Lovell: Rent-to-Own is a concept whose time has come


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  1. Absolutely. Even Gaston Browne who tries to discredit the idea in one breath, in another breath says its great and his administration will also be doing it. What a guy is Gaston Browne.

  2. This is a very good initiative. This should have been done a long time ago. I love it! Everyone can’t afford to get a loan to purchase a piece of land much less an entire property. Just hope this won’t be an empty promise because we the people are tired of those empty promises. We are tired of ministers who only think of enriching themselves and their rich friends and leave us the struggling members of society behind. And I hope that this opportunity will be given to us Antiguans who really need this and not the wealthy ones that already own their properties and can afford to build or purchase one on their own.

  3. Be careful folks. These real estate people won’t do anything unless it’s in their own interests. Rent to own means you typically pay a LOT more in the long run than you would if you got a normal mortgage.

  4. But that was gaston plan the fist time he won but because he is so not for poor people he didnt keep his promise he said anything to win. It would be my pleasure to watch his administration gets voted out!

    • Thank you. I keep saying this all da while. I think women should step up and start looking at these opportunities. Women can do just as good or better as a man!

  5. Great idea. Hope it comes to past. Not everyone can qualify for a mortgage. Knowing that you can rent with the payments going towards ownership is a win for the consumer. You can walk away or stick it out until the RTO requirements have been satisfied.

    It’s a program that is gaining a lot of traction in the real estate arena.

    Harry you can’t play your kings. There is a zealot on the prowl ready to discredit you and your ideas and then incorporate them as his own. He wants to Trump you!

  6. That’s a good idea I have spoken to some friend of mine and as y my government or some company ,or socail security with so much land in my country Dominica don’t invest in something like that which will make it easier for persons to own homes . Very good

  7. If you have the land already can a building be erected on it and you still pay for the mortgage?

    • DES the initiative is a UPP idea and can only begin when the UPP wins the next general elections so ensure that you and all your friends and family do the right thing and vote UPP.

  8. “Here’s the rub: Many renters in these arrangements never become homeowners—despite years of shelling out for repairs and extra-high rents, according to a New York Times investigation into Vision Property Management. The Columbia, SC–based firm is one of the largest firms in the field.

    The deals often don’t come with consumer protections and may not even be enforceable in certain states. And it’s often the cheapest homes, those designed to appeal to the worst-off buyers, that come with the most pitfalls.

    “It usually doesn’t end well for anyone involved,” Kevin Koel, a real estate attorney with Capital Farm Credit, in Bryan, TX, tells®. The rent-to-own business “is rife for people to get taken advantage of.”

  9. Dem have that programme here all over America. I tried it, and I can tell you, you will NEVER outright own that home! You will be making payments to no avail. And another thing, anytime the owner could just make you come out the house. Also, if you miss one (1) payment , you forfeit all monies you ever pay. This is a big-time scam! It profit you better to buy land and build your house or buy a house.

  10. Didn’t the government did a re t to own in follies because the people couldn’t pay for the houses. Its the sam gaston browne you vhys batching did it. There is no way you going to get a proper home unless subsecide by government for 900.00 a month in this kind of time where material alone is costy. How much of you that talking no anything about construction. If you had sn idea lawyer tabor you wouldn’t be talking so foolishly i challenge you to show me the building you are going to do in this day and age and rent it for 900.00 dollars. If its done in St kitts it was implemented long ago. Not in todays construction sorry.

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