Lovell Challenges PM Gaston Browne to repeat Odebrecht-related remarks outside Parliament


Harold Lovell, the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), is refuting defamatory remarks made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne during the sitting of the Lower House today, May 25, 2021, and challenging him to repeat them outside the confines of Parliament.


Browne made several slanderous and unsubstantiated claims today in response to a question posed by Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle in relation to an inquiry into the international scandal.


“These scurrilous statements were brought to my attention this afternoon,” Lovell says.  “They are not only patently untrue, but Gaston Browne, himself, knows they are vicious lies.


“That is why he has chosen to utter them – not via his weekly platform – but on the floor of the House of Representatives where he enjoys the privilege of immunity.  That is what cowards do!” Lovell declares.


“I challenge him – I dare him – to repeat those statements anywhere else in the public domain.  And if he cannot repeat them, that fact will confirm him to be a liar,” says Lovell, an attorney at law.


“If he were interesed in truth, and in clearing up the cloud that hangs over this country on account of the Odebrecht Scandal, he would man up and hold the inquiry for which I and other right-thinking citizens and nationals have

been calling.


“I have no fear of the outcome. Call the inquiry now!” the UPP Leader says.


The Party’s Executive echoes the call for an investigation into the matter and expresses its full confidence in the vindication of the Political Leader.

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  1. Dat wha dem love do. Use Parliament to muddy people’s name and hide behind immunity. Doesn’t sound like good faith.

    If what he says is true, he should have no problem indeed repeating them in a different forum or calling the inquiry. Otherwise, will be forced to assume he is lying and has no legs to stand on to support his claims.

    What a poor use of Parliamentary time. When are we going to ever elevate above this kinda of politics. We are in a pandemic for God’s sake, can we stop the shenanigans????

  2. He won’t do it. He is a scaredy cat. That’s also why he ran off and took Moderna in secret before the population and his wife even. Fraid he kin. Didn’t care about others or even the horrible OPTICS of him doing so.

    He has mouth that parliament allows him to run wild with. But deep down he is clearly just a scaredy boy still. The kind that fling stone and RUN.

  3. Again, Lovell is on with his typical sophistry… The statements made by the PM in Parliament have been made several times on the Pointe FM, both by the PM and a former ‘friend’ of Lovell who has made other more egregious statements. If they are untrue, the recordings from Pointe FM are there and Lovell could easily use these as the basis to mount a legal challenge. However, he can’t because he would be exposed and possibly open himself up for greater scrutiny, and possibly criminal investigation. So he comes with the nonsense argument that the PM should repeat the statements outside of Parliament. Harry the Horrible: he has! The ball is in your court.

    • Agreed 💯👍. The PM statement has been made on Pointe FM. That’s Politrickians for you. They speak about the heads of their blind followers.

  4. I thought Lovell makes sure that the Browne and Browne shows on Saturdays are recorded. So if he wants the PM to repeat what he said in parliament he surely can go back and listen to the recordings. Nothing new that the PM has not said before. And what exactly does Lovell has issue with. Wasn’t he going to sue Donna for the same thing? Where are we with that Tabor. Is the lawsuit in the making. How long must we wait? Or were you just bluffing as usual. I mean when the PM he will sue you he does so. No idle threat. Ask Ivena. She is begging now for mercy. She was stupid enough to listen to Harold that he would have defended her in court pro bono.

    • FROM THE SIDELINE don’t worry about Donna Chaia defamation suit. That is not for you even though you are a big Comrade, let Donna worry about that.

      • Isn’t it you and Lovell that put this in the public domain? I mean, interested and inquiring minds are waiting anxiously. To many idle threats makes Lovell looks like a real joke. And you even worst.

        • FROM THE SIDELINE are you challenged or something? Wasn’t it Donna Chaia who brought back the Odebrecht bribery scandal to life since she had a “eureka” moment in thinking that Harold was involved and not Gaston when she recalled that Harold was in a meeting in 2014 in Miami. Again, hard headed FROM THE SIDELINE the bribery was hatched in a 2015 meeting in Miami attended by Casroy, Franca and Soares. Gaston Browne was in Miami at the same time whether with security detail (as he says) or not. How many flipping times do you want to hear this before it soaks into your brain.

    • I didn’t hear what the prime minister said.
      What did you say Mr. PM
      If Lovell sues you, you have enough money and friends in the legal fraternity to defend yourself.
      If what you said is true, you nah haffu fraid. You have from the sidelines to defend you

  5. That matter of immunity in Parliament should be a thing of the past. It is being abused by Politicians in that House. They would go into Parliament and say almost anything about Citizens without any remorse. Then they would get away with it. Because they impugned person’s character in Parliament with immunity. Persons should be allowed to file lawsuits against their backsides. Perhaps then we would really begin to have debates in Parliament based on the issues.

  6. Where is the Comrade Eric the Red and Rupert Mann, Woman and Child. You love Inquiries. You should be rubbing your hands!!!!
    Oh dear, what can the matter be. If Gaston holds an Inquiry, ALL the details will come out. I wonder whose name will be called. Maybe that is why Gaston is afraid to call the Inquiry. Cluck, Cluck, Meow. Coward Fraidy Cat Gaston.

  7. I challenge Lovell to quote anything I said in yesterday in Parliament about he and his involvement with Miniel Bank/Odebrecht/Franca that I have not said on PFM.

    I said that he met with Franca the head of Odebrecht money laundering operations in Antigua and Miami. That billions in graft money, were laundered by Odebrecht through AOB and Miniel Bank, when Harold Lovell was Finance Minister. That the UPP administration of which Harold served as de facto deputy, appointed Franca as an Ambassdor, with a diplomatic passport.

    My government revoked his appointment.

    I also said that Lovell was on the group’s payroll for several months. He needs to indicate what services precisely he performed for the group.

    I also said that he acted in his personal capacity and that the issue of bribery would not have risen. So this notion that we should hold a PI to prove guilt on his part, is non-sensical.

    Franca said in Brazillian Court that they never discussed their intended bribe action with me and that I gave no undertaking, or received any payment.

    I also indicated that government officials including myself acted with probity, therefore there is no mens rea.

    Contrary, to the Odebrecht desire for the Antiguan law enforcement not to share the information with law enforcement in Brazil, the information was shared by ONDCP.

    This is further evidence, that those who held discussions at the Biltmore Hotel with the Brazilians, did not understand that the sharing of information through the MLAT was not a matter for the Prime Minister.

    They misrepresented that they could get the PM to block the sharing of information with the Brazillian Authorities and the quid pro quo, may have been campaign money for the 2018 elections.

    The latter funding from the “Brazilians” was disclosed privately to a close ally at the time. Perhaps those who were in the negotiations did not know that Odebrecht/Miniel/Franca were part of the same Odebrecht group.

    The Odebrecht issue was fully ventilated in the Brazillian and US courts, with several individuals serving jail time and hundreds of millions in fines.

    Casroy stated categorically in writing that the money paid was his money, that it represented payment for a CIP related transaction. If Harold chose not believe Casroy, that his right. However, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, he is asking me to institute an expensive witch-hunt, with little value, or probability of success.

    All of the information on Odebrecht is in the public domain already, including Harold’s meetings with the group officials and the payments he revived.

    A public enquiry cannot be used to convict anyone. Lovell et al, well know that a Public Enquiry is extremely expensive and it’s not a justifiable expense in the circumstances and moreso, during this period of COVID.

    May as well he kept his blasted mouth shut.

    Pringle threw him under the bus yesterday, by giving me the parliamentary platform to expose Harold Lovell’s relationship with Franca and by extension Miniel and Odebrecht, since they are one and the same group.

    Evidently, Harold’s threat is an idle one, designed to obfuscate.

    I will repeat precisely what I said here on PFM again this Saturday and see if he sues, as threatened.

    • Whoever you are can write this. But, Harold is waiting to hear what spews from Gaston Browne’s mouth on Saturday.

    • Gaston Browne on the contrary, I am sure if you could prove Harold’s guilt you would be all for the enquiry (but you of all people along with Casroy know Harold’s innocence). What you are really required to do is to prove your innocence since it was your name that was called in the international press. I know our legal system operates on the maxim “innocent until proven guilty”, but many objective observers believe you IN DEY thus the need to clear your name.

  8. World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne is worried about the Odebrecht scandal. Let’s not forget about his involvement with Peter Virdee. Let’s see what happens with all the lands he “bought” from our nation for way below market value.

    Creative enrichment schemes all in play. Time for world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne to pay the piper.

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