LOVELL: Police did everything wrong the day they gassed picketers


The political leader of the United Progressive Party says police and the government will find themselves on the wrong side of the constitution and of history following the events of August 8, 2021.

Lovell who is an attorney at law was referring to the decision to release tear-gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters.

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  1. They did everything wrong because they ( the Police) were acting on the coded message of the Attorney General when he said on Pointe FM on the Saturday before the protest that the protestors would have something coming to them. Also, the Police went to the protest with the erroneous and misguided notion that the protest is illegal. The protest was legal since it was a picket. It was not a march for which permission was denied. August 8, 2021 will go down in the annals of Antigua’s history as a day of infamy when State barbarism was unleashed on peaceful protestors.

    • You know Tabor, last Thursday August 12th was a special edition of Bar Talk on ABS TV with two renowned legal luminaries, namely Kendrickson Kentish of Antigua and Ruggles Ferguson of Grenada. I wish you would have listened to their legal opinion about the legality of the so-called march/picket. If you did then please take heed. If not please note that both gentlemen agreed that the protest action taken under the circumstances was ILLEGAL. You can agree that Kentish is not particular a Labour Party Supporter. His father and I are Rotarians, and we go way back. And I know where the family stands politically. So, his opinion is in no way politically motivated. And Mr. Ferguson is Grenadian and has no political attachment here. It’s about time you listen to more accomplished legal luminaries and stop giving those so-called legal opinion here on this website that makes you look like a real bush lawyer. You are so long in the profession and still cannot get it right.

      • BAR TALK?

        Darn right, that was ‘…TALK FOR THE BAR.’

        These two ‘Luminaries’ did not ‘illuminate’ the understanding of anyone.

        WHY: …They had no training in; (i) ‘…Policing or Law enforcement; (ii) …Police Tactical operations; nor (iii) …Riot control and procedure.’

        So they have left many persons confused.

        If you so desire, have a read of:

        There is nothing to lose.

        • Mr. Pompey, lawyer not the police are debating the legal arguments in a court of law. Police keeps law and order. lawyers do not need no training in policing. Neither does the judge. Just now you will argue that judges need training in policing as well. I know you like to show your political colors, but please stick to your profession. Policing. Even though you have a law education you have not practice it to see how often you had it wrong. These two lawyers have. And they have a very good reputation.

  2. We have had enough of this dictatorship govt.

    We the people need to take our nation back from world dictator traitor tyrant liar thief HT bully Gaston Browne and his cesspool gang of creative enrichment schemers. Yes Sir Rolls Royce, you too.

    They don’t represent we the people only their pockets.

    They seem to think they are above the law and play by different rules. It’s time we put a stop to them and put in the proper people who will represent us and our nation.

    They don’t want to bring the murderers of Nigel Christian and the kidnappers abductors human traffickers HT of Mehul Choksi but they want to do this to law abiding citizens excercising their constitutional rights.

  3. “(2) Nothing in this Part shall operate or be construed
    as operating to penalise or prevent-
    (a) any lawful picketing carried on outside any
    official premises; or
    (b) any other lawful act done,
    by or on behalf of a trade union in contemplation or in
    furtherance of a trade dispute

    The same act provides a list (second schedule) of official premises, the vc bird bust is not one of them hence the stipulations in the public order act apply. The picket was an illegal one

    (1) Government House.
    (2) Parliament Building.
    (3) The Supreme Court.
    (4) Administration Building, High Street.
    (5) Offices of all Ministers of Government.
    (6) The Treasury, High Street.
    (7) Magistrates’ Courts.
    (8) The Holberton Hospital.
    (9) Coolidge Airport.
    (10) The Deep Water Harbour.

  4. TENMAN you have printed that BS before. Is Gaston, the Attorney General or anyone else taking on your nonsense? I told you already if some one took your nonsensical interpretation to court it would fail.

    • You have this way of doubling down even when you are wrong. I gather like in the past we need to wait for Lovell to take a contrary stance to you before you change on a dime giving the impression that the new stance was always your stance.As you admitI have pointed to the section before. The section points to schedule 2. Now its your choice if you wish to ignore it but doing so means you are not inline with the law. Even if we try to argue spirit of the law, how is VC Bird bust inline with any of the promises listed in the schedule? Rodney himself during the press conference asked the same question and essentially pointed out that VC Bird bust is not an official premises. Was the hope of the freedom fighters by illegally picketing VC Bird bust that they would raise him from the dead? Boss if that happened they would have received more than just teargas because you well know VC did not tolerate ignorance, when it came to illegal protests

    • Ha, ha ha. You guys are something else. Not sure why you needed a list since you had the location right (PM OPffice) until you mistakenly chose VC Bird bust.

  5. Tabor is the shadow AG. He trying real hard to lick boots and sing for his supper. Sadly, it won’t happen since he is not even considered a real lawyer to begin with.

    -Romantic Rhythms
    -Worst Finance Minister
    -ABST scammer (65% held on to by a hotel courtesy Lovell’s decision)
    – Wadadli Power Can’t
    -Cant Park

    • You got that right my friend. Ever since Lovell got into government, he did everything wrong. Not one thing he can point to that was right. He mashed up tourism when he was the minister of tourism and thereafter, he became the finance minister and that was completely above his pay grade, and he mashed up the country took us straight into the arms of the IMF. Borrowing over three hundred million and has nothing to show for it.
      You left out the Airport Loan that went from fifty million to almost one hundred million. Gaston has already put him on notice that he has things to answer.

  7. I have arrived at the conclusion that.CHARLESWORTH TOBOR cannot handle ( FROM THE SIDELINE , TENMAN and ERIC ( THE RED ). TABOR these Guys put you to shame.

    • You have to see Tabor in this Biblical light. When the people came to Jesus with a woman caught in the act of adultery. They knew the law only from and up to the point that the woman needed to be stoned to death. So, when they came to Jesus, he saw their wickedness. And told them go ahead and he is without sin throw the first stone. Charles only wants to know portions of the law that suits his argument. But good lawyers know you need to read the entire law. and not just read, but also understand it. Poor guy, he’ll never make a good lawyer.

      • Yep scribe and pharisee appropriately describes our friend Charles. Its like brethren over the years has been labelled an idiot so long, that he is on mission impossible to try and disprove the label rather than to change his ways

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