Lovell insists reducing taxes can help with the cost of living


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    • Have you ever paid Personal Income Tax? If you did, well you were making over $3000.00 a month. So stop your shit.

      • Whether the person was paying PIT or not is not the point. Read the headline and read his response. Can’t say reducing taxes will help and them implement more taxes regardless of how much the person was making. Even if the person was paying PIT what about RRC and the ABST? You pay that no matter how much $ you’re making so stop YOUR shit.

  1. The entire tax structure needs to be studied and adjustments made where needed. Some of you are not going to want hear this but Personal income tax should be reintroduced. The Property tax rate is too low. Import duties are ridiculous. The cost is always past on to the consumer. I’ll say this. As I am not an economist, banker or real estate developer. The Waiver of import duties has been WEAPONIZE by every party that has been elected as the majority government.

    Lovell is right!

  2. PIT was a progressive tax that many average Antiguans were not paying. Note that this is a tax that is levied in many developed and developing countries alike to support wealth redistribution and social programs for the less fortunate and most vulnerable within society. However it was labeled as a tax on the poor (which it was not) by the current administration who repealed it expeditiously. They have not sought to repeal RRC and ABST, why is that so? The prime minister boast of increased tax revenues from these same taxes that you mentioned. However he repeatedly makes mention of Antigua having the lowest tax-to-GDP in the region, as if to say that more taxes are needed. None the less all taxes are not created equal an Lovell appears to understand this and has sought to come up with plans to reduce the tax burden on the less fortunate and most velnerable within Antigua and Barbuda. This is far more effective than what the prime minister is doing. In fact the prime minister is doing the opposite by stating that there are sufficient tax benefits being afforded to the struggling masses. That is a mindset that should be rejected by all as it can be clearly seen that this is not the case and the average household is struggling to make ends meet.

    • Everette Christian is that you? The same Everette who badtalk the Scotiabank stance taken by the current administration?

      Boy if it were up to you and the UPP, all those bank workers would be out of a job and Antigua ppl money exported elsewhere. SAHME ON YOU ALL!!!!

  3. Free advice Mr Lovell actually of you decrease taxes cost of living will remain constant. There will be no realized benefits for the working class.

    Increase taxes and and subsidize food. This is what it would like:
    1 Create a ñational ID system,.
    2 The National ID system is pinned to statutory deductions and Inland Revnue.
    3 Set up food banks around the country.
    4 TAX savings of over 50k with a graduated %.
    This yield will subsidize the federal cost.
    5 Only persons with or without a certain income can access these food banks.

    TAX the wealthy Mr. Lovell, reducing he government’s Revnue should not be the first òpton.

  4. @Lovell. When will you realize that YOU are the problem. NO ONE will listen to your message because the messenger is YOU. What is so difficult to undertstand about that? Why do you insist on thinking that you are important? Choose someone else from the party to speak. You are tainted, damaged, expired, moldy, belly-griping goods. Let Richard Lewis or even the ice-cream scooping Gladys to deliver the message. She is a virgin politician. She does not have any “blood” on her hands like you do. YOU DONE WREAK HAVOC ON THIS COUNTRY. Even Pringle is more credible than you at this point.

  5. Have you ever paid Personal Income Tax? If you did, well you were making over $3000.00 a month. So stop your shit.

  6. “The man is an abject failure. electing this man to control our economy and food supply is scary. Antiguans please don’t forget this man sold Antigua to the IMF and left us with 98k in our Treasury. We should never ever consider the UPP as a viable option if Harold is head of any party in any capacity.”

    Well said.

    • If you compare the UPP’s borrowing to that of the current administration then you would clearly see that the UPP borrowed a lot less and got way more favourable rates than this current administration. That is a sign that UPP had policies in place for economic sustainability which lenders saw. The same cannot be said for the current administration, borrowing in excess of 200 million at morgage rates due to their lack of sound economic policies. The burden of repayment of this massive loan will rest a the feet of our children and is sure to greatly reduce economic performance in years to come. Sound economic policies always trumps get rich quick schemes.

  7. Tory MP Mr Tugendhat said: ‘You can forget about bread at 80, 90, £1 a loaf… 10 per cent of the world’s wheat is grown in Ukraine and the idea that this year’s going to be a good crop, I’m afraid, is for the birds.’

    He added: ‘This is absolutely one of those moments where we’re going to see the cost-of-living crisis driven by war.’

    An international crisis in a nutshell. Guess local politicians did not factor in global super powers engaging in conflict not seen since WW2 when they were conducting their financial analysis for Antigua & Barbuda.

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