Lovell pays tribute to late Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Life is a stage on which we all play our various parts and roles. Archbishop Desmond Tutu was a preacher, prophet and philosopher.


At a time when South Africa and the world needed a clear voice of truth and courage, his was that voice.


He embodied the soul of his nation, gave hope and spiritual strength to his people and was a global Anti-Apartheid icon.


We will remember the quality of his humanity, his sharp with his infectious laughter and broad smile.


May this faithful servant of God and friend of mankind rest in peace.

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  1. Great tribute Harold to the indomitable Desmond Tutu. You have both engaged in struggles in many forms and history will duly record it. Your presence there with Tutu further underscores your stateman’s like quality. RIP Archbishop.

  2. Charles, why are you comparing a man like Lovell with a giant like Archbishop Tutu? Isn’t than an overreach? The “struggles” of Harold Lovell cannot rightly be compared with that of Desmond Tutu. Harold is consistently kicked to the curb by his own constituents, Black men and woman who know him best. Harold is just an ordinary fella, not a giant in the class of Archbishop Tutu. There is no comparison. Charles, you probably mean well but you know I’m right on this one. He have National Heros, but Harold is not one of them. Tim Hector should be on that list.

    • speaking of National Heroes, what was/is the citation for George Walter to be accorded NH status? What was his significant/extraordinary contribution to the advancement of A&B?

  3. When politicians speaks about photo ops, believe them, they know what they are talking about.

    So the next time Mr Lovell say it was just a photo of, be reminded of the photo above.

    The politician could not resist using the passing of the good Bishop to promote his self interest. I do not drink kool-aid. Eyes wide open.

    • MELCHESIDEC he is paying tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu and provides a photo to show that he actually met the great gentleman. Can you please tell me what is wrong with that?

      • SMH and what if posing with Desmond Tutu translates to votes. I still cannot see what is so wrong about the picture. If I took a picture with a celebrity and the celebrity passes and I am giving a tribute of the celebrity and I post the picture I took with him, what the hell is wrong with that. It is just providing some context. I took a picture once outside of the BLUE NOTE Jazz Club in New York with Harry Belafonte (he is now 94), if he passes and I pen a tribute about him and post the picture, again I ask what would be wrong with that?

        • Charles Tabor who is the tribute about? See how easily the attention is snatched from the departed Bishop?

          Manipulating the minds of some can be as easily as posting that pic. Why steal the moment from the the dear Bishop through inclusion?
          Give credit where it is due and leave it at that. Who cares if he met the man..sigh…jeeeze…these politicians

  4. @Charles Tabor: Please stop wasting your time with those steel heads. If Gaston took a picture with the late Bishop.He would be on here touting his experience and showing that picture. Those same knuckle heads would be kissing Gaston’s rear end. So what the hell if Lovell posts a picture of himself with the late Bishop Desmond Tutu.I can see that the hatred in Antigua among black people runs very deep. We as a people need to give up on our enviousness, jealousness and hardness of hearts,towards each other.

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