Loved Doctor Jose Humphreys Told To Cease Medical Practice – reports



Dr. Jose Humphreys has reportedly been informed by the Antigua and Barbuda Medical Council that his license to practice here has not been renewed.

He is said to have received a letter on May 9th informing him of this.

He was removed from the list of recognized medical practitioners in the State.

Dr. Humphreys’ has had a long-running battle with the medical establishment which does not accept his academic and professional qualifications.

The legal battle over Dr. Humphrey’s eligibility has been ongoing since 2011.

The letter from the Medical Council apparently ordered Dr. Humphrey to return his Certificate of Registration.

According to reports, Dr. Humphreys was also instructed by the Medical Council’s letter to immediately cease all practice of medicine.

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  1. Even if you do not renew his license, under what legal grounds are you removing his registration? The Medical Council is really forming the fool here. I need the legal luminaries in Antigua to weigh in on this. This is injustice to the Nth degree.

  2. How can they require him to sit an exam that they admitted in court was not a requirement and an exam that none of them have sat…its discriminatory. It can be for him only and it cant be retroactive. This was admitted in court by the Council – that they had no reason to not renew his license and that he has met all the requirements and had a right to be registered. The Court transcript reveal not only his basic medical degree from a recognized university (with graduates practicing all over the world), but also a Masters degree from the renowned University of Edinburgh in Internal of the top universities worldwide; and other medical training. His success I believe is their issue. They frustrate many other doctors but this is only the icing on the cake. That woman that sits in the Ministry of Health…that frustrate young doctors like Powell, Teriann Joseph and others. Time for her to go! This cant be right. Ive seen the files. I work there…

  3. Hasn’t this doctor already been through enough with that same Medical Council?? A wah dis time now? Sheesh.

  4. Whether he is loved or not is irrelevant. There is only one question. Does he meet and fulfill the lawful requirements to be licensed as a medical Doctor in Antigua? That is it.

    • True. Baldwin Spencer was loved by Grays Green, but he didn’t do sh!t for them as their MP. Not even during his 10 years as PM did he do diddly squat for that community. So I hear you loud and clear.

    • The upholder is as bad as the thief. If in 2011 he did not have the requirements then even if one man wanted him registered, the other council members could have protested. If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything. Sometimes we are blinded by money but even if I were getting 2-3 thousand dollars monthly to be a council member, I would have resigned cause rubbish is rubbish.

      • He did meet the requirements. Apparently, the CMO et al have it in for him. Some surmise that politrics in involved as Dr. Humphreys is one of Molwyn constituents who challenged him years ago when he initially lost his seat. But I work in pace where I see and hear many things and I can tell you, it is pure jealousy. The man has all the requisite qualifications plus more. As a matter of fact, he has gone of to obtain specialist qualifications. Let me tell you see, a lot of wicked people in this country…cant wait to retire and get the hell outta there!

  5. This is just jealousy a king have no honor in his own country god bar sleep he need to just get out of Antigua and work somewhere that would welcome this qualified talented educated doctor .

  6. so the council is saying that Dr. Humphreys lack qualification … well if what i see here for his qualification is lacking, my God man , i want to be as less qualified as him … because all this ya na mec none sense , i went to school with this guy and he has always been an intellectual, the guy was just gifted , so when i heard he became a doctor i was not surprised … ya boy Jose i feel it for you man , but God is in control and he will see you through this obstacle again… its really sad when ur own people do things so you can run leave ya own country , trust me you’re not the first and would not be the last … and when they done they say Antigua don’t have a brain drain when all our brightest get frustrated by the hacks and the dunces who are threaten by their skill set of the intelligent… This is the high court judgment ruling
    And to think some of these same doctors studied in Cuba from 1960 and never went back for no other certification and still can practice in Antigua .. bwoy Jose stay strong I will be praying for u man…

    • Wait, again! No man! What is going in here. This really seems personal. It has to be. This nan has all these qualification and is not qualified to practice medicine. Really! A who out fu Dr. Humphreys. Let them not forget that the real ruler is God not them. God can do exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask or think. You know that Dr. Humphreys so let God work it out. Dem bad minded people just jealous and probably intimidated by your qualifications. The race is not for the swift. Justice will prevail. Keep the faith sir. A GOD IN CONTROL.

    • @ Have Mercy, not sure if the site is up to date but here you go about the members of the medical council

      Under find Licensed Doctors i see allot of (Peace Ark Hospital Ship – Mount St. John’s Medical Centre) allot of Chinese doctors are registered under that name, not to sure if its some sort of special arrangement but maybe someone can enlighten me … going through the list as well was quite interesting , allot of names i never heard of in my life … But they made sure Jose name is not listed for sure .. wow them people na easy tall … God bless you man continue to do an excellent job..

    This is an old fight from the Medical Board against everything that is herbal/natural.
    In the nineties they gang up against Ted Emanuel and caused him to leave Antigua and move to Jamaica. A country that welcomed him with open arms. And where he proved to be worth for many he cured from many diseases even cancer. But a King is not honored in his own country. Papa Bird did come to his defense and said , he is an Antigua and has every right to work here and make a living. But that didn’t move the medical board.
    I urge this government and call upon the PM Browne to look at this and other developments where professional bodies are ask to self police their industry. That is in my view Un-Constitutional. And in these cases it is people’s constitutional rights are at stake. In my opinion the government cannot delegate its authority and responsibility when it comes to regulating an industry. Whether you are talking about the legal fraternity, the accounting fraternity the engineers, the architects any profession. It should be regulated by the Government and not a private group of people. I should not be forced by law to be part of any group or association. It should be out of my own free will. A few month ago a court in Barbados ruled against that already. JUSTICE PAMELA BECKLES RULES COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP IN THE BARBADOS BAR ASSOCIATION IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL
    There should be established a government department that grants professional licenses. The various associations can advise and give recommendations as to the applicant, but they should never be given the power to approve, deny or revoke any one’s license. Please Mr. PM have a look at this and take the actions needed. We are all citizens of this good land and have all equal rights. No one more than the other. What is happening now is giving some more rights than others. And now a good doctor and herbalist his rights are been denied by a few BADMINDED MEN & WOMEN.

  8. In the VI, there are two outlets for colonoscopy. One, a native private doctor, two, the hospital. When a person reaches age 65 or 66, the doctor sends them to the hospital to have the colonoscopy.

    My point. There was a Srateside doctor doing the same colonoscopy service on the island. He provided pick up and drop off service. He had to pack up and leave because the government or whoever told him that the hospital is losing money, and that they already have a doctor to perform that service.

    I mean, who could ask for more. You do not have transportation or someone to give you a ride and the good doc is providing that service. Also, most people do not want to go to the hospital.

  9. @Dr. Jose Humphreys, just take a nice drink from this glass:

    “As for you, you meant evil against me, BUT GOD meant it for good…” [Gen 20:50]

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