Lovell says Antiguan men are not wolves awaiting Vincentian women like prey


United Progressive Party Leader Harold Lovell has addressed comments made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne about women in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Lovell apologised to the women of St. Vincent on the country’s behalf saying the Prime Minister gave a false impression about Antiguan men.


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  1. But Harold all dem years you are known as a gyallis!!! How about respect for the woman that you married to?

    • Smh April 14, 2021 At 9:41 pm
      1). Is Lovell (happily) married?
      2). OMG journalists are afraid of getting another nasty, dutty, venomous tongue lashing from the jackass Knight. Just ask Darren Matthew-Ward


  2. Harold Lovell BIG LIAR.Over the years Harold has NO respect for women. Now He is appearing Holier than thought. Harold Wife should leave Him because of what He mentioned about DONNA CHAIA. Harold you will lose next election for sure. UPP bunch of NOISE MAKERS.

  3. When you live in glass house don’t throw stones. Mr. Politrickian you are opening a door that will come back and bite where it’s hurts the most. You are exposing yourself and some party Candidates. Sometimes it’s best to keep a still tongue. Take warning.

  4. ELECTION is 2 years away. UPP will be burnt out by then…. All NOISE MAKERS will be done. Who in Their right mind will vote for those UPP Candidates. I heard CLEON ATHILL …She sounded so dumb. You can hardly understand what She is saying. This Lady is a DOCTOR ????

  5. UPP-WF with the help of the former Antiguan/British GG should arrange a scholarship for the PM to attend a course in a school in England to “learn to speak properly and behave decently.”
    “You are rude!” they say. Listen up, Mr PM!

  6. How many young girls you just shower with money and buy vehicle for them to drive?? The one for All Saints East and St. Luke feel he too sharp but let him go ahead. Y’all are hypocrites

  7. Harry and his team are pure and wouldn’t have affairs with women other than their own wives, and no one night stands either. You know that.

  8. 90 % of Àntigua men are wolves and most men think about cheating or have cheated and given the opportunity will . I’ve even seen men walking with their significant other and another man trying to say something to her

  9. What surprises me most from the clip is that Lovell had to read what was written.
    I mean something like this should be a speech from the heart and not something that is written for you. The man is a total fake. I will comment on his reputation later.

    • @Sideline
      What does this have to do with Harold’s reputation? Everyone knows that most Antiguan men are womanizers. This probably also includes you. Can’t you post something sensible for a change? You must think that Gaston’s statement was proper for a leader otherwise you would call him out or keep your mouth shut. Who does Gaston think he is, Donald Trump? We need a leader who will respect the office he holds and stop embarrassing Antiguans.

      • @ JACKIE
        Jackie is a GASTON BROWNE hater. JACKIE ..Gaston Browne is the WORLD BOSS. He is always RIGHT. Put that in your pipe and smoke

    • Maybe Gaston should start reading from a Scrip prepared by someone who is experienced in diplomacy and knows what he shouldn’t say as leader of a country. This way he will not have people wondering about him and Antiguans intelligence.
      Trump had the same problem. Off times he wouldn’t read off the script and would have Americans hanging their heads in shame.

  10. All the Men and Women of the UPP are PURE VIRGINS. These GUYS would never have EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS or MURDER any woman. UPP You All are a BUNCH of HYPOCRITES. Harold , Cleon Athill, Serpent , Sean Bird ,Franz et al Shame on you Guys. Onesided set of People.

  11. The man talked a lot about “prayer” and “praying”. Is he some kind of a Christian or something. Yeh know there are make believers, unbelievers fake believers, and true believers. What is he>

  12. @Sidelines:
    That is all your bloated self could come up with.Most Speakers uses a teleprompters. So what if Lovell reads from a script? If Gaston had done that same thing.You of all persons would be kissing his backsides,while praising him.Are you running out of ideas.Is your brain in a state of stagnation.

  13. @ Sidelines.
    You don’t know Harold Lovell.
    Reading from a script?
    Why don’t you discuss those lands and properties transactions that benefited the PM and his families.


  14. @ WHARF RAT

    You sound as your name. Your are a DIRTY RAT.. You and Harold Lovell cut from the same cloth.

  15. Several countries are offering help to St. Vincent but Antigua is the only country to get caught up in this messy situation. Why? Why? Why Prime Minister Gaston Browne? Do you lose your mind sometimes? You did the same thing when Prince Harry visited Antigua and Barbuda. Curb yourself bwoy!

  16. Talking about wolves can Mr Lovell please explain the hotel’s visit by Evergreen particularly the inference to room service and walking her to her car in the morning.

    Was he a wolf or a sheep that night.

    I notice OMG did not follow that big story to get the details of the room service event.

    Waiting on DC to respond…..

    • 1). Is Lovell (happily) married?
      2). OMG journalists are afraid of getting another nasty, dutty, venomous tongue lashing from the jackass Knight. Just ask Darren Matthew-Ward

    • @Mel
      Is it your business what happened that night? Did somebody complain? The last time I checked they were both adults. Mind your own business.

  17. wait! hold up! Is Harold Lovell growing 2 breasts?? or are my eyes deceiving me? Man boobs usually for fat men and big belly ones. Watch out Lovell. Ease up off the liquor or HRT.

  18. Gaston should ask Colin Browne about the multiple kids he has during his marriage and outside his marriage .
    How many of these women he paid one penny or one phone call too shuups.

    • 1). Is Lovell (happily) married?
      2). OMG journalists are afraid of getting another nasty, dutty, venomous tongue lashing from the jackass Knight. Just ask Darren Matthew-Ward


  19. Is this the kind of person we want to represent us? Traitor dictator Gaston needs to be removed from office. And he need a bull bud lashing in public.

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