Lovell: Call the inquiry into Odebrecht


It is the corruption probe that has left politicians around the world looking over their shoulders, and UPP Leader Harold Lovell is challenging Prime Minister Gaston Browne that he should call an inquiry into the Odebrecht scandal.

Brazilian construction giant, Odebrecht, was the company behind venues for the 2016 Olympics, infrastructure for the 2014 World Cup and the metro system in Caracas, plus dams and airport terminals further afield.

But anti-corruption investigators caught up with the company in 2019, and it admitted paying bribes in more than half of the countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as in Angola and Mozambique in Africa.


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  1. Looking forward to the evidence. Let’s see who all get roped in. From the red koolaid and the blue lagoon. It will be interesting to find out if a certain bank or individuals with banking knowledge conspired to facilitate any of these transactions with the Brazilian firm. Money has a trail.

    Wonder why little Antigua loosing all it’s international banks and corresponding banking with the international movement of capital assets?

    Another question that needs careful probing is: Where are the monies from the CIP fund kept on deposit?

  2. Absolutely. The Odebrecht enquiry should be even more important than the Andrade Guitterez runway enquiry that Gaston is using simply as distraction. If he has nothing to hide he should stop playing “dolly house” and call both enquires.

    • How much money could Antigua and Barbuda tax payers lose from Odebrecht vs the possible lost from the Airport runaway extension?

    • You guys are so confident in winning the next elections. Have your enquiry then like you promised in the 2000 with serious intentions to lock up and jail Lester and Asot. You even bought Canadians Police to do that but up to this day nothing happened. So much so that both gentlemen ran and beat you’ll backside. Most sane Antiguans will not be fooled again with you all trickery. GB is running circle around all you and you all scrambling like when you cut off a “fowl head”.Ah cue ya, jumbie no who fu frighten?

      • The Labour Party people were able to file and were granted injunction after injunction and successfully kept the case out of court until labour got back in power and buried it. Ask Asot what he knows about the corruption in the judiciary.

        • I though an injunction was and is a court proceeding. So how you mean they kept it out of court.
          I was the DPP from since the beginning that said there was no case to answer. A politician cannot interfere with any court case. But you guys keep spewing that nonsense to those that do not think for themselves.

  3. Bring every and al corrupt politicians in. Our nation has been screwed by so many politicians of every party and it’s way past time they all be brought to justice. It’s time our nation gets rid of all these thieves and rat invested govt so we can be where we should be.

    Our nation should not be in the sad state of affairs that it is in currently and the first step is to get every last politician who is in it for creative enrichment schemes needs to be removed, never voted in again and made to pay back all the illicit funds they garnered during their disingenuous time in office.

  4. Gaston is a coward, Gaston is a coward, Gaston is a coward. He fraid to call the Inquiry. He fraid to call the Inquiry. He fraid to call the Inquiry. Gaston be a man and call the Inquiry.
    You are a coward. You fraid.

    Eric the Red, Rupert Mann woman and Child – one person wearing the same old red tear – up dress. Tell Gaston to call the Inquiry. You are all a bunch of hot air cowards. Fraidy cats!!!
    Just have plenty mout. COWARDS!!!!

    • How much public money is in question in the Oderbredt scandal? 0. How much money is in question for the Airport related constructions? Over 100 million EC dollars, I am guessing you don’t feel the impact. Time to let go of the mirage that being in the desert is causing

      • I guess the ADOMS building overruns have gone to sleep so no need to ask about those any more, or maybe we never felt that impact because we well padded up. So while we are talking about the airport related construction, let us also talk about the ADOMS building. How quickly we forget that building is still not in use while we move Social Security into rented buildings, and then we can’t pay pensioners on time.

  5. Mr Lovell, I saw some St George’s tee shirts with the name NEWPP on them. Has the party’s name changed from UPP to NEWPP, and is it what we are hearing that the party now belongs to Serpent? Have to ask because his constituency was the only shirt that had NEWPP on them.

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