Lovell advises Citizenship by Investment Unit to pull misleading social media Ad


Harold Lovell, the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party, is calling for the removal of an ad promoting Antigua & Barbuda as a Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) option.

Reportedly there is a Facebook promotion outlining the 10 countries that offer the best programmes, and this country heads the list.

However, the video contains some degree of  misinformation.

The narrator of the video tags Antigua & Barbuda as having 365 islands.  This is obviously an error, since we are known for allegedly having 365 beaches, Lovell says.

Lovell says the Citizenship by Investment Unit has a mandate to ensure that its programme is marketed properly.

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  1. ONE PERSON who pretends to be many persons has a mission to attack Harold Lovell and the UPP. That person posts multiple times and goes by many names, some of these names are:
    RT Carney
    Lynda G
    John PQ
    Frederick B
    Francis G
    GT Arbor
    Provist K
    Lynda D
    PJ Camerall
    Mr Corde
    V Gorman
    LK Dunkor
    Frank Lampshade ( hee hee)
    Phillip G
    Jamieson P
    etc etc

  2. If the intention was to be helpful, Mr. Lovell should be thanked for bringing this to everybody’s attention.

    • Kristi agreed but the person who gave him the information needs their credit since Mr Lovell did not mention it.

      • Really , should he give the WEATHER MAN cred CREDIT TOO for saying going to be sunny ☀️ tomorrow Shuups .

    • Really- The 500 million that Weston said they had put up to be used for COVID will be used for the elections ! Remember what happened in Dominica.
      Eric C. How are you?


    I believe you drink far too much blue koolaid. Who would post under the names you mentioned.

  4. PETE you must be sleeping. Have you not seen posts under the names GT ARBOR and PHILLIP G just to name two. Perhaps you also use one or more of those names. You know they say the red koolaid is extra strong so maybe you had too much to drink🍷

  5. Dear Antigua News Room
    You are choosing to not print articles about Harold Lovell because of someone’s personal bias. While it is agreed that Mr Lovell is a far better choice than Mr Gaston Browne to lead this country, you should not shield him from criticisms, especially those he deserves. This will not encourage him to be a better and stronger politician. Mr Lovell has a laid back style of politicking which is not the right type for Antigua at this time. Any criticisms are designed to light some fire under him to get going and show that he is willing and able to take Antigua and Barbuda out of this difficult time. His rhetoric is good, but we need more than rhetoric leadership at this time.
    So stop shielding him. You are not doing him any favors. Post articles about him both favorable and unfavorable and stop playing defense tackle for him.

    • OH, I see when, Legion, the person who used many names to bash Harold and the UPP, it was ok with you.
      So sorry, it does not work so.
      The ABLP is a disaster, a failed experiment and a joke.
      You know it.
      The pensioners know it, the hotel workers know it and LIAT workers know it.
      and you know it too!

      • You well know legion is you. You UPP people have gall. Bible really right about that demon legion. Real snake in the grass

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