Lovell reaches out to the Nation in message of empathy and encourages residents to look toward recovery


Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), is empathizing with the Nation, as many are suffering flood damage as a result of the current weather conditions.

Lovell, along with other Candidates of the Party, toured their constituencies Tuesday, in an effort to get a first-hand view of the damage.

He says recovery will not be an easy task, since the country is already reeling from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although an assessment has not commenced formally, Lovell says that videos making the rounds clearly show the extent of the damage to the country is extensive and will be costly.

However, the UPP Leader is confident that, as a nation, the people can band together and get over this hurdle, as has been done in the past when they were faced with similar natural disasters.


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  1. Empathy is definitely in order, for those suffering through yet, another disaster, of this already tumultuous year!

    We are a resilient people, and will no doubt work through this. However, when the dust settles and the water recedes after these disasters, I am often left to wonder and ponder, why these #Lessons from YAH which teaches Us, the need and necessity to live as a Community, whereby, “It Takes A Village,” always get thrown on the trash heap, until the next disaster comes around!

  2. Look the things politicians do during the time leading up to an election is amazing. What did you promise the occupants that under the UPP government you will make sure Antigua doesn’t experience rain like this again?

  3. They really need to clean up the big gutters in Bendals Village especially the one that runs right through the middle of the village.

  4. Although there is nothing wrong with Harry’s statement, wouldn’t it be more appropriate for a statement like that to be made by the Honourable LEADER of Her Majesty’s Loyal Oppisition, the Hon. Jamal Pringle, the elected and recognized Leader of the UPP. Harry has been out of office and out of touch for a very long time. He’s yesterday’s man, but glad to learn of his empathy.

      • As far as our Parliament is concerned, Mr. Lovell is NOT the leader of anything. The only recognized LEADER of the Opposition (UPP) is Mr. Jamal Pringle. No Lovell on the list.

    • You are a fool. Go get yourself educated if you want to criticize others. Pringle is the parliamentary opposition leader, not the leader of the UPP. Harold Lovell is the leader of the UPP and has the right to speak on behalf of the party. Pringle is the deputy leader.

  5. Wait ANR what happen to the top dawg poodles they are MIA, Lovell in the news and they not commenting…….WOW! Let me tell you what they are doing ANR them a push out water out of the plywood house with holes. Hope them protect the duty free vehicle that cost more than the house. That is ALP supporters for you they love when them politicians rich and them poor like hell ……dumb ass people.

    • @Knight
      You are not helping the UPP, in time they must move to disassociate themselves form your demeaning comments.

      As a matter of fact more UPP supporters will stay away from the poles because of you and you will have another 5 years of clips to play and noise to make.

      At times saying nothing is more powerful than to open your mouth just to be discovered that you really do not know what your fight is.

    • What happening with you “Knight”. The People of Antigua and Barbuda are NOT “dumb ass people”. The People believe in democracy. You are hurting your cause (?), whatever that might be.


    Singing for His Supper for a SENATE Seat. Knight continue working hard. Your Senate seat is pigment of your imagination
    Will never happen . UPP FINISHED / DONE.
    Poor Knight.

  7. Knight in Shining Armour now with your comment you are going to make them all come out from their MIA status. Prepare for the barage of blows from FROM THE SIDELINE, CONRAD, PHILLIP G, ANON THE 1st and CARSON.

  8. @ Charles Tabor
    In the interest of the party do not encourage Knight to insult and irritate potential voters. Politics is a numbers game addition not subtraction.

    Every vote counts, fight for every vote, never be complacent and assume you have votes put up somewhere.

    Mr Tabor tell Knight his comments are inappropriate and they are not encouraged and the UPP do not support his comments.

    • I’m sure the UPP will have to distance themselves from Knight, and rightfully so. Knight will not be welcomed by the party elite as long as Knight talks like this. There is still time to change.

      • I speak for me and me alone. You dumb ass Labourites think you all have the right to say what you want to say about people, hell no not me. You all like to talk about UPP why you all don’t go and speak to the gutter snipe top dawg with he dutty mouth. Please UPP keep far from me because the Labourites know me no play around so keep far like the ALP poodle.

    • My cause! I am an Antigua and Barbudan citizens first and foremost. No political party can buy me. Get your facts right Labour Party dumb ass.

      • @Knight
        Some of us are Africans….

        Some of us understand that the cooperation of Antigua and Barbuda is owned by the Monarchy. We therefore lay no claim to that entity.

        The Antiguan cooperation is running exactly how it was design to function. It’s a pity this will go over your myopic brain.

      • Oh really? Says the man who PUBLICLY DECLARED that an ANTIGUA & BARBUDA PASSPORT is of NO VALUE to him because he has his AMERICAN PASSPORT????

  9. Hey them people mentioned by Tabor even if ALP put one red shirt on a dead dog them a go vote for that dog.
    They have to be on the ALP payroll

    A few of the UPP EXECUTIVES said that They have DISASSCIATE Themselves from KNIGHT. I have been preaching that for Months. How the Hell can Knight go on Radio each night chatting the same NONSENSE. Knight Must be a LONER to be cussing everynight on the radio. Knight and SERPENT have destroyed the UPP BRAND.Shame on Them.. AWFUL PERSONS.

  11. A fly on the wall told me that The Executives, CANDIDATES and SERPENT of the UPP are very UNHAPPY with KNIGHT having ANDERSON CARTY on the Radio on Thursday nights. Big fight going on behind doors. More to come.

    On your Radio program tonight I hope you cuss the Hell out of MELCHIDEDEC , PHILLIP G ,CARSON, ZIMBA and others. They are all ABLP Supporters. I wish UPP had Supporters like ABLP. KNIGHT Anderson Carty is an asset to your program.Do not bother with the RED KOOLAID Drinkers. I am from that Constituency and Gladys Potter is Unhappy with Anderson Carty on your program.

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