Lovell Knocks Plans To Sell Crown Lands To Contractors


United Progressive Party leader Harold Lovell is questioning the real reason for government’s decision to sell several 10 acre parcels of land to small contractors.

Lovell said in a statement that he is “very surprised that the government is actually calling for local contractors to compete with national housing.”

The UPP leader wants the government to instead focus its attention on helping local businesses.

“If the government is serious about promoting local entrepreneurship and business opportunities this certainly is not the way to go,” he said.

Lovell added that “national hosing is supported by taxpayers and public funds and so it is not a level playing field.”

“Instead of competing with the local private sector government should create the enabling environment to have local businesses to succeed,” according to the UPP leader.

Lovell questions, realistically speaking, how many small constractors will be able to take advantage of this offer of 10 acres and build infrastructure and amenities.

He is also questioning what will be the terms and conditions, how will the contractors be selected, will this be a transparent process or a land give away to family friends and cronies, and is this another well disguised self enrichment scheme.

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  1. There goes Harold Lovell again. Harold No One take you serious. You must win a seat first which you will never win in Antigua again. You just want to be relevant. Harold holds the record for losing the most elections in the Caribbean . God Bless Hon. Gaston Browne.

    • Sad but true. He is truly DELUSIONAL. As the young people recently said on the Big Issues, there is nothing attractive about Lovell and his party. I wonder if he ingested that or is he too pompous to entertain feedback. With Lovell as “leader” the UPP IS DESTINED TO FAIL!!!

    • Do you rupert mann,thinks Antigua was and or is willed to Gaston Browne.His heirs,concubines and minions into perpetuity.The last time I checked.Harold Lovell was born and bred inna Antigua.So he has all of the rights as any other born Antiguans.To say and do as he so chooses with in the Laws of the land.He has the right to run for Political Office a million times of his choice.

  2. Contractors working on the 500 homes right now are bawling for their money. Where will small contractors get the capital to do this? Will they have to wait until the houses are sold to get paid? The process could take several years and can small contractors afford to tie up money and resources waiting for the houses to be sold. This doesn’t make a lot of sense for small contractors. Sounds like another self enrichment scheme waiting to happen.

  3. Recall Lovell lauding CHAPA when the UPP admin was in office. Did Chapa not try to provide housing when the UPP admin was in office? It did not compete with the private sector eg Follies housing project? The government did not have shares in Baupanel? So why this new argument re government not being involved in construction? Why brethren always makes himself look foolish? Bret-hen at his age, should know its best to stay quiet rather than to prove yourself a fool.

    • Remember that Lovell has a DREAM TO BECOME PM. So come hell or high water he will not give up on this “DREAM” of his. It is on his Bucket List. Hopefully Mrs. Arrindell will be there to console him when it hits him like a road-march that he cannot regain his afternoon after losing his morning.

  4. ANR – here is a business model to consider.

    Whenever there is a slow news day call Harold Lovell and ask him a question , any question, and post it on the site. The ALP minions get triggered by just hearing or seeing his name so they will flock to the article like fly to sh*t and boost your viewing numbers.
    Just a thought.

    • Wait, you still defending your carbon copy? You na tired letting him spit in your mouth? Remember a time when you posted an another medium that they should stop carrying articles on Lester Bird. Recall those articles used to get your draws in a bunch. Boss let the bitterness go, it truly makes you look ugly like your scion

      • I understand now why some people hide behind fake names. I am praying the lands on lower church street never sell to the Chinese. Honor your mother and father that your days will be long on earth. Gaston minion. One thing I must say about the Browne’s they know Land is power, but the young idiots around them selling them parent’s prime lands in St. John’s to the Chinese to buy vehicle.

        • Me Boss? your friend my mom makes clear never. You may like the word minion, I prefer bulldog, anyway its up to you. Honestly though, I am not in love with non performing assets, like you seem to be. The world long changed from physical capital being most important to human capital. Unfortunately you are so trapped in the past that even my grand father knew this fact, which is why he pushed to ensure all his descendants get a proper education. Boss write a book, and help others not to make the same mistakes you have. Trust I will read it. We must have lunch again soon

      • See what I mean ANR, you don’t have to call no fowl when you throw you corn. It’s like a crackhead when they can’t get their fix.

        I don’t see the sideline one though must be still under sanction for speaking out of turn about the impeccable reputation of the IMF.

        • What a road bitterness tends to lead persons down. Boss you are infected: Here is a sample:

          Dessalines » 2011-03-21 03:33

          Here again Caribarena is providing a platform for Lester to push his never ending campaign for power in Antigua. Why is this the only media house carrying this article….

          ” (see Time Has Come for a Misery Index – Broadcast by Lester Bird
          PoliticsMonday, 21 March 2011 02:30press release)

        • Like I have to go back into the archives:

          “Dessalines » 2011-03-21 03:33

          Here again Caribarena is providing a platform for Lester to push his never ending campaign for power in Antigua. Why is this the only media house carrying this article. ”

          Bret hen this shows you as pot calling kettle black. As stated a simple press release by LB used to make your meds ineffective. Have no doubt that if your doc had seen the post he would insist its time for a change of meds. My solution is you do real work on letting go of the bitterness. Life is truly better when you hold no bitterness in your heart for anyone

  5. I hope that they are conditions put on said sales. It would ne sad to know such concession lands end up in the names of kip-oman, family and friends.

  6. All you Gastonites are a bunch of fools, you cant even See pass your nose, you all should make yourselves available to Shouls Toys & Gifts to be sold as toys

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