Lovell quizzed about his stance on anti-vaxxers in the UPP, his response may surprise you

Algernon ' Serpent' Watts and Political Leader of the United Progressive Party Harold E. Lovell

On a recent DADLIPOLITICS Twitter Space United Progressive Party leader Harold Lovell was asked about his position on anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists within his party.

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  1. I think UPP just want to slow down the process of us getting herd immunity so if they get in power and it’s done, they can take props for it🙄

    • Stupidity is an earthly gift. Did you get most of it? Put on your thinking cap. Props for what? No one could forced anyone to take any Vaccines. That choice belong to the individuals.

    • He aging out, and doesn’t seem to be as sharp as he used to be. This will be his last race. The UPP will replace him with a younger person who has some charisma, a left-progressive who values the founding principles of this nation.

    • Great analysis. He is not a leader. He is a follower. He has his views, but he would not offend you with your views. And in this very urgent Covid times it is no time to sit on the fence. he should be forceful about his stands and let any antivaccer know that they are dead wrong and that they are misleading people and perhaps causing some to die.

  2. Serpant is a waste….Wilmoth has refused to be a part of his charade….He is the most dishonest person in Antigua’s history.

  3. To say someone is dishonest. Present some facts,to justify your statement. I could say that someone is a jackass. Does that make it so.

  4. Can I call the snake pit and discuss Lovell’s missing or alleged estranged wife without the host stepping in and defending him? How is it then that allowing persons to spread false information that experts have pointed out is causing persons to get seriously ill , is ok? How is this not seen as being against the ethos of the UPP? The other day one of their people shared a post that went into a former members alleged bed grass and the party was quick to distance itself from such, but I am hearing supporting the vaccination drive is deemed by the UPP as optional. Hot and cold, the usual Lovell’s two-facedness.

    • ESTRANGED WIFE??? I thought Lovell was happily married but kept his marriage bed out of public view. Never seen him with any lady/woman at public functions or walking down Market Street. Unless he deems being seen in public with his woman a detriment to his political career.

      • Lovell is a well-known ladies’ man. He likes the image that is why he comes to the parties alone, but you need to check who he is leaving with. Nothing new here. By the way that seems to be an Antigua men thing to do. Makes them macho. You hear him bragging about having had Donna in his hotel room until then wee hours in the morning. Childish boyish. Cannot grow up. And these men forget they have daughters. I pray that these daughters do not have to pay for their sins.

    • Call to discuss mammy land at lower church street. Shame on you for harassing the good lady to sell her land to the Chineses. Thank JAH she has her head on.

      • Boss you really on this selling land story. Recall the pic of you in 2015, being handed that 77K cheque, by minister Greene, for a land sale (Dalma Brown et al). Is it that you wish to extend your representation services? We don’t need it and your false stories

      • Call to discuss mammy land at lower church street. Shame on you for harassing the good lady to sell her land to the Chineses. Thank JAH she has her head on.

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