Lovell denies giving away millions in UPP Resort Agreement for Seaforth Estate


The leader of the United Progressive Party says the Prime Minister’s comparison of the UPP agreement to develop the Seaforth Estate into a resort and his government’s Special Economic Zone is unfair.

Lovell is also denying that the resort deal signed under the UPP included a waiver of 11 million dollars.

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  1. I was wondering how long it would take for the u.p.p. to talk.

    It is without a doubt that the u.p.p. document PUT ANTIGUANS FIRST.

    I am glad the labour party put out the document. Dem fools did not even know what they were doing when the leaked the document.

    • Im sure when you are in Opposition defending yourself against a 10-year old document takes time. Bearing in mind that this project was eventually shelved, Lovell probably had to dig up a few graves to make reference to a 2011 MOA. Nonetheless he did a good job snd brought clarity to the allegations.

  2. You know, Harold has to reply to Gaston so he doesn’t get away with lies as the lies will be accepted by some people as truth and Gaston knows this. Gaston is a down in the trenches politician who will say anything that he thinks will help his re-election campaign. Where dabbling in the gutter is concerned, Harold is out of his league with Gaston. Harold is to decent to step down to that level. Even “From the Sideline” say so.

  3. What else is new re statements from Gaston? As I said before on this medium, there are LIES, DAMN LIES and STATEMENTS from Gaston. No one should be surprised therefore when Gaston is found lying because invariably that is usually always.

  4. When Lovell and crew speak its a if they require persons have amnesia or lock off their brain. Lovell is the one who shot himself in the foot by telling a lie. He claimed the current admin sold the land which he well knew was not true. He went on about claiming the false accusation he made shows the government does not care about land zoning.

    Seems Lovell is unaware but stamp tax is based on the value of the land. Ten percent is levied on the value which a valuator at inland revenue needs to access (tends to be Mr L Samuell). The very MOA makes clear this and the 5% non alien land holding license is waived. His selling a false idea that 550 acres of land can be valued at 7.5 million (31 cents US or 84 ec cents) is ridiculous. Give me an aspirin as LB used to say

    Customs or any tax related agency within a SPZ will be controlled by local tax authorities. The SEZ act makes clear our officials sit on the zones board. Currently the Comptroller of customs heads the SEZ ZONE board

  5. I mean when one has the evidence and lays it on the table. Only a fool would deny that. Seeing a document with your own signature on it leaves you baffled. The Jury has already delivered its verdict. Guilty as charged.
    It would be wise of Lovell not to try and play hard ball with a ghetto man. And if you’re living in a glasshouse don’t throw stones.

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