Lovell details development plans to make City East constituency a model community


Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) and its Candidate for St. John’s City East, is outlining some of his plans to make the constituency a model community for Antigua and Barbuda.

Over the Christmas holidays, Lovell says, he met with a number of constituents, and was able to listen to their concerns while he outlined the Party’s plans.

He says the community is well positioned for certain developments to take place.  Included in these is a street-naming programme, which he had already embarked upon before the UPP lost the 2014 elections.

Youth development and creating opportunities for young people are other issues topping Lovell’s agenda, while the expansion of the community’s housing stock is another concern he plans to address.

Lovell says he will also focus  on infrastructural development and the upgrade of sporting facilities in the area.

The City East constituency comprises Upper Fort Road, Lower Gambles, Crown Gardens, Gambles Terrace, Bishopgate Street, Mongo Town, North Street, Newgate Street and St. John’s Street.

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  1. Sir Lester Bird expressed that vision Lovell. Are you so devoid of innovation??

    The issue is not what you plan to do King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe. THE PROBLEM IS YOU!!!! Until you get that through your fragile skull, no amount of ideas can help you. You are damaged goods. A political mess and failure.

  2. Every election season they come with the same set of fuckry talk about Youth, community etc.
    Once elected, no development.

  3. We have a known and difficult to change bias of preferring immediate gains we dont care so much about punishments that come at some point down the road. levitra espanol ephelaclaiff Viagra In Egitto

  4. When is Lovell going to stop trying to BULL***HIT the People of City East. Lovell you are a LOST cause. Melford will clean your slate. Lovell is HOPELESS.

    • MELFORD is the man! How many times he have to kick this guy to the curb!!!! The party needs to replace this dude. It’s getting embarassing.

  5. I am here looking at the Barbados Electrican and heard the leader of a political party, who was a brilliant, articulate,well loved and respected by his party faithfuls recognized that under his leadership his party was not gaining ground. He quickly threw in the towel, which eventually lead to the rise of Mia Mottley. None of the opposition parties in Antigua are making any inroads despite the disrespectful behavior and greed should by our leadership. Harold Lovell and the UPP really needs to do some soul searching.

    • No inroads because Gisele has completely brainwashed Lovell. She does not see a need for the party to do any introspection whatsoever! and since Lovell takes orders from her, he does not see the need for the party to examine itself either! Do you see the amount of people who have LEFT THE UPP? It is very telling, yet the party claims that everyone who left UPP got paid to leave. The UPP refuses to accept any responsibility for the decrepit state the party finds itself in under the leadership of Gisele Isaac.

  6. Mel K & Urban Global Health Alliance Hero and Warrior Kevin Jenkins On Reviving The Dream

    Mel welcomes back fearless truth warrior and CEO of the amazing Urban Global Health Alliance no bringing back the real message of MLK. Kevin is a brave advocate for calling out and ending once and for all the controlled demolition of our urban communities and disregard for the victimized children who inhabit these corrupt ridden socialist experiment strong holds. A true honor to have a voice of action, reason and solutions on the show. An amazing human on the front lines for God, country, and our children!

    Thanks to you amazing patriots for joining us on this journey, for your support of our work and for your faith in this biblical transition to greatness.

    It’s going to be a great year and definitely a year to get and be involved in taking back our world.

    We love what we do and are working hard to keep on top of everything to help this transition along peacefully and with love.

  7. So Lovell you were ten years in government, and you could not do any development for your constituency and now you claim you have a plan. I guess you want to fool the people, and as soon as they elect you, you will shelf the plan. Just go sit down and watch Melford at work.

  8. Harold “Mr. Stoic” Lovell…

    …#READ UP and #VIBE UP.
    There’s no doubt, that you’re learned, but even learned men and women can phuck shit up.
    You have being given Leadership, so fucking lead by example, as in 🛑 🛑 🛑 STOP!
    Stop the phuckery about “what’s to come!” The People need what your being clairvoyant about, the FUTURE, like yesterday, now!
    The only way the People besides those that GENUINELY hate Labour, I’m speaking of the INDEPENDENTS(CIPers to other Non-Nationals) are going to trust you is when you begin to bring projects to fruition and establish those things such as entrepreneurship’s, better housing etc, etc even when your not the Prime Minister.

    Again, to those who think, that only the Ruling Arm of the Government is responsible for bringing large scale projects such as schools, health facilities, training centers etc to a Community is phucking crazy, since, these are the same ones who’ll say Government is Continuos. Then, if this is the case, get a blurnclath HeadStart, so that once you get to be the Ruling Arm, you already have a well established FOOTING, not FOUNDATION on well tested, analysed and prepared grounds.

    I am sure, attorneys and law firms WHO’RE not in support of ABLP is making much monies from the CIP, and other investors brought in under ABLP. Isn’t the new Western SEZ, being built in lands once owned by very staunch opponents of Vere Bird, Snr and ALP?

  9. Lovell have you gotten the clearance from your doctor/cardiologist to run for elections? The campaign trail is demanding and could have adverse effects on your heart. The Limpy Joe medication is bad for your heart. Please be careful with your heart health.

  10. Mr Lovell said he would roll out the plans for the country in a few days. STILL WAITING…….

    Now nothing new or exciting same old old old cliche political brain wash.

    1970’s plans and conversation Mr Lovell, anything I your tool kit for 2022 and beyond?

  11. Harold Lovell clearly has no plans for Antigua. He just wants to be PM and travel all over the world like between the period of 2004-2014. If this is his plan for a constituency then what plans does he have for the entire nation. UPP needs to do better than this or they heading for another savage beating by ABLP. Harold Lovell where are the plans you promise in your New Years message or are you waiting for the budget speech and then you give a rebuttal and call that plans. Antigua is in desperate need of a proper political party that actually gives a damn about the nation and not their bank account. Smh.

    • JB you must be joking since I thought that politics and bank account are synonymous with Gaston and the ALP. In two words it is called “creative enrichment”.

      • Tabor give me a blasted aspirin. We all know about Gaston Brownie and his creative enrichment scheme now the question is where is Harold Lovell’s plans that he promised in his New Years speech? Let me guess he going to rebutt the budget and oppose and critize and give no solution as usual. Antigua really needs a political party that gives a damn about the nation because UPP definitely anit it.

  12. Tabor …Are you Lovell ADVISOR ? Please have a serious chat with Lovell and be honest with HIM.Lovell does not resonate with Antiguans in a positive way. UPP CANNOT go into 2023 election with HAROLD as the Leader. Let’s do not be fooled by the handful of UPP Supporters that call the radio stations everyday. We are shaping up to get our assess kicked by ABLP.

    Let’s Not let ERIC ( THE RED ) Predictions come through.

    • FREDERIC .G. your statement “We are shaping up to get our asses kicked by ALP” is quite strange and amusing. Since when did you become a supporter of the UPP? Should I expect TENMAN HUGHES, JUST SAYING and FROM THE SIDELINE to change their allegiance to the UPP as well and perhaps even BEEF? You guys are the best in your propaganda but you are exposed with this one.

  13. @ TABOR
    My Famiy and I have been voting for UPP. I am been honest. I am a man on the street and the vibes on the street are NOT good for UPP. Tabor let’s be honest Harold is NOT resonating with the People. Tabor ,do you want 2018 to repeats itself or what just happened in Barbados ? UPP need to do an INTROSPECTION. Tabor , as a UPP Advisor you are NOT doing your job in an honest way. Hope you are NOT being paid. Smarten Up.

  14. FREDERIC .G. I am not an advisor to Harold or the UPP. Yes, I am a supporter of the and like you as a supporter we should be doing all we can to counter the negative vibes on the street that you mentioned. I must tell you however that I am also on the streets and know many people on the streets and the vibes are increasingly positive, since the electorate is beginning to see that the last 8 years of the ALP was a dismal failure.

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