LOVELL: Gaston Your plan backfired!

Lovell, Quinn, Daniel

Gaston: Your plan backfired!

I read the article by Elesha George in Monday’s edition (29 November) of the Daily Observer regarding the Prime Minister’s response to our acquittal.

He says that he finds it “astonishing that a single judge could say that there is no case to answer.” I am astonished at his astonishment.

He obviously has not read the detailed Ruling by the Honourable Mr. Justice Williams which is pellucidly written.

Anyone who listened to the Prime Minister’s misguided outburst on Saturday could tell that he is upset that his plan for us has backfired. Not only that, but he betrayed his ignorance and his total lack of understanding about the case.

In the first place the appeal was from the Magistrate’s Court, not the High Court. Second, the Court of Appeal did not rule on the substance of the Magistrate’s decision. The Court of Appeal ruled that the Magistrate had applied the wrong legal test. Third, the Court of Appeal never said that there was a case to answer. That is a lie. Gaston Browne is deliberately misleading the public with this false statement.

Then, this know it all, with no knowledge of the law, is claiming that the correct charge should have been “misdemeanour in public office”. He needs to explain what this means because what he is saying is utter foolishness. There is no such offence. Someone needs to remind him that he who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool.

Corruption is about fraud, dishonesty and personal benefit. No one can point to any law or ethical policy that was breached. Everything was done transparently and in accordance with the community purpose of the donations. Some with their own agenda wish to major on the minor to tarnish our names and reputations despite our acquittal and vindication. The criminal court is a court of law and we acted entirely within the law.

The rambling, confused response by Gaston Browne to the ruling by the learned Judge appears to be a coded message to the DPP that he expects him to appeal the Judge’s ruling. However, the DPP should know that under the Constitution he has a duty to act independently, fairly and impartially. So, let us watch and see the outcome of this not so subtle signal.

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  1. HAROLD LOVELL , JAQUI QUINN and DANIEL …You Guys are DAMN lucky. Public opinion will be a GUILTY verdict
    When are Guys will collect the buses ? Shame on you Guys..Very disappointed that you Guys put the buses in your names.( CROWN ASSETS)

    • BOB.Q there are no assets to collect. The buses were not the assets of the defendants. They were donated to the government of South Korea to Antigua under a assistance program (KONICA) between both countries. Under a plan devised by Prime Minister Spencer and Ambassador Ashe, the buses were to be used by the parliamentary representatives to provide transportation to senior citizens in their respective constituencies. The buses could not leave the Transport Board unless they were insured and licensed by the defendants. That is all. To this day the defendants are not the owners of the buses. I understand because of discussions that Daniel had with Ambassador Ashe that he is personally claiming ownership of his bus. I totally disagree with that. The defendants facilitated the use of the buses in their constituencies. Two previous buses were registered by the Barbuda Council by Trevor Walker and the Hope Institute by Dr. Errol Court. There are no differences between that situation and the defendants other than who insured and licensed the buses. In the cases of the two buses it was done by legal entities and with respect to the defendants by themselves personally. Both methods facilitated the removal of the buses from the Transport Board. There is no illegality in either case.

      • Then why has Justin Simon (former AG), via a ABS INTERVIEW, instructed WD to go and pick up his bus ? Though you Tabor claimed Justin misspoke, Daniel has now done so, I have seen pictures of the bus now in his possession. Please see . Tabor come live on planet earth

        • TENMAN it is still my position that all the buses should be treated the same way i.e., be left to the present government to put them to use if they are still available. It is Daniel’s position that his bus was given personally to him by Ambassador Ashe. I disagree with that position.

  2. I am at a Loss how someone and place Their names on STATE ASSETS ? It pays when you can afford BIG name LAWYERS. UPP will pay for this at the POLLS. UPP will NOT win a seat next election. Harold the RUNWAY is coming up.

  3. Harry this pure Skulduggery. You good fu nothing politicians can do anything and get away with it. If was an ordinary citizen he would end up in 1735. Just imagine if the same skulduggery was commit by the labor Party. You and your sanctimonious hypocrites will be marching up and down. I would suggest that you keep quiet on this matter. Under no circumstances that this is good governance. Wrong can’t be make right. You and cabals should be apologizing to the good people of Wadadli that are not blinded with politicalilitis. Harry you don’t have any shame.

    • Oh there you are again Colonbo. Looking forward to bullriding you later on tonight. You will enjoy it so much even your blackberries will be swinging in full motion from the thrusts.

      Bring that flavored jelly you like and enjoy the moments when I am fully entered. Colonbo I have said it before and I’ll say it again, you are one of my favorite manginas.

      I’ll see you soon. If you behave, I might ask Harry to partake so you can enjoy a double.

      • You pathetic idiot. Ask your woman if you have one about me? You are a disgraceful and a despicable Nincompoop. Have no class, decency and integrity. Your brain is deep within your rear end asked the former PM to dig it out. You and he will enjoy it so much. Have you read the book of Proverbs yet? I am so delighted to occupy your pea brain that is located in the rear of your body. Nothing but an ignoramous.

        • Colonbo how quickly you forget I don’t like woman. I am a proud man who loves only manginas such as yours. You can take and have all the women in the world just so long as I continue getting some of your mangina every once in a while. And I am in luck. I will be seeing you shortly and indulging in that sweet firm mangina of yours. The very thought of your blackberries swinging to and fro from the thrusts of passion on your mangina is already tickling me. I am already excited with the fact I will be proverbing you in a few hours. My god you are sweet nectar Colonbo. I know you can’t wait to feel the depth in your luscious mangina. And since you asked for it, I will do my best to pea while occupying you. Now that’s kinky, thank you Colonbo for the suggestion you kinky man you. No wonder I like bullriding you. See you soon Colonbo mmmmmmmm.

      • Did you enjoyed your rendezvous with the former PM? You idiot!!!! Charlatan!!! You and your thieves deserve each other. You uneducated jackass. Labor Party will win because of duttie Vagabonds and ignorant people like you. Take that you clown!!!

        • My god Colonbo, you are truly amazing. After me bullriding you, you still have the energy to get online. Must be your equivalent to smoking a cigarette. You have now moved up to the 4th best mangina I have had. I will still love bullriding you no matter if your party is in or out. Your position on what party is in won’t change that sweet riding mangina of yours. Oh and I apologise for riding you so hard that one of your blackberries hit the side and got slightly hurt. Hopefully the massage I gave it made it feel better. I hope your woman will continue to help make your banged up blackberry feel better. I knew it was going to be a good bullriding session tonight when I saw you oozing with anticipation. Thanks again Colonbo and be proud you are now my number 4 best mangina. Looking forward to our next time. You kinky buck you. Oh I forgot to ask, how did you like the pea session? I actually liked it. You should try it with your woman. mmmmmm

  4. Lovell, you should know that Stone don’t know a thing the law or legal procedure. He’s a dunce. Plain and simple. A rambling, bumbling GRANITE of intelligence. He can fool some of the people some of the time. He just can fool all the people all the time.

    So Stone. Tek that ruling and cool it!

  5. LOVELL A YOU BACKFIRE!!!!! You are reaping what you sowed because of how you BADPLAY Joanne Massiah et al in corrupt the leadership convention. Your own people have released videos of the double voting among other discrepancies. Your final BACKFIRE will meet ou at the polls where you will further solidify your LEGACY as the politician who has LOST MORE THAN HE HAS WON!! You are a LOSER, a LIAR and the WORST FINANCE MINISTER EVER!!!!!

    Look at you trying to hoodwink the people into believing that turning a public gift into a mobile strip club/hooker bar is the way to go.

    -ABST hotel deal

    Wilmoth and Jackie nah k because they are not running for political office this time around. But you LOVELL………

    • Oh dear and Gaston is such a saint!!!

      SHARE inc.
      Land Swap at Long Bay
      Hurricane funds
      Government Buildings rented by the one in charge
      Heavy equipment rental to clear land

      By the way, who forged the Prime Minister’s signature?
      What happened to the disappearance of the 3 million from customs?
      The passport forged signature

      The DPP should have his hands full

      But then against, is this the same DPP that Gaston and Asot were saying had question marks above his head.

      You are very selective in your condemnation.

  6. I listened to the Big issues on UPP friendly OMG. The talking heads there pointed out what HL, JL, and WD did if not illegal is unethical. They pointed out that the legal framework needs to be bettered. GB even got some deserving blows (some undeserving). You should not pick and choose what corrupt cases to pursue, they should all be pursued. If they had pursued the original John Ashe issue (see US indictment), BS would have been in prison with a better understanding of what corruption is. All have to do better (WD, GB, JL, HL). I now see pics of WD with the said bus. Interestingly just yesterday, Tabor, the legal spokesperson for the UPP, wrote that the buses belong to the people of A&B and that Justin miss-spoke. Clearly Tabor still does not know his a** from his elbow

        • CH aks TENMAN is so smug and narcissistic. He knows more than lawyers. He was not even in court to have heard the arguments ;yet he knows. Typical of people with an inferiority complex. They have to over compensate. He with his flawed logic and pseudo facts.
          He gains knowledge by association. He dated some lawyers so he knows more than a lawyer. SMH

          • I said or impled I know more than lawyer? Quote or show where I did this. In gerneral all I have done is today is post what was stated on the said show. Must tell you that you really don’t know me because if its one thing I don’t do is disrespect professionals. I also don’t need to be in court since the jugement is online. If one needs to be at the actual trial to make a judgement then there should be no appeall process. Your choice if you wish to make me the issue, since it really has no real impact on my future. I have no further time to waste reponding to you

    • Boss if you do not know as yet that lawyers disagree you need to go back to school and study law instead of informatics or whatever you did. That is why there is a hierarchy of courts. My position on the buses remains the same.

      • Boss its you who stated Justin Miss-spoke. He did not miss speak. You now change mouth since its clear you did not know his stance. Instead of just admitting that, as usual you change on a dime and give false impression that you knew his stance. Clearly showing you have a problem simply admitting when you are wrong.

  7. TENMAN CH as FAITH calls you what point are you really trying to make? Whether Justin misspoke or not is not the issue. The issue is what is my position on the matter. In terms of admitting wrong, you should tell that to Gaston Browne, Cutie Benjamin and all the members of the government who are still trying to tell this country that you cannot have a curfew without a state of emergency. In a crisis such as is represented by the covid 19 pandemic, the Constitution is clear that the government can pass laws which breach our fundamental rights which would not be otherwise lawful and constitutional. The law passed under the Public Health Act (the Regulations) which restricted our rights of association and assembly is a case in point. For the Attorney General to say, therefore, that you require a state of emergency in order to implement a curfew is total nonsense.

  8. I congratulate Mr. Lovell on a win. This is a political game now can we move on to more important things instead of making this a distraction please? Johnston village still do not have continually running water. Can somebody give us a plan so we can choose who to vote for….DANG! GO GREEN???

    • congratulate your schoolmate on receiving a public asset and putting it to private use???? As someone rightfully said, the outcame of the case was LEGAL justice, not LAWFUL justice. Just like the OJ Simpson trial. The WORST FINANCE MINSTER and WORST TOURISM MINISTER might ´win´in court, but the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION has found him guilty!

      • What private use did Lovell and Jacqui use the buses for? Did they run a bus service and collect fares? If they had sold the buses and pocketed the money, there would be an issue. Please go do an investigation into how a thirty old woman acquired substantial assets. How a son acquired substantial assets and even flipped government lands. Please stop being such a simpleton.

  9. I also went to school with Mr Lovell and I am proud to call him my friend

    You call him the worst Tourism Minister but you do not back up your assertion. Mr Lovell was Tourism Minister for five years and during that time he brought the Hermitage Bay, Nonsuch Bay among other hotel properties to the island. the ABLP has been in office for nearly 8 years and has not been able to bring one hotel project on stream.

    You will say the Royalton and the Hodges Bay Club. But if you check these are UPP projects that were completed under the ABLP.

    Can you tell me how many small hotels have been developed under the ABLP. No you can’t because the number is zero.

    Under Mr Lovell, there were 40. Yes, 40.
    These were owned by black Antiguans. There was no exclusion zone owned by Chinese or Indians. They were owned by black Antiguans.

    Mr Lovell was a much better Tourism Minister than Max Fernandez who every month promises a big hotel project but has not been able to deliver.

    Now let us us look at Mr Lovell’s tenure as Finance Minister. You have not backed up your assertion with facts. What I do know is that under the ABLP, Antigua is known as one of the worst places to do business Check out the international rankings. But I guess you haven’t.
    Further when Mr Lovell was Finance Minister ,Forbes Magazine had said that Antigua was one of ten countries that was poised to take off.

    Gaston Browne has boasted that the CIP has brought in over 2 billion dollars.
    Where is that money. What has that money been spent on.

    Mr Lovell did not have the benefit of that 2 billion. Yet with all that money at his disposal Gaston has the people of this country suffering.
    BTW. that was the same CIP that the ABLP was against when the ABLP was in opposition.

    On the buses case: You have a right to your opinion. However the Market square saw this as a witch hunt. It is straight from the ABLP playbook. This is exactly what they did to George Walter and the PLM.

    So to answer you:
    Mr Lovell is the best Tourism Minister that Antigua has had and you cannot dispute this.
    Mr Lovell is the best Finance Minister Antigua has had and you cannot dispute this.
    And the Magistrate’s Court threw out the case. Gaston gave instructions for an Appeal .
    The High Court threw it out.
    Sorry Gaston, no PLM strategy for you.

    BTW, Mr Lovell had vision. Why? He saved for a rainy day. He left 20 million in the Medical Benefits Scheme to be used in the event of a pandemic but Gaston spent it off.

    So Really, your contribution is quite shallow. You are more emotional than truthful!!!

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