Lovell Congratulates his look-alike, the New St. Lucia PM


July 27, 2021


The Hon. Philip J. Pierre

Prime Minister-Elect of St. Lucia


On behalf of the United Progressive Party (UPP), I am pleased to offer my sincere congratulations to you, Prime Minister-Elect Pierre, and to the St. Lucia Labour Party on the resounding victory scored in the General Elections held yesterday, July 26. 


Your overwhelming success confirms the confidence the electorate has vested in your party at a time when the region and, indeed, the Western World are looking for leadership that takes The People into account.


In this challenging period, when the uncertainties of COVID-19 threaten lives and health, industries and economies, we recognize that leadership demands new attitudes and flexible responses.  


It will not be easy for any developing nation to make its way; therefore, our hope for you is that The People of St. Lucia will bolster their support at the polls with patience, understanding, maturity and a long-term commitment to positive change.  


Our hope, too, is that – individually and collectively – your new Administration will live up to the call you have answered.


Again, the United Progressive Party congratulates the St. Lucia Labour Party on its electoral achievement and extends its very best wishes to The People of the beautiful “Helen of the West.”




Harold E. Lovell

Political Leader

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    • JUST SAYING the prospect of reciprocity must be killing people like you, FROM THE SIDELINE, CARSON B, BEEF, PHILLIP G, TENMAN and PETE.

        • JUST SAYING how is my response underscoring your point. You have said there will be no reciprocity and I have said that reciprocity (ie the UPP winning the next election) would kill you. I need to give you a course in basic logic.

  1. Yes Lovell, but you still will NOT be elected next generation elections. You have wayyyyyy too much political baggage. You are damaged goods!



    UPP 00 SEAT

    DNA 00 SEAT



  3. Congrats to the Labor party in SLU for showing the power of labor. Have to admit that their PM does look like Lovell, but thankfully for SLU its looks only because he more attended the school of strategy that Gaston Browne attended. The new PM there understands that country comes first, hence was able to work with the winning independent candidates. This is reflected in the SLU labor parties decision not to field candidates in those two areas (areas won by Stevenson King and Frederick). Hence those two candidates essentially ran on a labor ticket. :Listening to Peirce, its obvious he is not someone who harbors grudges (unlike Lovell). In SLU we see a UWP that reflects a divided party, one where a former PM (King), was forced to leave the party and run independent and win. King in his statements about former PM Chastanet described someone who was more like Lovell, due to his inability to listen (repeatedly stated by those who have left the UPP) and his untruthfulness (they also call him King Liar). SLU is close to me not only because its a OECS island, but also because the reason for my alias was born there, I happily remain her man and share in her joy (she took pleasure in voting) and also seeing a family member win on the SLU ticket. I expect labor here like in ANU will ensure persons get back to work by focusing on soft infrasture.

  4. look a like lol…Boy these UPP people really gasping…This one sweet bad….So is this the new campaign mantra vote for me cause me look like Pierre…good one!!!!!

      • LMAO!!!!!!!! At this point Mr Lost More Elections Than He Won will say anything at all to win🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • JUS SAYING the mantra will be vote for the Opposition like the people of St. Lucia did to get rid of corruption and mismanagement and herald in good governance and accountability.

  5. Lovell believes that look alike will rub off a bit for him to win. Give me a break Harold. You have not what it takes to be like him. And remember, he is a labour man.

  6. Lovell’s look alike will have tell Lovel that to win an election he has to be on labour party ticket..

  7. JUST SAYING how is my response underscoring your point. You have said there will be no reciprocity and I have said that reciprocity (ie the UPP winning the next election) would kill you. I need to give you a course in basic logic.

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