Lovell engaged in talks with Goodwin, not Parker; and Massiah also entertained ‘unity’ advocates, he says


Harold Lovell has come out in defence of Malaka Parker, asserting that the former Executive Member of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) was not involved in any “unity” talks with the United Progressive Party (UPP).

Parker has come in for some harsh criticism from her former colleagues.  Among other accusations, they charge that her recent resignation was influenced by a failure to get the DNA leadership to consider an alliance with the UPP.

However, the UPP Political Leader revealed that he had been engaged in such discussions – not with Parker – but with former Ambassador Bruce Goodwin , who also resigned from the DNA last week.

Speaking on Thursday night’s “Captain’s Corner,” Lovell said he had “put out feelers” and initiated dialogue with Goodwin, searching for common  ground on which the two opposition parties could challenge the incumbent Antigua Labour Party.

He said he believed – and still does – that a unified political front creates a stronger force, and therefore he set out to see if he could make that happen.

Meanwhile, Lovell is also accusing the DNA president, Joanne Massiah, of “hypocrisy.”

While she is accusing Parker, he says,  Massiah herself was entertaining overtures made by two separate advocates for a UPP-DNA agreement – with one of them ready to corroborate his assertion.

He notes that he is not pursuing DNA members, nor attempting to persuade them to cross political lines; but should any of them wish to do so, they would find a welcome in the UPP, Lovell says.

However, the Political Leader declares, even without an alliance with the DNA, the UPP is ready to challenge the Labour Party in the next general elections.


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  1. What good is Bruce to Harold? This man loves to entertain the rejects, the misfits & the flawed. What good is Bruce to anyone politically? This man lived his entire life in city east and as a DNA candidate couldn’t even get back his deposit. Harold must not be busy or else he wouldn’t entertain this spent force.

  2. LYAD LOVELL. All of your so called Candidates are UNDESIRABLES. Latest to the FLOCK is FRANZ DEFreitas who declared BANKRUPTCY, UNPAID TAXES , UNPAID debt to ACB. Franz will be DISQUALIFIED after nomination day.

    Bruce Goodwin is NO Addition. Bruce lost His deposit last election. UPP DONE.

    • More nonsensical soundbites I see @Hmmmmmmm! Don’t you even know how to construct a proper sentence that makes any sense?


      Mercy Mr Percy … 🥺

  3. “Unity talks”?? Upp does NOT even have a slate. The 16 🤡 🤡 🤡 on the poster is worse than an insult to the people. The UPP basically dashing a rusty poe/ slap pail full of stale piss in the people face 😑 There is nothing there for the DNA or anyone to “unite” to.

  4. In the voice of SIR WINSTON DERRICK Mr LOVELL that is not the truth, Mr Lovell that is not true…..

    Date time place Mr Lovell?

    Mr Lovell you know that what you said is a lie and if Ms Parker is given an Ambassador role in your administration I will give dates times and places when you met over a period of years ànd that’s a hint to you Mr Lovell.

  5. Mr Lovell here is the thing will Miss Parker tarnish her otherwise good name and support your lie for Ambassadorship gain or will she chart an upright course in her long-term interest and speak the truth….Time will tell

  6. @Mel
    Lovell, You have a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Now who wise old owl told you to go after DNA rejects. Why are you so stubborn? What value will DNA people be to you so late?

    And for the first time I am questioning your honesty. Everybady min know yuh min ah tark wid Malaka.

    Why did you have to lie about that? I think you should just keep your backside quiet and stop making bad for the boys dem. Yuh nah go mess up tings for the party now. Maybe this is why Baldwin wanted to sub you.

    Curious why you making so much trouble to get Malaka Parker. Wonder why?
    The other party members want she like you? Why yuh so hat fuh get she?

    • Sound like you want Malala more than Lovell. Malala is an asset. She can help Richard Lewis bring it home. Politics makes strange bed fellows. Talk as you like Lovell. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

  7. I see nothing to gain from even entertaining Bruce Goodwin. He has absolutely nothing to offer any political party .

    • Anything to remove dem old renegades from ‘power’

  8. @ Sad But True

    aka ‘duncy bat’

    Your esteemed PM said that all foreigners should be deported especially Jamaicans who ‘come here to set up themselves and then bring along their entire family’ …thats how much he loves foreigners, only for their votes and after which he will deport them!

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