Lovell: Former LIAT workers are entitled to their severance; UPP will treat entitlement as a right


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  1. As expected Lovell will say anything. It’s like a woman in an abusive relationship. Another man promises better only to find out she is in the same situation.

  2. Big up ya self Lovell. You til nar win, but I tip my hat to you for perseverance in fighting a losing battle. You can promise the moon 🌙and the 🌟 and even Mars, you just won’t win or become PM.

    Put your focus on the widening division within the UPP. Richard Lewis and Jamal Pringle a who your party members want. Even Algernon Watts gunning for your neck. If your own party wishing for your demise and don’t want you, how you expect the people of Antigua and Barbuda to want you?

    You’re a mess. A train wreck waiting to happen (Richard Lewis et al are waiting with baited breath for you to crash and burn)

    What you think of the Tradewinds gang?

    Lovell once you are gone, Gisele will go too. She can no longer rule with an iron fist. Without her, there is no you and vice versa

  3. And while they struggle to eat crumbs they are fighting for a leader who is looking to enrich himself. They are quick to argue for one that don’t care about them but will condemn one that look to rectify problems

  4. How could anyone sane politician says that Wadadli alone be responsible for severance payments for LIAT workers? Sadly, these Politrickians have blind followers who would believe this baboonery and deception. Cause these people thinks that their followers are idiots. The question would be where is the money coming from? Please Mr Harry stopped fooling your followers with your continuous deception.

  5. Look at this chameleon! He could not even pay Half moon $1 but he can find over 130 million to pay a debt that government is not legally obligated to pay. Due to non payment of the HMB debt the interest alone practically matched the principal. Food city, 500K workers owed since 2009, still waiting for their money. Lovell could not find a way for them to be paid though government bought the buidling for some 13 million. They did not even make that payment a condition of the sale

    • The people will give King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe the final push over the cliff come next election. Right now he is millimeters away from the precipice. A final swift kick to the his baxide will send the baxide over the cliff 🤣🤣 🤣🤣

      KING LYADD LOVELL LIMPY JOE!!! Just lie like say lie a go out a style. Well sah. Lovell good fu he self 🤣🤣
      Can’t help but laugh at this lying clown 🤣😂😆
      Mussa tink neargah chewpitt


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