many blows on ANR.Harold Lovell and His Supporters should treat this as a poll for the CONSTITUENCY of CITY EAST and be honest with Lovell. This shows that Lovell can never win His seat. 95 % of the CONTRIBUTIONS are BASHING Lovell. This is a clear indication that Harold and the UPP DOOMED to Fail.
    I read that Mansoor is Lovell Campaign Manager. What a BIG joke. My Friend CHARLES TABOR I heard that Lovell refused to give you the job because He does NOT trust you. Tabor what say you to this comment from your POLITICAL Leader you have been defending for years. This does not sound good. Tabor I hope you reply.

    • Boy! ERIC CARDEN you had me rolling with that one. Me Harold campaign manager? I really do not know where you guys get your information from.

    • 95% of the contributors bashing Lovell is the same person. Just using a different name. Notice all the postings are the same?

      • Me Say you might be correct on that. You will also see contributors saying that they are UPP supporters who would then go on a tirade criticizing the UPP. Not that a supporter of a party cannot criticize his party (although it is difficult for ALP supporters to do that), but I honestly believe that those contributions from so-called party supporters are fake.

      • @ME SAY
        I find your posting very rude. I went back and read all the postings on this topic and I find that the postings are clearly independent thinking Persons. I do not know where You and Tabor think there are All the same Person. This only shows that all UPP live in denial. Please show more respect for the Citizens of Antigua. I find You and Tabor are ver very rude.


    Mr. Tabor I just read in one if your Contributions mentioned above that the UPP was the first to mention about the UNIVERSITY. That is the reason the Citizens of ANTIGUA labeled YOU Mr.Tabor , Harold Lovell and UPP as LIARS. Why the UPP always the FIRST but NOTHING seem to MATERIALIZED during UPP tenure. As a Person who DO NOT vote for Party. I vote on ISSUES. I am damn FED UP of your BLATANT LIES that the You and UPP have been telling the Citizens of Antigua. I personally listened to the tapes with HAROLD LOVELL and GISELE ISAAC denouncing SCOTIA BANK and The UNIVERSITY. I shall forward a copy to You if you so desire.

    • Listen when Tabor said that the UPP was the first to mention about a University, I had to laugh. I don’t think it was worth correcting him about it. But now you bring that up. Lester Bird had this in his manifesto since 2004. But who cares who came with it first. It’s about who finally did it. Same thing they say about the CIP program. Gaston Browne recommended this in Parliament to them against his own party’s position. Yet years later they did just that. He also recommended they go to the Chinese for cheap money which they did. But those are not things you gloat about. But typical UPP they like to take credit for things they failed to do or failed to get done, but are quick to blame others for things that went wrong.

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