Lovell cries RAPE over PM’s 54K home rental to Western Imperial


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    • Lovell and Serpent leave Gaston alone. Lovell study the Bus and the OVERCOST of the RUNWAY( Lovell should not be leading a Political because of His CRIMINAL CASE IN COURT)

      Serpent should be studying payment for his staff at Observer Radio.

      • Next on the agenda….HAROLD , SERPENT and KNIGHT would like to find out where Gaston Browne buy His UNDERWEAR. These three Guys are BADMINDED , JEALOUS and GOOD FOR NOTHING.

      • You have a brain? Do you have children? Do you have a pension that you be getting after years of service? Do you understand what the man is saying? It’s like giving a stranger permission to RAPE you and then cry when you realize he has aid’s. The outcome from this administration is a death to your children and grandchildren future. If the seniors can’t get paid what you think will happen in a year or two when this administration is done

  1. Harold Lovell is GRABBING at straws. Hon.Gaston Browne rent His own home. Harold you are looking for votes. HAROLD and SERPENT are JEALOUS of Hon.Gaston Browne. Harold the appeal is waiting for you.1735 is waiting Harold. BUSES. BUSES. BUSES.POLE IN BUS.

    • I don’t quite think that an old bus with a pole in it matches up to EC$648,000.00 plus some a year for renting an average looking house in a not so exclusive residential community. The rental agreement certainly appears to be, shall we say, unusual while also creating a whole load of questions in the minds of those who possess the capability of deduction…Somehow, someway (as appears to be par for the course) in some form or fashion this whole Western Imperial so called investment/debacle in this island is likely going to come back and bite we, the people with most probably expense and further devastation to the environment…At least the pole in the bus is not destroying the coastline along with marine and animal habitat!!

      • Why you so lie? That so callled average home has a master bedroom thats 1200 sq feet. Also has a pool I am told that would cause you not to want to use the beach. Guy via airbnb i am seeing:

        1. 3 room villas in that area renting for 1K usd per night.
        2.Tropical Breeze…Luxury Beachfront Villa a 4 beddroom place for 1500 usd a night.

        3. THE HARBOUR.THE Home Escape – Gazebo. Pool. Sea whichh is some 6K usd a night.

        4.. Villa Viola GALLEY BAY HEIGHTS, ANTIGUA
        some 1500 eghht

        oet that you not into Luxury accomadations but there are persons who go for such.

        • @question…it’s not about the “cost” of renting the house. It’s about the surreptitious nature of how these negotiations are done, and how those negotiators representing the People use inside information to benefit personally.
          It’s time to close this Pandora’s box! Do we really want future leaders to exhibit these types of behavior?

          • @Smood speak for yourself (you too nuff lol). Jeb wrote “..matches up to EC$648,000.00 plus some a year for renting an average looking house in a not so exclusive residential community. ” Clearly he is making an issue of the price. As for your issue, the PM will have to answer (will do so shortly) as to how he ensured any possible conflict was properly managed (you and I have argued this before and I have told you that coi don’t always need to be avoided once they can be managed)

        • Thank you, question. Even many big houses in Antigua don’t have a pool. It’s simply badmind licking jeb why they’re saying the house is average. Also, regardless of if the agreement appears to be “unusual”, it’s what the tenant agreed to and is no one else’s business.

      • Gaston and anyone for that matter has a right to rent for whatever they want. It’s up to the renter to decide if he wants to pay it.

    • It’s a SHAME the people of Antigua is NOT a reading public that’s why they’re so shallow. Do you know what it means by conflict of interest? He’s doing everything in his power to have all the business in the country and cut out everyone for his personal greed. He has no idea of true leadership he’s all about personal gain.

    • What the hell was a POLE doing in a government owned bus….or any bus for that matter. What kind of craziness is that? Enlighten me, pleae. Who did dat????? Why????

    • Sooner or later you and your relatives, alive and yet unborn and all Antiguans may not even have a straw to hold on to. By then everything and everybody will be owned by the same people or their agents who are renting that house.

  2. My UPP…Gaston Browne sets the UPP agenda every week. Everything Gaston Say or do the UPP run with Gaston Narratives for the next two weeks. Therefore We are always playing catchup. Harold stop this stupipness and start telling the people of Antigua your plans
    Gaston is an experienced/ Smart politician. Harold if UPP keep up this STUPIDNESS We are heading down the wrong road.
    Please be guided accordingly.

  3. How much of that money you think shit bag Gaston Browne will pay in taxes to help our nation? My guess, NOT ONE RED CENT.

    But keep on voting shit bag Gaston Browne in.

    I am sure all his loyal ass kissers will have no issues with this but that is not a surprise.

    • NOTHING that’s how stupid the people are dumb as a bucket of rocks. Time will come when they realize there’s no money and Chinese will control slavery once again

      • Just like the airport in Uganda is literally taken away from the Ugandan people, when all is taken from us and we cannot find any other source to give, then we may become an Eastern Imperial country subservient to China. It is said that there might be 302 languages spoken in China. Better start learning all the Chinese languages now or at least one. Sooner rather than later, we’ll need them.

  4. Lovell needs to speak about the taxation level for the offshore sector when he was finance minister. Fact is it was 0 and continues to be so. SEZ’s are essentially offshore. The company he worked for, Meinl bank how much millions in profit they made during his time? It was in 2010, a year into his tenure as Finance minister they moved from AOB to meinl. Franca their man here would at times travel with HL. They made him honary counel to Brazil. The job they gave, HL, after 2014, was that a payoff for services rendered as finance minister? During his tenure, international newspapers point out billions was laundered. One would think considering the fact that he was the minister of the entity that regulated them (He chose the board, had a say in who was the CEO, in some instances appeals came to him if stakeholders were disatified with the decisions of the regulator), he woud have said no to the job. Only his opponents should be ethical? Newspapers in Brazil point out they met with the opposition party and solicited their help in trying to keep things quiet. Was no surprise to learn though HL orginally denied it, that he was on their payroll. If he was so sure he was doing nothing wrong, why did he like Judas deny knowledge of them? HL, as ussual cannot live up to the standards he artciculates.

  5. I don’t understand the people in this country, everything is falling apart in this place and you people have NO pride when it comes to country shame of you people and you should bow your head and asked yourself what have you done for your country. The politicians in government is making the country the laughing stock of the world. Economic power house what a LIE. Everyone in government is NOT getting paid. The politicians don’t give a rats behind about the idiots but not one they took a cut in pay since Covid. Put the seniors who put in their money can’t get paid yet. This administration is the worst all they’re doing is enriching themselves and giving they loyalty clowns the crumbs from the table. The idiots don’t realize when everything is said and done they children will NOT have a future. You think it’s bad now wait. People need to use their BRAIN instead of worrying about color learn that the same mess you make you have to where to go you will have to sit in it. When this administration is done NOTHING is in treasury now so can you imagine who will be owing Antigua? The Chinese instead of wasting time and support stupidity at its best think about you children who will be committing crime because they is no jobs for them. You think crime rate is high just wait pressure and hunger will cause problems. You people just talk and don’t do anything. It’s like letting someone taking all your money from your purse and know you don’t have anymore but you let them take it. These people are soulless and people who have no knowledge or brain see the evil and join in the evil. Don’t worry when crime come knocking at your doors I hope the people who crown the crap will be just as ok. What life your children or grandchildren will have if all this crap continue?

    • @ SHARON
      Eat your heart out. Sharon is UPP and Gaston Browne HATER.SHARON you are a CLOWN
      Mind your own business. Sharon is full of JEALOUSY.
      SHARON is in love with GASTON. Sorry Sharon He is already taken. Look elsewhere.

      • well said. This is one of the usuals who wish ill of their country (sky is falling). While she sees nothing good, CNN has A&B listed as the best place to be in 2022 (Where to travel in 2022: The best destinations to visit – CNN)

  6. Time and time again we see and hear people in power seeking ways to maximize their financial position at the detriment of the people who they are supposed to be protecting. My opinion on this Western Imperial agreement is that there is an “unwritten clause” that allows for the coverup of payoff that is too large to pass “under the table” as in this case of $684,000.00 per year.

    Not long ago when talk of making vaccine mandatory, there were some legal minds including a QC who came out and gave their legal opinions. Where are they today on this matter. There just may not be any legal opinions in this case as the QC may stand for “Quiet Counseling”.

  7. The gentleman said 54,000.00 per month. Then as a people we need to stamp out corruption and stop supporting conflict of interest. We cannot continue to allow politicians to enrich themselves on our backs by wheeling and dealing. By the way I heard it was his neighbor that had built him this house for a gift .
    The very moment he got is wife involved in politics and appointed her to the ministry of I Lands the blind could see this coming.

  8. HAROLD LOVELL ,Why don’t you rent your damn house ?Also Serpent should rent where He s renting. BADMINDED SUCKERS.

  9. And here i was thinking Dominicans were stupid for defending all the shit their PM do but seems as if Antiguans even worse. Did I just read someone saying that people are jealous? Of what? Of a prime minister wickedly using his position of power to drive all businesses his way?? A small business person with loans and mortgage to pay could have used that opportunity. As the prime Minister no doubt he got duty free and all other concessions to build that place and probably does not owe a cent on it. What about the small businesses that are renting and still have to be paying the bank for the building?? Yall don’t see that??

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