Lovell makes another plea to end politicizing the distribution of water tanks


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  1. Harold Lovell.. A true man of the people, and the only one who can save this failing economy!

    We need UPP in Government to get some of these ALP failed projects brought back to life, to provide jobs and an economic shot in the arm… using the Investment Authority or however else:

    1. Sunny Hill Project (Resort in Falmouth/Bethesda area)
    2. Beaches Resort by Sandals Resorts
    3. Half Moon Bay Hotel
    4. Morris Bay / Callaloo Cay Project
    5. Hotel Resort on Pelican Island and Residences on Maiden Island
    6. Labahia Hotel Resort & Condominiums (Marble Hill Business Hotel) by WIOC
    7. Long Bay Hotel Resort by WIOC
    8. Valley Church Hotel Resort by WIOC/PDVSA
    9. Amazon Call Center at Five Islands
    10. Marriott Autograph Hotel at Yeptons
    11. Beach Club at Fort James by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
    12. Renovation and Expansion of Halcyon Hotel
    13. Port Oasis Project at Side Hill
    14. NAMCO acquisition of Jolly Beach Hotel
    15. Best Western Hotel at Jolly Harbour
    16. Marriott Courtyard Airport Hotel
    17. Cedar Valley Golf Course Hotel
    18. Mike Tyson Hotel
    19. Bau Panel/UNOPS Project
    20. The Yida Project
    21. Willoughby Bay Project
    22. Western Imperial Special Economic Zone (WISEZ)
    23. Brova Idea Pearl Hotel – Partly Underwater Hotel
    24. USD $300 Million Hotel from Investors in Holland
    25. Paradise Found (Barbuda)
    26. Armand Hotel (Barbuda)

  2. We are all Antiguans and Barbudans why does ABLP PLAY S0 BAD-MINDED.
    eg The UPP brought us the SCHOOL UNIFORM initiative. Did the UPP say only UPP supporters should get UNIFORMS? NO!


  3. Four things of note that I want to know about the distribution of the water tanks:

    1), How can I get a 1000 gallon water tank?

    2), Where have the ABLP hidden them?

    3), As a NEW supporter of the UPP, what chance have I got of obtaining one from the distributers of the ABLP?

    4), Has any supporter from another political (DNA or UPP) ever received a water tank in recent times?


  4. So, Lovell makes an accusation and doesn’t come up with any facts and that is the reason for us to believe him.
    By the way when is Lovell going to meet the people and take questions? He is always in his so called UPP studio and interviewed by a party member. She is just throwing some soft balls to him so he can hit sixes. What a joker for a guy. A wanna bee.

    • @ From The Sideline
      You guys feeling the pressure? The stupid chit you guys come up with.

      How many times has Lovell attended an open line and have you and your minions call trying to bowl a googly which never work. Doesn’t Gaston sit in his studio too.
      Why don’t u guys stop lying. He puts all you ABLP to shame trying to tie him up while he just chill and answer your asinine questions.

      • Don’t make me laugh. The Big Red machine has not even done an oil check. You guys are just dealing now with little ones like me, and you cannot handle us. This election it will be 17- 0. Watch it.

  5. As a former auto racer, there was a saying: when the green flag drops, the bullshit stops.

    Mr. Lovell seems to be very good at portraying himself as much bigger than life, someone of such exquisite credentials and accomplishments such that he holds some kind of divine right to pillory everyone he opposes.

    Well Mr. Lovell, if you replace Mr. Browne one day, the green flag dropped, your bullshit will stop, you’ll be challenged to “put up” and I strongly suspect at that time that you’ll be revealed as an empty suit.

    • @ Scott
      Empty suit? Which Lovell you talking about? The well rounded political leader who can discuss any topic? Gimme an aspirin.
      The stupidnessesstupidnesses you guys come up with. Try something sensible.

      • @poverty – you’ve made my point for me, there are talkers and there are doers. If Lovell comes into power I suspect we’ll find that he’s a fantastic talker.
        Time will tell…


        In terms of making promises, do remember Gaston Browne promising 500 houses in 500 days. That was back in 2014.
        I can send you the clip of Gaston promising that water will be flowing through the pipes in 14 days. That was 3,000 days ago.

        You live overseas so your views are fractured,
        I live here. Right here in this Gaston Browne created hell hole

    • They are trying hard to redefine/recreate Harold Lovell. But we know who Lovell is. He is, as Peter Wickham said it, a “Spend Force”.

      • Is this the same Peter WICKHAM whose own poll had Mr Lovell ahead in the popularity column.
        The poll that Gaston BROWNE did not want you to see?

  6. The government should come out and say how people can get one of the tanks. Last time they came around with rank is only certain house they stop. The government should be for everybody. We are all suffering from the water shortage. Why only Labour supporters getting tanks. It’s not fair!

    • I guess you have not listened to the news. The government has said that you need to either contact your representative or call the Ministry of Social Transformation. but the unfortunate thing is you UPP guys have ONE representative. And he refuses to do his work. That is why Lovell wants to make the case that it is partisan. But sorry only elected persons can request on behalf of their constituents. Lovell is not one of them.

  7. @Patriot – there should be transparency and wholehearted, honest communications on the part of all government regardless of country. Possibly the tanks are being distributed to the most needy first??

    Just thinking out loud on the distribution issue.

    • Most needy? Meaning what? We are all getting the same water supply or lack thereof in my community. None of us in this community can afford to hire a water truck. So you point is pointless.

    • @ Scott : You said ” possibly”. This means that you do NOT know if the tanks are being distributed on a needs assessment basis, do you?
      Why isn’t there transparency ? Why isn’t there some sort of eligibility criteria?
      Figure that out?

      • How do you know that there aren’t criteria set to qualify for getting a tank? You guys love to make unsupported accusations.

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