Lovell responds to Melford Nicholas on littering claims


Dear Mr Nicholas:


For your information, the UPP City East Branch held it’s inaugural Kite flying fun day from 12 noon until 4pm on Easter Sunday, almost two months ago. It was one of two events held at the venue that day. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATS APP GROUP


As a responsible community based organisation, the UPP City East Branch packed our garbage at the end of the event, took it away and disposed of it. Please check your facts carefully when you want to throw shade.


As the Parliamentary representative for the area, you should recognise the need for garbage disposal bins throughout the community, especially near a playing field.


The garbage in question, we believe is from an event that followed ours. It is clear that the garbage was bagged and responsible efforts were made to ensure that it would be picked up by Solid Waste.


But where is Solid Waste? You may recall that during this period, a picket by the employees for outstanding wages was ongoing.


This issue is just an example of how the community suffers, when your government fails to pay workers their hard-earned wages.

So stop the hypocrisy. You have failed the Solid Waste workers and failed the community. Welcome back.


Elections are in the air. You have no clue about what has been taking place in the community. You are totally out of touch with what is happening.



Harold Lovell, Political Leader, UPP

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    • Look at the caliber of candidates that Mr. Lovell is going into the election with….. ALL RUBBISH. This is a sure reflection of the repugnant behavior of UPPites. We can’t expect anything better from them… They will defend RUBBISH at any cost

      • BLUDDY JOKE:

        I would take the HONESTY OF THE UPP CANDIDATES over the INCOMPETENT AND ENRICHING ABLP CANDIDATES…..GRABBING FOR LAND at $2 per square foot, and minsters running water businesses to make money off the water plight of poor people.

        • If your Uppites were that educated why have they found themselves involved in criminal activities…. ??

          • @ Bluddy Bloke

            You talking about criminal activities? Why has your esteemed Top Dawg not left Antigua for the summit and for America period over the last couple of weeks?

            Talk about criminal activities. WHY?

      • Lmao, tell the “world boss” to go and buy two fire truck, fix the water issue, and pay the damn pensioners and workers on time. I’ll take the upp candidates any day over failures like Gaston clown, robin yearwood, and ugly Benjamin.

    • Do you think that Harry is truthful? How about SkB matter? Have he released the names of his sources as yet likes he promise? Have he sued the SKN as yet? Do you believe him when he says, you can give everything to your wife and she will tun round and hab man with you? Do you believe him when he says he will pay all these severance payments to businesses that the government doesn’t operate? Do you believe that he will moved 5islands university from its present location? Harry is known to be pathological liar. It’s in his DNA…

  1. Why respond to this NONSENSE Mr Lovell.

    This is just a diversionary tactic to deflect by the ABLP, with their problems with our economy, lack of direction in matters of state; and the fact that INTELLIGENT Antiguans now know what this government is up too. TARL!


  2. Since Melford Nicholas playing rubbish police why don’t you drive around Antigua and see how nasty the place look and smell. Walk up Market Street on any given day. He so ready fu bang Harold, did he think about what he was saying? This government can’t talk about rubbish. Antigua need a deep cleaning.

  3. Lol mi belly, garbage policeman

    NSWMA workers need to do like CBH workers and MSJMC workers need to follow them. Add MBS and the country can have a real fete

    If less money was wasted trying to reward “friends and family’, the country would be cleaner and healthy

  4. Where is George Wehner to give us the VIDEO of the nastiness left behind by King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe??? Same situation on the 26 ACRES of FARMing FOOL land for the 🐍Algernon Watts. OLD FRIDGE, OLD STOVE, DIRTY PAMPERS, RUBBISH AND SMELLY CLOTHES.

  5. Here goes dem hypocrites again spouting their usual nonsense about other’s. It typically of the UPPITES to deflect and tell lies.. The UPPITES is the worst government in Wadadli history. Dem people so wicked they fought against everything for the less fortunate people. They took back lands from poor people and gave Thousands of tax payers money’s to one for one of their own Minister to go overseas for medical attention whilst the same poor people have to suffer and die. Now them liars and hypocrites are says they loved poor people. All they do daily is cussed other’s and spout ignorance.Them wicked disgraceful people.

    • Tell Gassy we want him to represent us at The Summit Of The Americas and whilst he’s there, the Chinese will be his representative at the new colony.

    • You keep talking about medical treatment overseas, for your information ALL the ABLP ministers obtained monies for medical treatment overseas, including, but not limited to Asot Michael, of tummy tuck fame, which was far in excess of the money Jaqui got. Lester got, Vere Bird got, Maria Bird got just for having a baby!!!

      You hypocritical people.

      • Interestingly, but it’s not limited to them. Poor people have to suck to salt and die. I was there. All you UPPITES are wicked, bad minded, zealous and hypocrites. When you’ll going to stop spouting falsehoods and ignorance. The UPPITES was the worst government in Wadadli history.

        • @ Colombo

          True they were the worst government in Wadadli history, according to your standards, because government workers were always striking during their time, they enriched themselves (remember they are poor and broke and have nothing as per the Top Dawg), they bought government lands for $2 per square foot, they competed with APUA and selling water to poor people to make profit (WICKED SET A PEOPLE) inspite of the water crisis, they never collected people rubbish, they stole from ODEBRETCH, they promised to build 500 houses which they did not, they tear-gassed innocent Antiguans and their children, they used their influence in a quid-pro quo scam to obtain US$20,000 per month, they did not provide no stimulus for the people nor business during COVID when every other government in the world did, they provided the best infrastructure on the island with the awful roads, no one ever forged the PM signature during corrupt customs practices, they never provided no social safety net, PDV, school meals, at least two uniforms, increased pensions by 4 fold, gave police, customs, air traffic controllers and public servants a salary increase. That and many things make them the worst government in history.
          Don’t have enough space to write more, sorry.

    • Lol how you sound? Wym fight against poor people? Raising the pension? The 2 free uniform ma mother does get for me go a school? The school meals program? Can y’all idiotic political noise makers come with something substantial?

      • Interestingly, you forgot the $350.00 for each primary students and $500.00 for each secondary school students. When you can promise children money’s and don’t deliver… Don’t forget the pensioners cost of living raises…you will get God cuss… You guys are nothing but hypocrites. UPPITES and blind followers are all good fu nothing.

    • Under the upp pensions where raised from 200 to 500 and 800 dollars, and the pensioners got paid on time, so how the upp don’t love poor people? Look at schools uniforms, schools meals program, PDV Caribe and some more. Imagine the so-called “economic powerhouse” only have one fire truck!

      • Wow you must be smoking too much donkey shit… people like you think Wadadlians are fools and suffering from Amnesia. Ah fool ah write, but not fool ah read. We have plenty memories and would never the wickedness that the UPPITES did too Wadadli. Why do you think plenty sane Wadadlians have jumped the UPPITES ship? Cause of the lies and deceptions.

      • I was with you until you say got paid on time TAP LIE UPP WAS FAMOUS FOR PAYING 8TH, 12TH AND 15TH of the next month

  6. This talk about rubbish is showing that we have politicians that either don’t care about the people or downright stupid.
    1) The local Antiguan born contractors go to the treasury week after week and if you get a check it rubbish.
    2)We are suffering from inflation.
    3) Covid 19 is on the increase
    4) politicians doing well others catching hell.
    5) government contractors not getting paid
    6) hospital out of basic supplies
    7) They have local contractors lineup at the treasury for days , then they might give you something.
    8) Antiguans are second, third and fourth class citizens in our own country.
    9) Politicians using government resources to enrich themselves and their cronies .
    10) government contractors and suppliers, their employees and families are all suffering.

  7. Well done,well said,Lovell. That is the way to do it.When they come with their lying craps,you fire back. That twisted,dry lips,white cornered mouth,lying piece of turd,Mel-ford.

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