Lovell boasts of his election slate


The United Progressive Party (UPP) yesterday, removed the widely-unpopular ‘caretaker’ label, and officially branded it’s slate of 16 candidates for next general elections in Antigua and Barbuda.

“We have a group of men and one woman, and all of our candidates have a background in service and to me that is the most important qualification,” boasts Senator Harold Lovell, UPP political leader.

Only 4 of the 16 named candidates (Lovell, MP Wilmoth Daniel, Shawn Nicholas and Chester Hughes) contested in the last general elections on the UPP ticket.

The UPP leader targeted fixing the economy as his first order of business once assuming the reigns of power. He cited creating a “knowledge economy” as paramount to the country’s advancement.

“We want everybody to understand that for Antigua and Barbuda to go forward, we need to take the economy to another level.”

“We need to stop the brain drain. We must build a technology revolution,” Lovell adds.

“We will make our people internet savvy… we want to be able to attract Microsoft, we want to attract high tech companies.”

The political leader adds that, “the first question they will ask is ‘what is the state of your workforce,’ so we must have a trained workforce who can take up these good jobs so that our young people, instead of having to migrate to find employment, can find employment right here in Antigua.”

Lovell also intimates that the party has a new-found approach to presenting its policies to the voting public.

“Rather than put out a manifesto two weeks before the election, we are putting out policy platforms now, and that will be a basis for dialogue and discussion and we can enrich those ideas further by consultation.”

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  1. So you are going to cog the DNA’s approach to laying out party policy incrementally rather than wait and putting it all in a manifesto? Well then be honest and give public credit to DNA for that political innovation! But then, can you be honest about anything?

  2. time to get the corrupt labour party out of office. ….Michael ,just came to office and just guess what lol ……all these guys do is try to feed their pockets but time will tell

    • And put who there? The spotless and blameless UPP?? Oh if John Ashe were alive to talk. And a certain long standing candidate who alleged that someone tried to bribe him?? Albeit one of the UPP’s own??

  3. really if if if if ….if wishes were horses the alp have a track record Google these people I have seen and know they are corupt. …they preach enrichment of them selves Google that. they are to serve the people not take from the country and if they do that they they will be rewarded with free pension yes all of their salary .

  4. When the Pigs and the Dogs start to gather their wings and soar to the Skies,the UPP will be returned to power.Dream on Harold Lovell and jj.

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