UPP’s Housing Plan: Rent-to-own for $900 a month


United Progressive Party leader Harold Lovell has been telling youth how he will make housing and land available to young people.

He told the Dadlipolitics spaces on Twitter last night that rent to own and strata-type developments are the way to go.

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  1. UPP in election mode! The way they in the media everyday non-stop, you would think the election done call. Nothing wrong with that. You have to work hard for what you want.

  2. Sounds like 500 homes in 500 days pie In The sky. Hope they do their homework because materials for house building is getting more and more expensive by the month. One 5/8s Ply wood cost about a hundred and high EC right now.

  3. Lovell when will you appear on a radio program where the host will open the lines to entertain CALLS FROM THE PUBLIC???

      • Is there anything of substance that you can add ? Yes that is your opinion, however this man has done a lot for people in this country. Now that is not my opinion, but a fact that has been proven.

  4. Lovell the problem is not with your plans/ideas. The problem is YOU! No matter how good or grandiose your plans/proposals, your CREDIBILITY is weak. The people will never forget your trackrecord. It was you who deprived the government coffers of 65% of the taxes rightfully due to it. It was you he earned the reputation of Worst Finance Minister. Romantic Rhythms, IMF, Wadadli Power Cant, Cant Park at east bus station etc. Your political sins are too numerous to mention. No one is perfect, but you have crossed the point of no return. Go on now and take your seat in the retirement section.

    • It seems that you forget that the prodigal son Erol was finance minister before Harold and the things you blaming him for, Harold was not minister of finance.

      Now if the current Einstein minister of finance, would give the IMF permission to release the article 4 report they hiding, we could make a comparison between him and Harold.

  5. UPP conmen and scammers are still very much alive and politically active. I see you, I see you sir……

  6. “Lef Antigua people land ‘lone”

    If smaddy want land, let dem go find work to do. All these parties want to giveaway Antigua people patrimony. There’s enough land in private hands.

  7. This coming from Mr IMF aka Mr Romantic Rhythm aka Mr Give Away Our ABST aka Spineless Leader🤣🤣🤣 man just retire and let Richard Lewis and younger more energetic person lead the party🤣🤣🤣

  8. Yida so called project worst decision of all time, selling out and ripping off the people of Antigua, and we sing national anthem fair Antigua and Barbuda, boast on Independence but the ministers sell us back into slavery.

    People boast we have a leader that cares for the people, election time comes they buy your votes for $1000 to make these clown ministers millionaires, while you struggle to survive
    How smart is that?

    • Did you know that the UPP governance was the worse in Wadadli history. They took back Lands from Antiguans without returning the money even when Harry was a Minister. Asked bad minded Hilson Baptiste the worse Agriculture minister ever. These people are bunch of good Fu nothing. Trying again to fool’s their blind followers.

  9. So why the UPP was unable to do this in 10 years but voters should be stupid enough to believe he can do it in half the time?

  10. So why didn’t you do this Mr Lovell when y’all were in power? Come on Harold Lovell don’t just pretend that you weren’t at one point minister of finance.

  11. What foolish question “why UPP didn’t do it when in power”. So lemme ask, why didn’t we wear mask before the pandemic? Everything is not relevant for Everytime, but rent2own is relevant for now and some a aru critics well need it. This is why we not getting anywhere because you folks can’t see one good idea beyond red and blue. And dat stupid remark the man is the worse finance minister is a chorus dubbed by one finance minister who all now Antigua carn find the road he ha dem pan. The statement is dunce and as a responsible Antiguan me tired hear it. As for the statement let the younger people lead is also rediculous because y’wood, the cute one and m’win in de same age boat why you not calling on dem to step outta de way. Some a you people just bias and shortsighted and you do not love dis country.

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