Lovell says Antigua in grave danger if PM Browne does not take his medication


Letter to the editor:

Dear Hon Gaston Browne – Chief Servant,

Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party, on 27th October 2022, purported on his Thursday facebook live show Captain’s Corner that Antigua and Barbuda is in grave danger, if you as the Prime Minister, do not take a medication called Risperdal.

He also purported that if this medication is not taken, this matter then becomes a national security issue for Antigua and Barbuda. stated the following concerning Risperdal:

Risperdal is an antipsychotic medicine that works by changing the effects of chemicals in the brain.

Risperdal is used to treat schizophrenia in adults and children who are at least 13 years old.

Risperdal is also used to treat symptoms of bipolar disorder (manic depression) in adults and children who are at least 10 years old.

Risperdal is also used to treat symptoms of irritability in autistic children who are 5 to 16 years old.

See link to the info above:

Also see below two youtube video links concerning Risperdal. One of the youtube video links is a news report concerning a side effect of Risperdal that gives males man boobs and the other is a Dr. Ken Landow from Nevada, USA speaking about Risperdal.

You had stated on your Saturday Pointe FM show that you like to rod persons in the UPP and that it does not matter what they say about you. See below a link of the recording of your statement concerning this.

We as the electorate need to make informed decisions on who we would want to represent us as our next Prime Minister, so it does matter to us when claims are made publicly concerning the Leaders of the two dominant political parties here in Antigua.

Questions for the Prime Minister to answer and bring the necessary evidence to the electorate publicly:

  1. Have you ever been diagnosed and treated with Risperdal for any mental health condition?
  2. If the answer is no to question 1 above, evidence like a letter or report from a psychiatrist stating this should be brought to the electorate. Don’t you think that this would be wise to do since the electorate’s perception is very important for the upcoming election? To date you have not come publicly to the electorate and presented a scintilla of evidencelike documents, text messages, recordings, etc to prove that you had not lied against both Sean Bird and Sherfield Bowen concerning them wanting to leave the UPP camp – Your integrity would have been called into question concerning this matter and now would be a good time to show the electorate you are a man of integrity concerning this Risperdal matter.
  3. If the answer is yes to question 1 above, evidence like a letter or report from a psychiatrist stating that you are fit to hold the office of the Prime Minister should be brought to the electorate. Don’t you think that this would be wise to do since the electorate’s perception is very important for the upcoming election?
  4. If you do not come publicly to the electorate and provide the necessary evidence like a psychiatrist letter or report for them to make an informed decision for the upcoming election shouldn’t the electorate then logically call into question your integrity again?

    You have publicly stated previously on your Saturday radio show, as knowing that once you lack integrity you cannot govern – See below a link of the recording of your statement concerning this.

    Once again, as the Chief Servant you would know that the electorate are looking for in this upcoming election, a Prime Minister who will truly show integrity, good governance, transparency and accountability while in Government.

    Once again, the electorate are expecting better from their Chief Servant. As you stated previously on your Saturday Pointe FM radio show, a word to the wise is sufficient – See below a link of the recording of your statement concerning this.

    I would like to end by sending you a youtube link for a song called Take Warning by Eddie Hooper. Hopefully this song can assist you with making not only good decisions for your life but also the decisions you make concerning the lives of others.

    aka – 268KingLiar Detector

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  1. This is a serious matter in my view.

    The health of our Prime Minister, one way or the other in general terms, is a national issue.

  2. What’s this about? Looks like desperation to me… A drowning man really grabs at a straw… Lovell, just deal wid de facts please… This doesn’t look good on you… If he nah garn yet, dat mean he taking it… Talk bout someting else buddy… Tell us how we can get water everyday and lower cost of living…

      • @ Silent listener and Slow talker

        Who we know are both supporters of the ABLP.

        Why are you patronising us? Do you think we are stupid?

        Gaston’s mouth is our equivalent though of nuclear.

      • @ Silent listener

        GASTON IS SO DESPERATE….he does not or cannot discuss any plans for the country on his useless point fm station, because he has none.
        He is just using distraction so that the masses may take their focus off the high cost of living, starvation, high gas prices.

  3. He talk about everything else and into everybody business!!
    The prime minister should confirm or deny what Harold lovell say about him!!
    There is no shame in that medicine!!

  4. POOR. POOR. POOR TASTE Harold Lovell . Harold has now sunk to the LOWEST level. Never attack anyone HEALTH. HAROLD , You are a DISGRACE. My Family and I will never vote again for UPP. Harold , You should apologize. AWFUL Statement Harold.

  5. HAROLD LOVELL thought better of you. I know your Family very well. Your Mother , Father and Sisters will NOT support you here my Brother. I know your Sister DEBRA and I am quite sure that She will be UPSET at this statement. Harold kindly apologize. I support UPP in all previous elections.

    • @ SAM



  6. WOW…I cannot believe what I am reading. This not the Harold I know. We were in the same class at THE ANTIGUA GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Please do better. APOLOGIZE APOLOGIZE.

    • @Pete
      Why should he apologize? If what Harold says is untrue, let Gaston come out and say so. We certainly don’t need someone with confirmed mental issues running this country. Some diseases are hereditary, don’t know if mental illness is one of them.

      • Ok, if mental competency is an issue, wouldn’t it be reasonable for Lovell to undergo a competency exam and publish the results as well?

      • @Take Warning – Lovell isn’t a physician and as such he is completely unqualified to announce a diagnosis, particularly of a political rival.

    • @ PETE



  7. For the sake of power you all politicians have no shame. Attack attack attack that’s all I am seeing and hearing from you all. Shame, shame shame on all of you who will do anything, say anything drag down people in the gutter attack their mental health all because you all are trying to win a election. I hope people in this country is woke . There is so much hungry people in this country, so much children being molested, so much crimes, so much sadness and all you politians can do in drag each other in the gutter. What are you all really teaching our children. One thing is clear none of you give a shit about Antigua and Barbuda or the citizens. You all are a bunch of selfish bad minded wicked human fighting for power and money. Nonsense.

  8. For goodness sake!

    It seems like our Prime Minister and his wayward supporters are desperately trying to gather and garner the sympathy vote, and show the leadership of the UPP as out of touch regarding medical matters. Nice try though!

    And in the meantime this distraction and the constant dead cat narratives continues unabated whilst Antiguans struggle to make ends meet.



    • … and furthermore, how comes we ah hear ’bout all dis ya mental an medical problems now?

      Does this only happen to him when voting time is near?

      Hears the real sickness term for our Prime Minister’s current ailment – IT’S CALLED ELECTIONITIS, AND HE HAVE IT BAD, BAD … BAD!

  9. Not Harold Lovell future PM (in his dreams) a real statesman playing dutty narsy gutter politics. I thought that was only reseversd for ABLP and Gaston Browne. Well guess all political parties are the same and they all mud sling and play dutty politics. Hey Brixy what’s good😎

  10. Am I missing something here?

    What is there to apologize for?

    It is either gaston is taking the medication or not. Give me a break.

    When Donald Trump was the president of the U.S.A. there was so much ‘concern about him’ during the latter part of his presidency that it was reported that some military leaders were prepared to not follow his orders if there was certain concerns.

    Think about that you idiots who are talking about apologizing.

    What apology? Trupzzzzzzzzzz.

  11. If Harold Lovell had a sickness that required Risperdal, the whole world would have known because the PM Town Crier would have made it public knowledge. He would have trumpeted this over and over until Harold Lovell dropped out of the race.

    So what is all this nonsense about Harold Lovell is nasty to say this. Don’t you all listen to Gaston Browne and his minions talking about Lovell’s maleness or lack thereof?

    You all are the most dangerous hypocrites ever.

    Talk it, Lovell. It’s about time you start firing back and hitting the dog where it hurts. His behavior shows that he is obviously not playing with a full deck. He needs to be checked daily to make sure he has taken his Risperdal. Otherwise, all ah arwe dead.

  12. Mr. Lovell- this kind of pathetic mudslinging is endemic in the u.s., I really never thought from my experience in this forum an Antiguan would resort to such swamp crawling.
    Sadly, I guess I was wrong.

      • I’m not a fan of either but all the same if Lovell is fabricating stories he needs to be sued for libel and defamation of character.
        I wonder why Lovell brings this issue up much sooner, could it be because of an upcoming election?

    • @ Scott

      You live in the USA.

      Gaston and his RED Shirt gang has for years maligned Harold without even a response from him, resulting in a tarnishing of his character. THE RESULT, his brand has been damaged. It is fight back time. You do not live here to see first hand, so do not be talking about ‘resorting to such swamp’
      Have you heard how Gaston accusing the UPP candidates of rape, theft, murder etc?

      • Dear sir or madam – you can’t keep us out, it’s a very good possibility we may become neighbours. My point is that perhaps *all* dirty laundry is aired. Perhaps Mr. Lovell makes use of the “little blue pill”, without such Ms. Lovell becomes frustrated and now there is a national security risk.
        How far should this situation be played out? I think Lovell handled this in an extremely classless manner, and to me it smacks of desperation on his part.

  13. Does Gaston have his medical checkups in the US because he is trying to hide his mental issues from Antiguans? Just asking. Where is From the Sideline on this one.

    • I was thinking the same thing myself @Asking, where’s From The Sideline … ah whey him dey?

      Because all of a sudden, the Prime Minister’s health is being pushed to the forefront for political solicitude before the General Election is called.

      Maybe the global view about how gullible we are is true when it comes to being hoodwinked by our own politicians, if we keep falling for this bilge, bunkum and bulldust!

  14. Well as long as the rumour mill is running full ahead, I heard that Mr Lovell’s delusions of integrity were so severe that he needed electroshock therapy.

    • @Scott
      Is Gaston paying you or are you looking for favours from him? I know a lot of people of the white hue like to keep in with these corrupt politicians to get favours. I will consider you an objective guy when you write something negative about Gaston Browne.
      A lot of us Antiguans think he is crazy so if he is taking medication, we would not be surprised.
      You want to know swamp crawling, listen to Gaston on Pointe FM at 4pm on Saturdays. Or check his Facebook page.

      • @Please – as I’ve said earlier in this thread I don’t think either of them is worth a damn. I think that as Mr. Lovell is not an M.D. he’s hardly qualified to be commenting on Mr. Browne’s prescriptions and at that it smacks of a an attempted smear.
        There is the possibility that those prescriptions are taken “off label” for some other affliction.
        Objectivity? I commented on Mr. Browne’s standing on a streetcorner handing out apparent bribe money as something I would have expected to see in Richard J. Daley’s chicago.
        Antigua it seems to desperately needs a viable third party.

  15. Best strategy. this will be sure to win the upp overwhelming votes. Alister gonna beat gaston 6:1 for real.

  16. So, do we just accept that Gaston Browne has a mental problem and give him a free pass to do and say whatever he likes about people?
    I think not!

    • @You Think People Foolish – prove beyond Lovell’s smear campaign that Browne does have mental issues. Lovell is not a licensed physician, his discussing publicly another candidate’s medical conditions is cheap at very best and slanderous at worst.

  17. The PM sits on Pointless FM and cuss Harold Lovell and all the UPP Candidates and say what he likes about everyone but nobody should say anything about him. Antiguans hypocrisy stinks high to heaven. Gaston’s actions and choices made for this nation alone proves that he is a total mad man and everyone knows that. So to the hypocrites, continue to live in your blind word but please ensure that the PM takes his medication.

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