Lovell says asking needy for vaccine cards before giving them food vouchers is morally wrong


Lovell was speaking last night at a United Progressive Party Public meeting.

Listen to him denounce the practice here:

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  1. that is an heinous crime and highest level of immorality,can a court ask a father not to pay child support because the child/mother is unvaccinated? clearly this is an abuse and raping of single needy women by the government using these stupid vaccine mandates as an oppressive tool with their draconian measures. these idiots sick my stomach

  2. Wrong yes but you were in government when the UPP administration demanded that the pregnant mothers pay off them hospital bill at MSJMC before they give dem the birth paper…………

  3. I don’t support him, but I totally agree with this view. People should still have right to choose, given the obvious deviation from traditional vaccine science that we are seeing. We used to know that when we take a vaccine we were not going to die. The game has changed and everyone wants to live. There is no liability and no assurance for the experimental vaccines that they are trying to force people to take after lying about mandatory vaccinations. It’s new low to tie food vouchers for the needy to vaccination status.

  4. @ Smh do you ever have anything to contribute on this platform.
    You’re the definition of a troll .
    Few words and mostly redicule or insults.
    Sometimes I read the comments to get a different view or perspective.
    Use the outlet to educate and influence whatever your views .
    What a waste of space.

    • And what you call yourself? The minute someone opinion differs is name calling. Man up and the post in you nenen!!!

      • @ REAL NEWS you just made my point again Like I said before such a waste of space a total blank board.
        What is your purpose when so many wish they were alive today ?

    • Robert T. You noticed too? Am tired of asking Smh to contribute something that make a bit of sense.
      Smh and Mmmmm are the same person.

  5. Why is hippocrite HL attacking government for rewarding/ incentivising single mothers for doing the right thing not only for themself but for others? UPP during its tenure has social programs which had requirements. PDVCAB utility voucher requirement is that persons be elderly and show they have made SS contributions (SS Pensioners). Young peope expecially those unemployed should feel discrimiated by said program? Isn’t it in essence a reward/incentive for doing the right thing? Said program started under the UPP.

  6. Harold Lovell and UPP will say anything as long as it wins them the election. They and no better than the sitting government. If they were the government of the day the same bs policies this full 💩 government makes they would to. Harold Lovell and UPP are playing with people’s emotions. All of them knock the same head. None of them care about Antigua and Barbuda.

  7. LOVELL, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY OR DO – YOU WILL NOT EVER BECOME PRIME MINISTER IN THIS COUNTRY!!! Anthony Stuart already warned us that you want to become PM to fulfill a little fairytale dream of yours. You don’t care about people. You are “ALL OF SELF AND NONE OF THEE”

    Everybody run gone leave you to joing other parties, start their own or bow out of politics. You are of NO USE!

    • UPP and DNA do you hate Gaston more that you love Antigua? The UPP and DNA slates separately will not defeat the ABLP, so if you both truly love Antigua you will join forces. Or at the least come to an agreement to possibly form a coalition government, should you both win enough seats to do so. If you don’t then you are already handing Gaston another 5 year term. So once again I ask you both, do you hate Gaston more than you love Antigua?


    It’s all about choice, and not bribery or coercion, regarding whether you want to take the vaccine or not.


    An antiguan still in exile … FOR NOW!

  9. I cannot believe people can support a vaccination card for someone to live encouraging the fear and stupidity, you are going to die with or without the vaccine

  10. So you can die from the vaccine, or die of starvation, so choose which way you are going to die, choose your battle wisely !

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