Lovell blames water crisis on Browne Administration’s poor management of resources



The United Progressive Party (UPP) says the Browne Administration’s poor management of resources has created the water crisis the country is now enduring.


At present, half the country is out of water for 72 hours on account of “emergency maintenance” being undertaken at the Crabbs water plant.


However, Political Leader Harold Lovell says that Crabbs and all the reverse osmosis plants on Antigua have not been producing at capacity, largely due to inadequate maintenance of equipment and the shortage of supplies.


Lovell says the Crabbs plant is producing only two (2) million gallons of water a day, which is about half of its 2016 output.  The Camp Blizard plant, likewise, is down to 300,000 gallons from the 600,000 it once produced daily.


Meanwhile, the plant at Shell Beach and the two at Ffryes have dropped 700,000 and 250,000 daily gallons, respectively, he says, and Pigeon Point’s output has been reduced by 100,000 gallons a day.


In addition, Lovell chides the Government for its failure to commission two UPP-installed storage tanks, at Patterson’s and Buckleys, and to connect another tank located at Collins, while residents and businesses are suffering.


And yet, he says, the Administration is preparing to spend US$14 million on another reverse-osmosis plant – without deploying these three tanks with a collective storage capacity of more than one million gallons – thereby continuing the waste of water.


Lovell also rejects as a “big lie” the notion that up to 40 percent of the water produced is lost to leakage, since the evidence of this would be obvious all around the country, he says.


He says that figure was created only to conceal the fact that, under the mismanagement of the Browne Administration, the plants have been significantly under-producing.

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  1. It is amazing and very surprising that UPP’s administration has all of a sudden become experts in water management and great managers of managing a country’s affairs, but when they were in office during 2004 – 2014, Tango, the water plant was not managed properly by them. Antigua has always had water problems.. Our electricity was in very deplorable state during the tenure of UPP….. Promises are always a comfort to a fool. With a much more advance team during the your 10 years in office UPP ran the country almost into a fail state… How can these inexperience nancards & baboons do better…. ?

  2. The man just need to sit down and relax a little. He chats and chats too much. This will be his last political race, that’s for sure. It’s sad to see how rapidly he’s aging out. So sad.

  3. Here comes the clown. Trying to be relevant. Lovell needs a reminder of what he did about the water situation during his time in office. Sembcorp was not paid and was about to lock off the RO plant. They left a bill of $23 million. That alone is enough to shut him up. Not to mention the fuel bill to WIOC of about $80 million. Please Lovell, do not waste our time. Find something else to talk about

    • You are the one that is irrelevant. There is no issue that shows the total incompetence of the ABLP than this water crisis that gets worse every day. Lovell is right. Manage the water resources and get the plants to produce what they are supposed to produce. Why waste money putting in new plants when you cannot even maintain the existing ones? storage tanks can help the situation. Why not use them? utter incompetence of this administration. Antiguans will continue to suffer while this incompetent administration remains in office. Foolish boasts about economic growth when you cannot even provide water to your people!! time to vote this group of incompetent and corrupt politicians out of office!

      • You are just a sad case. Facts show that production of water has more than doubled since 2014 with the acquisition and installation of new RO Plants. The largest being the Ivan Rodrigues RO Plant at Barnacle Point and yet you want to say they have done nothing. New RO plants are being installed as we speak and September, we should have the last and biggest one installed. New pipes are being laid in the ground, removing the decades old rusty iron pipes. That is what you call doing something about the water problem. Not just talking about it, but taking action. Work in Progress. By September when the issue is solved you guys will look for another straw to hold on to. That is dumb opposition.

        • Your reply shows you are just as ignorant about how to solve a water problem as the ABLP Administration. Installing new RO Plants when you don’t know how to maintain them, does not solve a water problem. Replacing pipes when you don’t really know which pipes are causing the problem, does not make the situation any better. And promising.. yet again.. to solve the problem by September, no longer fools anyone… except the fools who support this corrupt administration.

          • Here we go again. Dunceness at its core. You suggest that APUA engineers are so stupid that they do not know how to run and maintain an RO plant when they have been doing this for many years. You then suggest that they do not know which pipes are causing the problem, when they have indicated those old cast iron pipes that are leaking all the time and need to be replaced, then you suggest that Cabinet should therefore not listen to the advice of these engineers and based on their recommendations Cabinet should not make the necessary funds available and thereby make a promise to the people. It’s best we make you Minister of Public Utilities. Since you know better why not tell us the solution?

  4. Robin say more water coming on Thursday. One week later, barely any water in Antigua. Every community and village on the apology list. Maintenance taking 3 days. After 8 years of promising water, who else can we blame but the government. 8 years of excuses is just ridiculous. They need to go Robin said it himself THROW DEM OUT!!!

  5. Folks, Folks be real listen up Lovell a shine so bright right now he a light up the whole universe.

    GIVE US Clean WATER 24 HOURS or Just shut up. Do me a favor Just go ahead an order
    some extra membranes and tap chat. Plenty Sea Water roun Antigua, Tun um in a fresh Water, keep out de Sand please. Study dat. A labor party government in a power now not Lovell fix it now. Do your work.
    Only choice is the Redeem Team to quench our thirst , Help is on the Way with Lovell as the Leader. Get that in are u skull.

  6. It is simply amazing that in 2022, people are still so blinded by the lies, deception, mismanagement, corruption and callousness of ABLP they can’t think for themselves. UPPs time in office was too short to resolve over 50years of rape and pillage of the country by ABLP.

  7. Tell the Labourites how it go Mr Lovell, dem head hard, hard but dem a listen keenly. The truth really a bun dem bad. The people say no more Labour Pain, Abuse and Mis-management. DOWN WITH DICTATORSHIP! The people have no choice but to vote UPP for good governance, accountability and to end self enrichment and corruption! Well we’ll well, Bluddy Bloke, Sekunda X and Side Line, your wicked government must go, POOR PEOPLE SAY SO! The four of you have no self esteem and can continue wait for the crumbs that may fall off your governments table. We say NO WAY. Down with that. We will not be fooled a third time. Enough is damn well enough. The Dawg, his poodles and hench men like you four MUST GO! A UPP ME SAY. UPP ALL THE WAY ON ELECTION DAY. TO END CORRUPTION, SELF ENRICHMENT AND THE TOTAL GIVE AWAY OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA VOTE HAROLD LOVELL AND THE UPP. TO BRING BACK ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA’S GOOD NAME AND FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE AND ACCOUNTABILITY WE WILL VOTE UPP! 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙

  8. Hmmmm!! Water 24 hrs this year. No more promises, eight long ,long years (365× 8) Oh!! Lord me weary hear a you a promise water.
    Ital I hope they make you the biggest pappy show in the red ants exit parade when are u lose. Them red ants a go bite you. Take some Bagon with you. Remember now no water a go dey to bathe when you get home. Not a good feeling.
    The country is waiting to exhale, ABLP MUST GO!!

    The United Progressive Party with Mr. Harold Lovell , a Decent and Honorable man will lead us to a place where Hopes and Dreams are realized in Antigua and Barbuda, ABLP government your gig is up. CALL THE ELECTION!!

  9. Water problem???? Every administration campaign on our Utility problem yet when they are elected we run into the same CRAP. Why did the minister responsible for Utilities during the campaign promise “water in 14 days”? It was because of the former admin poor handling of the water crisis. Now all of a sudden they can manage water? Did they take a course in water management during this time in opposition? Both political parties Ministers, Management/Cronies keep mismanaging the utilities company for their own riches.

    • Increase production was promised in 14 days and that promise was kept. The water issue seems to be a very moving target. In the beginning the engineer said we need higher production. And new RO Plants were purchase and Sembcorp plant also increase it’s production. Then the demand increased, and the drought continued. Pot Works Dam dried up and we had to rely completely on RO Water. Therefore, more RO Plants were bought and installed. And again, the goal post changed, and we had distribution issued all over the Island. So now we are changing all those decades old iron pipes that are rusting away. They had their time, and the salt water has corroded them badly. It shows this is a government that is addressing the water issue at every stage. And come September we will see if the issue still exists. And if it doesn’t, I wonder what the UPP will have to say then. If you ask me, I like them to make these simple issues as campaign issues. They are not stretch goals for this government. Simple to accomplish before the next election.

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