LOVELL: 8 years later people still cannot flush their toilets


The leader of the United Progressive Party Harold Lovell has used the launch of this party’s political campaign to plunge into the water situation in the country.


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  1. I am happy you addressed this issue. It is very important. It is one of the big ones. I appreciate. I just hope somebody get this done.

  2. REMEMBER the $75 million overrun RUNWAY., remember your CRIMINAL case still in court ( BUS SCANDAL).You might have to resign.

    • …. and remember no running WATER and no PENSION MONEY and no good ROADS and no JOBS. All we get from Gaston and ALP is billion dollar investments that break ground and then flop. Well done.

    • BAB, that’s why Single Pringle should replace him as the Political Leader. Pringle is the best they’ve got. Harrold on the way out. Notice how that man is aging? Is he well? Hope so.

      • So, what he is saying is not true? and WTF pringle being single have to do with anything Mr. Strawman? Wah, 14 days to water no gone lone time enough? Me a warn areu na, Focus pan progress and stop degrading people. We don’t want to hear that CHIT. We want answers to the water problem and we want it now not the BS you are spewing, and you call yourself a citizen, you POLITICAL HACK you! We want what is good for our country PERIOD

    • Stop with the straw man methodology. We are talking about Water right now. Stop the psychological BS. You will turn us INDEPENDENTS OFF. It’s WAY PASS 14 days Damm it. WTF!

  3. The Strawman Fallacy: This reasoning is a fallacy of relevance of the current subject matter. They fail to address the proposition in question by misrepresenting the opposing position. or making statements that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. It’s a trick that adds to confusion and total irrelevance. The straw man technique takes place when an opponent’s argument or position is distorted or oversimplified so that it can easily be refuted.
    Slicksters using the strawman argument are easy to detect and exposed. Essentially, when you realize that there is a mismatch between someone’s stance and the stance that their opponent is attacking. EXAMPLE: Lovel is talking about a subject that is important to many people but here comes CLOWNISH response: ” I’ll bet he’s flushing his toilet. Big shot.” OR “BAB, that’s why Single Pringle should replace him as the Political Leader…..” COMES NOW a real critical thinker understanding the importance and relevance of the subject and compare the statements and TADAR>>>> Two NINCOMPOOPS are discovered. It’s that easy.

  4. A minister that cares for the people unlike, the ones only look to enrich themselves while others suffer

  5. Harold Lovell is the BIGGEST LYAD in Antigua. He knew that there is NO tax on lots.of food items and He choose SOYA OIL to confirm His statement. Harold how can you remove what is not there ? Lovell trying to fool Antiguan.

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