Lovell Expresses Concern Over The Silence Of PM Browne And Steadroy Benjamin With The Shooting Of Customs Officier


UPP’s Political Leader, Harold Lovell, says he is suprised but finds it strange that neither Prime Minister Gaston Browne nor the Minister of National Security Steadroy Benjamin has made a clear public statement condemning the shooting and expressing empathy and support for Benjamin.

“They have been strangely silent on the matter which begs the question whether they are protecting some person or persons, and if so, who are they shielding?” Lovell asked.

Lovell wrote a letter, dated November 11th 2019, to five key government officials: the Governor General, the Prime Minister, the Public Safety Minister, the Acting Commissioner of Police and the Comptroller of Customs.

The Governor General responded to the letter and he’s expected to meet with Lovell this morning to discuss Lovell’s call for the setting up of a Commission of Inquiry into the attempted murder of Customs Officer, Cornel Benjamin.

Atlee Rodney, the Acting Commissioner of Police, also responded to Lovell saying the police force is taking the matter very seriously and is utilising all avenues available.

On the other hand, the Comptroller of Customs is yet to provide a response to Lovell’s letter and according to Lovell, “Raju Boddu has shown “extraordinary bad manners and disrespect by failing to even acknowledge the letter that was written to him”.

The UPP leader said Boddu should remember that he is a public servant and “without the support and confidence of the public, he cannot perform his duties effectively”.

He said the UPP will continue to monitor developments at the Customs and Excise Division very closely and “if we conclude the Comptroller of Customs is covering up corruption, we will call for his immediate removal from that position”.

An alleged attempt was made on Cornell Benjamin’s life just over one month ago as two gunmen shot and severely wounded him.

Benjamin, who sustained gun wounds to his leg, is reportedly attached to the customs department responsible for under-evaluation, false invoicing and smuggling.

He is currently receiving medical attention in Jamaica.



  1. Me really VEX… Your level of Politicking is ridiculous now man… If you want to say rumor going around that a certain individual has been pegged as the culprit say so nah… We have heard so too… stop trying to be relevant … Why not talk about the positive ending that will be achieved by the government and people of Antigua with Scotia Bank..? as announced by the Prime Minister.

  2. When will Lovell come to the realisation that nobody wants to hear from him? When he had the opportunity to prove that he was different, he failed miserably. This guy is doing his party more harm than good. He needs to do like most of the other failures from the 2004 – 2014 era and just fade into the shaddows

  3. SIGH….. I have come to the conclusion that Lovell has no REAL FRIENDS. How can they call themselves his friends and allow him to make an ___________________ of himself incessantly. Either that or the noise buzzing from his ego is drowning out any rational thinking. NEITHER THE UPP or THE PEOPLE WANT HIM (especially the YOUNG PEOPLE). There he goes again making a rear end out of himself. The man has no shame. Is he in a psychological coma?

    • Perhaps you should clarify your statements and tell us exactly what it is that Harold Lovell is doing with regard to this issue that makes him an_______ in your opinion? What is wrong with trying to get the truth about the fraud and rip off at DWH and not least of all a person was shot and is now suffering complications? If you really have no problem shrugging off millions of dollars (of the people’s money), forgery, fraud, theft and attempted murder then IMO there has to be a malfunction in your thought processes. Incidentally, NO politician has REAL friends…only people (male and female) who want to gain in some form or fashion!

  4. Harold Lovell don’t have to be the next prime minister if UPP win the next general election. Since he is the leader of the UPP party, he can appoint another a member of party. Harold Lovell can be like Robin Yearwood and just be a regular minister over a ministry. The UPP party need someone with years of experience as part of their party. Just my Suggestion… We need to have a survey from the age group 18 to 35 since there is where the voting weighting lies to see the percentage that need Harold Lovell as the next prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda.

  5. Harold Lovell

    Please STOP the fear munger. You just want to be relevant. The UPP is trying to get rid of you . You pulling at straws. Kindly stop your media show . The people of Antigua and Barbuda do not want to hear NOR see you .
    Go and organize the next MARCH / PROTEST . The reason for the next MARCH / PROTEST should be for ” NO YOUTH WANT TO JOIN YOUR THE UPP” I hope you got the message. Your next party should be called ” THE COMPLAINERS PARTY. Please be guided accordingly.

    By the way…Damani Tabor said Harold Lovell is the DOWNFALL of The UPP.

  6. Did you listen to the HON. Gaston Browne on Pointe FM 99.1 yesterday ? The Observer Radio antenna is very very old . The breakdown is due to WEAR and TEAR . Observer need to raise money to repair Their ANCIENT equipment and stop blaming the General Public. SHAME SHAME on Serpent and Dave Lester Payne for Blaming Persons when They know the real cause of the problem.

    I will advise you to listen to Pointe FM 99.1 on Saturday afternoons from 4pm onwards to hear the truth . Saturday afternoons all Antiguans and Barbudans are tuned to Pointe fm 99.1 to hear our ESTEEM Prime Minister Hon. Gaston Browne.


    • How would Gaston Browne knows that the antenna are very very old? That is something I would like to know. The only way anyone can know the conditions of the antenna is if they had it in their hand holding. Yes over the years an antenna installed so high without frequent maintenance it can buildup corrosion which would cause it to rapidly deteriorated.

  7. What will it take for this man to realize that his dream to become the next prime minister of Antigua and Barduda is just that a dream. Harry you done get bang off two times in a row. Young people done go on Observer and say them nah want you. Do the UPP and Abtigua a favour and ride off into the sunset. Go enjoy your pension. At this point you are just embaressing yourself.

    • LOL LOL LOL good question. It will probably take:

      1). a coup d’etat inside the party to forcibly remove him
      2). severing ties with Mrs. Arrindell
      3). Removing the stick that bruk in he ear
      4). Staging an intervention Michael Jackson style
      5). A Come-to-Jesus meeting with people who will “keep it real” with him
      6). A nice injection of “reality serum” in the buttocks

  8. And in typical Labour Party fashion, their propagandists attack the messenger and not the message. Hiding behind puesdo names attacking people’s reputation. Yiu guys have nothing better to do? I guess not.

    • “attacking people’s reputation”??? What R-E-P-U-T-A-T-I-O-N???

      IMF reputation?
      ROMANTIC RHYTHMS reputation?
      FENCES reputation?
      WPP reputation??

      Exactly which R-E-P-U-T-A-T-I-O-N are you referring to?

      • Romantic Rhythms? One of the organizers was head of the Tourism Authority Board after the 2014 election, before they hired Ricky Skerritt.

        Fences? The player in the presumed fences scandal is now working with the government. Remember he was on his last dollar until the PM rescued him.

        WPP? The PM is on record saying that he could call name of those who got paid to say the generators were old.

        Don’t forget that the ABLP is in power and all they can come up with for corruption charges is the buses, which was already thrown out. Or non of that means anything to you guys? Kinda remind me of Trump supporters. And i guess it is ok for someone to have almost died and millions missing from the port because it was ABLP. Poor Antigua.

      • U guys are like the paid Russian trolls that attack everything the Liberal media posts. I want a job like yours. Pretty easy. U guys should find something better constructive to do.

  9. The PM and Minister have done a great job NOT engaging the PL in his quest for dialogue. Better things to do with their time.

  10. Look ya lawd. Harold Lovell comes in with 12 comments while the pressing and most RELEVANT issue the chronic water shortage gets none.

    ANR I tell you this is your bread and butter click magnet.
    The best way to treat irrelevance is to ignore it, but Lovell just have the knack to get under skin and mash corn. Talk bout triggering. LOL.
    Can’t wait for the tin man and the side line meds to wear off then you go see frothing at the mouth.

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