Lovell Calls For Commission Of Inquiry Into Shooting Of Customs Officer


United Progressive Party Leader Harold Lovell has written to Governor General Sir Rodney Williams asking for a Commission of Inquiry into the shooting of a Customs Officer last month.

In letters dated November 11, 2019, the UPP leader also wrote to Prime Minister Gaston Browne, Attorney General Steadroy Cutie Benjamin, Acting Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney and Comptroller of Customs Raju Boodo.

In his letter to the GG, Lovell described the shooting of Cornel Benjamin as “the gangster style attempted murder.”

Lovell said the matter is of grave importance since the shooting occurred days after Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced an investigation into a $3 million fraud at customs.

He called on Sir Rodney to use the powers vested in him by the constitution and the Commission of Inquiry Act “to appoint immediately, one or more commissioners to inquire into the circumstances surrounding murder…”

Benjamin was shot on October 13 at his home by two unidentified gunmen.

Lovell said in his letter, that the incident threatens the social harmony of Antigua & Barbuda, “and we should not allow this culture of violence and murder against public officers to take root in our society.”

Lovell penned a similarly worded letter to the prime minister urging him to “have the matter inquired into in a fully transparent manner.”

He reiterated the need for a “full independent inquiry” in his letter to the Attorney General.

In his letter to Rodney, Lovell urged the acting commissioner to reach out to his regional counterparts for assistance if it was needed.




  1. Lovell claims it is a gangster style shooting, yet he doesn’t want to the police to investigate the crime. What logic has this man really. And that calls himself a lawyer. And that wants to be our leader? Lovell please go into your sunset. You are done. Give another young guy with more brains the chance.

    • Where did Lovell say that he does not want the police to investigate the crime? Did we read the same article?

      • Then why call for a commission of inquiry? It’s either you want the police to do their job or not. Perhaps he should call for a commission of Inquiry into the buses scandal that he is being implicated in. That would give us the public a good sense of what misbehavior in public office is all about

  2. Crime in the country is getting out of control. Politics aside, something needs to be done fast! Let us face reality and truth over partisanship. Crime affects all ah we!

    • You probably don’t read the police stats. Because they have reported the lowest crime rate ever. But I forget you guys have your own alternative facts. keep it up. You may have some who will believe you.

  3. The Commission of Inquiry should be into the alleged corruption at customs. This will get to the heart of the matter.

    And yes Lovell, talk all you want, the people of Antigua and Barbuda will NOT elect you to be PM.

    • When Lovell was Minister of Finance he refused a public inquiry into the Fencing Scandal although the report from the committee he ask to investigate proved we had many fraudulent practices. In as much that a simple bathroom at JASCO cost us over $600K. Tell lLovell to go do something useful with his time.

      • That is the core of Lovell’s problem. His blatant HYPOCRISY!!! Again he needs to go back and listen to what the young people had to say about him and his party on that recent Big Issues program. Instead of listening, he has Gisele Isaac “spitting in his mouth”

  4. Yes ANR this is the surefire way to get eyes on the site. These ALP choir singers start foaming at the mouth and gnashing their teeth on the very mention of Lovell’s name.

    This is the second attempted murder for witnesses in crimes committed in Antigua – the other being a St. Vincent police officer, witness in the passport case involving a former top cop being shot 3 times. You would think the any Antiguan patriot would find this a most disturbing turn of events never before seen in Antigua. But no, not for these brown nosers, Harold is the real problem this country is facing and the escalating and brazen violent crimes is of not import to them.

    The tin man will be posting his repetitive and predictable trope in a minute and we all know what he is going to say because he is perpetually on a wash rinse repeat cycle.

    • Guess the Government paid someone in St Vincent to take him out,because someone in the Government is involved with the Passport Fraud involving a Vincentian Police Officer.. Maybe you can advice Harold Lovell to
      ask for a Commission of Enquiry into the shooting in St Vincent also..

  5. A Commission of enquiry into a Shooting? Do you even know who fired the Shots? Harold Lovell is clearly grasping at any straw in order to regain Political Mileage .. That decade in Government must have been real rewarding,these are clear signs of desperation or power ..

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