Lovell calls for an immediate reduction in gas and diesel prices by 3 to 4 dollars at the pump


The leader of the main opposition United Progressive Party, Harold Lovell is calling on the government to reduce the price of fuel at the pumps to reflect the current price of the commodity globally.

He made the call during a press conference of the UPP this morning.

The price of crude oil on the world market has declined to levels well below the price at the time when the war in Ukraine started.

Today the price on the world market is $73.25 per barrel. It was $125 at the outbreak of the war.

So let us see that difference.

Today it is $73.25 for a barrel of crude on the world market. At the time of the outbreak of the war, the prices shot up to $125, which led to a spike in the price at the pump.

The current price of gasoline at the pump is $15.54 and the price of diesel is $16.79 per gallon.

Whereas immediately before the start of the war, the price of gasoline at the pump was $12.50, and the price of diesel was $12.20, and the price at the crude was $97 per barrel on the world market.

We call on the government to reduce the price of gasoline by $3.04 at least per gallon, to the prewar level of no more than $12.50. And further, we call on the government to reduce the price of diesel by at least $4.59, to the prewar level of $12.20 at least.

We believe that this is very important given the inflationary impact of fuel prices.

It is our view that the failure of this administration to provide any relief or any stimulus to the people of this nation, at a time when we are witnessing low prices of crude on the world market… it cannot be fair for the government to continue to take in excessive amounts of consumption tax.

We are aware that this government has collected more in consumption tax than any previous administration.

We call on the Government therefore, to have a heart and to give a break to the people of this country by immediately reducing the price of gasoline at the pump, and also to reduce the price of diesel at the pump in order to provide an economic stimulus and to provide relief to the people of this country.


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  1. Lovell tell them COG that……..he say whatever you and UPP do that he will do.

    Lets see if he will reduce fuel prices, because we know that UPP will do so once elected, the voters can rest assured that the UPP will lower the price of fuel ONCE ELECTED when the elections are called!!!!

    COG THAT, because r u broke ass niggas don’t even have a red cent to pay workers their overtime, muchless to give the people a much deserved stimulus, after we suffering so long during COVID.
    ALL other countries in the world gave their people a stimulus EXCEPT ANTIGUA…WHAT A SHAME

  2. Imagine this. The mentioning of the fact that the big red machine is going to be cranked up December 19 (3 days after the anniversary of Tessa being SHAT) and dem #UPPNEARGA running wild.

  3. Better Watch Out
    Better Buy Out
    Better Pull Out
    I’m Telling YOU WHY
    ASK Upper Cut About This Guy
    He Knows when u are BLUFFing
    He Knows Wages are Waving
    LOVELL Knows if you Been BAD & GOOD
    So LOWER GAS for Goodness Sake..ho ho ho

  4. The government should issue 2 fuel cards (Red and Blue) to be presented when purchasing fuel.
    Labourites present the red card and pay the current price. ($15.54 and $16 79).
    UPPites present the blue card and pay the reduced price. ($12.50 and $12.20)
    Make everybody happy

  5. Fuel prices only go up in Antigua, never go down. Fuel oil was at 30 dollars per barrel, and never wet down
    This government is nothing but a leagel robber

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