Lovell says construction workers are not ordinarily resident in Barbuda

ABDf Photo of Barbuda welcome sign

An act of desperation is how the opposition is describing pronouncements that Antigua construction workers can note in Barbuda.

Listen here:

Antiguans, who have been working on Barbuda for at least six months, will be eligible to vote for the island’s Member of Parliament in the upcoming General Election.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said this fact puts his Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) on strong ground to win the sister isle’s sole seat in the House of Representatives, which is held by Trevor Walker, for the first time since 2014.

“Trevor is worried about the people who live in Barbuda now. In fact, legally they have to vote in Barbuda. And they aren’t voting for Trevor Walker. [The Barbuda Council is] trying to see how they are going to manage it because the voters’ list has moved from 900 to over 1,200,” Browne said.

Browne added: “Trevor all I have to say for you is your days are numbered…you are on your way out.”

Most of the Antiguans living in Barbuda are work in the booming construction industry.

The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission has begun its registration exercise and eligible voters have until April 21, 2022 to regularise their status.

No date for the election has been set by the prime minister.

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  1. Trebba will not win by one vote he will loose by hundred. He gonna take this to pribby koncil to.

  2. They should not be eligible to vote in the election..
    Right is right!!!
    Wherever you live you vote..
    Not Wherever you work..
    What’s wrong with antigua people thinking🤔

  3. The way how things are booming in Barbuda thanks to the ABLP government, some Antiguans will in fact decide to move/live in the Barbuda constituency. Once they would have lived there for 6 months, they CAN register to vote there IF they so desire.

    Barbuda has never seen so much economic activity. Even its current MP has to admit that. He himself didn’t do a damn thing for Barbuda. Not even as a sitting Cabinet member during 2004-2014. He is running bat-shit-scared right now!

  4. Lovell is a joker. Not only do they work in Barbuda, they also sleep in Barbuda and have made it home

    Rep of the people’s act (2002) section 6:
    (3) A person resides at the place where that person “chooses”
    to make his home by reason of family or personal relations, or for
    other domestic or personal reasons.

    There are some conditions/exemptions (many exercised based on the person’s preference) made in section 5 eg for students, persons in the army but the hill walker and upp wises to fight on is probably section 6 (5)c:

    (5c) is absent from that place for any period because of
    his occupation or employment or that of his spouse;

    The problem for them is this is its a decision (choice)being made by the new residents. They are the ones who decide that Barbuda has now become their ordinary residence because not only do they in general work and sleep there, they have chosen to make it home. Similar happens in the US with out of state college students who have decided to vote in the state their college is. Some especially republican states have tried to stymie this voting block since they tend to vote democrat. Always interesting how so much the UPP is like the deep right (opposite to their color) in the US, where they often try to prevent new residents from exercising their democratic franchise. UPP is not a learning institution because they faced this same situation just before the 2014 elections when they objected to persons being on the list claiming that they did not reside there. Political parties are best served when they are all embracing(welcoming) rather then pushing odious restrictions to person’s democratic franchise.

    • And Lovell says he is a “LAWYER” by profession.

      He can’t handle law
      He can’t handle finances
      He can’t handle Antigua and Barbuda

      What can he handle????

  5. Politicians……”ordinarily” key word in the above headline. Now who is more desperate? One party wants people who live/reside, pay their income taxes abroad to fly here and VOTE on election day……Why people who live/reside and work here in the twin island state cannot register and vote in another jurisdiction? Pure Folkery!

  6. So the people from the CONSTITUENCY of Barbuda who remain in Antigua after hurricane Irma cannot register to vote in Antigua?

    • Lovell is LYING LIMPY JOE HYPOCRITE!!!!! The title of KING LYADD suits him perfectly.


  7. So if one works in a Constituency,that person could register and vote there.I could foresee a level of violence coming down the pike. Making moves to gain power and stay in power,in my opinion is very dangerous.So back in the days when Half Moon Bay was operating.Many workers went up on a Monday morning and came back to their homes on a Friday.So all of those who did that in today’s voting cycle could vote in Freetown.

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