Love For Asot – Wrath Of The Constituents

Michael embraced by supporters

Love For Asot – Wrath Of The Constituents

Rawlston Pompey

The nation, blessed with picturesque and breathtaking sceneries; perennial tolerable sunshine; magnificent white-sand beaches; and pristine warm water, its cosmopolitan population, bordering ‘100, 000 peace and fun-loving people, are as law-abiding as they are cheerful and obliging. With utmost respect for the ‘Rule of Law,’ developments on the political landscape, showed nothing, but ‘Electoral Loyalty’ by the Constituents of ‘St. Peter.’ Such loyalty seemed to have been reserved for the only Candidate truly known to them.


Undoubtedly, ‘Asot A. Michael’ has long been affiliated with the ‘St. Peter Constituency, as well as being ‘Politically and Socially-Bonded.’ Those favored with his ‘Spirit of Compassion’ and unsparing and unspeakable generosity, seemed not to have set out to cause him unnecessarily mental pain. The same may not be said of those that that continue to show ingratitude, despising him as to bring upon himself, family and organizational colleagues’ adversity.

That which seemed ironical, was that the pre-electoral developments, seemed to have stemmed from his constructive expulsion or ostracization and exclusion from organizational meetings in which he had shared vested interests. When the ‘Executive’ of the ‘Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP)’ imposed its will upon the ‘St. Peter’ constituents, they appeared not to have shown ‘bitterness nor cheerfulness.’ That which they have shown as evidence of defiance, may have been their ‘Inky-Index Fingers.’


In ‘Organizational Clique,’ the strong must feed upon the intellectually weak and exploit the vulnerable and docile. When they have outlived their usefulness, they shall be edged out. Such has been the culture of most organizations. The same is true of governance. There shall be no doubt that these contentions have, and continue to resonate with leaders with the understanding of the concept- ‘Pragmatism.’ The self-explanatory contents of this commentary are primarily the results of research conducted on social and mainstream media. Consequent upon seized and accessible information, it allows for an extensive look at; (a) ‘The ministerial woes, and (b) Disciplinary predicament’ of ‘St. Peter Constituency and Parliamentary Representative, Asot Anthony Michael 53.’


Some four years have passed since the ‘St. Peter Constituency and Parliamentary Representative’ came to the attention of an interrupted visit through ‘London Heathrow International Airport.’ The same period has passed since he was relieved of his ‘Ministerial Responsibilities, and the same period of time has also passed, since his ‘Organizational Troubles’ began. In spite of restored liberty and unrestricted movement, speculations appear ‘Wild and Rife,’ while inuendoes continue to saturate the pages of social media by those he strongly believes, are adversarial to him. It specifically looks at some intriguing developments in the recent past. The cleverness of some players, is most admirable. For a light moment, it is interspersed with a bit of humor.


He appears mindful of reckless utterances or doings, seen as inimical to his personal and vested political interests. There was absolutely no need to have dialogue with those so referred in this commentary. That which shall be said, is that research has shown that even without ventilation of that which may have been committed to privacy or secrecy, it has not been subjected to Judicial Scrutiny.’ British authorities were quoted as saying; ‘No conditions were imposed on his; (a) ‘Travels in; or (b) Out of the United Kingdom’ [Observer: October 25, 2017]. In the knowledge that nothing was beyond the capability of an executive that consisted of members ever willing to jump into Lakes of Fire,’ ‘Asot A. Michael’ had to prepare himself for as many legal battles as the situation dictated.


Amidst his adversities, he has not only ‘Persevered,’ but also ‘Prevailed.’ In the recent electoral contest, exhibiting his formidability, brutally he floored rival candidates. This had been the trend in the several ‘Polling Districts’ until the ‘Last Ballot- ‘accepted; spoilt; or rejected,’ was finally counted. The eligible voters, registering unfathomable displeasure at that that which the populace, rightly or wrongly, has perceived as ‘acrimonious vendetta and vindictiveness’ dished out against the ‘St. Peter Parliamentary Representative.’ The eligible voters within that constituency have made the ‘Boldest of Statements’ yet, to the political-directorate.


Unlike the experiences of world-renowned social commentator ‘Slinger Francisco, ‘Mighty Sparrow,’ incumbent candidate ‘Asot Anthony Michael 53,’ was not attacked by ‘Ten Vicious Men.’ They were armed with ‘Big stick and boulder. They were not only ‘playing bad,’ but also ‘wanted to dig out me liver.’ They brought him immense ‘Stress.’ This was not about politics. They accused him of ‘Pushing a girl from Grenada.’ He explained that he tried to run ‘when they came up in me skin with ‘Big stick and boulder.’ But ‘In the heat of excitement; With no Police in the area, and ‘No place to shelter,’ a burst of gunfire saw ‘Every man scatter.’ The ‘Mighty Sparrow’ was said to be lone man left standing. This suggested that he was as ‘Mighty’ as the gun he evidently possessed for his personal protection [Song: Ten to One Is Murder: YouTube].


Under different circumstances, the incumbent ‘St. Peter Member of Parliament, Asot Anthony Michael 53,’ encountered two men and one woman at the polls. They were not physically vicious, and appeared not threateningly violent. They were contending candidates. In the persona, they were identified as; (i) ‘Chaneil Imhoff; (ii) Trevaughn Harriet; nor (iii) Rawdon Turner.’ Contrastingly, the incumbent encountered a different situation over ‘Intrusion of Space’ with incumbent ‘Prime Minister, Gaston Browne’ [Loop: January 1, 2023]. Instructively, their primary, and respective visits were ‘Votes.’ From a ‘VIP Training’ perspective, the ‘Security Detail’ appeared to have allowed for a ‘Serious Breach of Security.’ Such Detail shall have been well-positioned to avert the rather almost precipitously dangerous encounter.


Such training dictates that the ‘Security Detail’ shall take the first ‘Thump’ in protecting the ‘Prime Minister.’ Whether it was an intimidatory tactic, or simply jestingly or testing his resolve, the ‘St. Peter re-elect candidate, appeared not to have apprehended fear of actual physical violence. Seemingly adhering to ‘Wise Counsel’ and Security-restraint allowed for cooler heads to prevail. Had such incident in fact occurred, it may have been reminiscent of an ensuing brawl between two women – ‘Crazy Ellie and Big Foot Maude.’ Relating that incident, ‘Sir Paul ‘King Obstinate’ Richards KCN,’ reveals the encounter, as the two were ‘Cussing on Green Bay Hill.’ Not intending to be drawn into adult ‘Women Melee’ or to get a ‘Thump,’ yet still curious to hear and witness the commotion, Obsti said that he ‘climbed into a ‘Tamarind Tree.’


Well perched, from such vantage point, he was well-positioned to observe the activity. He heard them ‘Cussing hard. He witnessed ‘Nosey Millie visit the yard ‘Crazy Ellie’s hungry husband arrived. With food not yet cooked and ready, he wielded ‘One Thump’ in ‘Ellie’s mouth.’ Her nose bled.’ Then he wielded another ‘Thump’ that ‘knocked ‘Maude’s false teeth completely out of her mouth.’ Eventually, climbing down from the Tamarind tree, he saw the ending of the fight inside ‘Charles White’s Shop.’ [1958: King Obstinate: Wet Your Hand: YouTube]. This commentary, however, is neither about ‘Crazy Ellie; her hungry husband, Nosey Millie, nor ‘Bigfoot Maude.’


From the perspective of organizational culture, he knew those with propensities for devising scheming, equally as much as those capable of being described as treacherous. Undoubtedly, he would know just what was meant by ‘Organizational Cannibalism.’ Likened to the ‘Idi Amin’ man-eating tribe of ‘Africa,’ where humans form part of the food chain, in an organization where members were constantly jostling for position and power, though not necessarily in a literal sense, they must not only eat one another, but also surreptitiously devise schemes to conquer each other.


Now, that which appeared to have left many dumbfounded, has been a peculiar development within the ‘St. Peter Electoral Districts.’ That which the voters have made sufficiently clear, was that in future ‘General Elections’ Candidates forced upon them, by whatever processes, legitimate or illegitimate; democratic or undemocratic or ‘Dogs’ dressed up in whatever color ‘T-Shirts,’ their wrath shall descend upon both ‘Candidates and nominating Party’ with telling effect. The Voters flatly rejected party-selected candidates against their ‘Will and Wishes.’ As a consequence, they have re-elected their ‘Party-Ousted Candidate – Asot A. Michael’ as their ‘Representative.’


When the leadership and executive of their own-affiliated political organization- ‘The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP)’ provoked the ire in its support base in the ‘St. Peter Constituency, constituents, relying upon the power of the index fingers of the eligible voters, saw the ‘Wrath of the Constituents’ descended heavily upon both, the ‘Rejected Candidate’ and their organization. Their ‘will’ seemed to have energized the mind and buoyed their ‘Parliamentary Representative, ‘Asot A. Michael.’ There was much at stake, and they have ensured that he was the triumphant candidate. He has stood for, and with them, through good and bad times.


Except for the ‘Bold and the Brave,’ those eligible to vote, and have voted, communicated to other constituencies that the exercise of their franchise, individually and collectively, have more worth than of the ‘Stigmatized’ electoral party ‘Give-Aways’ of hams and turkeys,’ to ‘Vote for Party.’ While elected candidate ‘Asot A. Michael’ has expended resources in various ways, for various reasons and various places, it appears not to have been only when ‘General Elections’ were imminent. As it relates to the ‘St. Peter Constituency’ constituents appreciation will have shown a consistency in results at the polls in previous and in the most recent national elections.


The voting population within that constituency, has not only caused ‘Ripples’ on the ‘Lake of Tranquility,’ but also an ‘Electoral Quake’ on the political landscape.’ The voters have not only elected such Candidate, but have in fact ‘re-elected their ‘De facto Constituency Representative.’ The industrially-stable 108 Square mile twin-island nation of ‘Antigua and Barbuda,’ ‘Quaked,’ intensely, thereby sending shock waves across its four cardinal points. This speaks true, when for the very first time in the nation’s political and electoral history, since the advent of ‘Universal Adult Suffrage’ [ANU: 1951], voters have elected ‘an Independent Candidate to the Parliament.


The two males and one female candidate, that contested the elections to oust him as ‘Parliamentary Representative’ met with, and understood his ‘Political Impregnability.’ The voting population overwhelmingly cast their votes in his favor. When the polls were closed and ballots were tallied, he triumphed over them. The trio; (i)’Rawdon Turner amassed – ‘899: (ii) Trevaughn Harriette- 541; and (iii) Chaneil Imhoff- 29.’ Collectively, they polled ‘1, 469 votes.’ Statistical data from the ‘Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC),’ confirmed through published results that of the Votes cast, the incumbent ‘Asot A. Michael,’ was favored with ‘2,137’ of the ‘3, 680’ votes cast. The voter turnout was reported to have represented ‘80% of the eligible registered voters of ‘4, 609’ [Observer: January 19, 2023].


Some people were born to live in luxury, while others were born to live in poverty and misery. This has certainly not been the circumstance for, ‘Asot A. Michael.’ Born to an affluent business- family, he lives in luxury. He may have taken the position to stand aloof of those not his peers. Instead, he appeared to have taken the conscious position in reaching out to people seen as being born into abject poverty. As a politician, he will have seen constituent-householders in situations that had forced many to the ‘Edge of Poverty.’ Conscious of his own circumstances and moved by their haplessness, he took the conscious decision’ that with a compassionate heart, he shall be as ‘Caring, sharing, and as loving,’ as the constituents’ circumstances demand.


These appeared not to have been necessarily political posturing, but instead attributes that speak to humanitarianism and love of humanity. In spite of his ‘Trials and tribulations,’ the ‘St. Peter Constituency Representative, appeared as formidable and supportable,’ as any candidate on the national political landscape. When he became the ‘St. Peter Member of Parliament,’ he coined, and the people popularized the terminology, ‘Asot Cares for the People.’ By his deeds and innumerable acts of kindness, these two words appeared to have been engraved upon their hearts and minds.


Whatever may have been his political ‘Ambitions and Aspirations,’ he seemed oblivious to societal status, color, class or creed. To the organizational membership, he was seen as the ‘Godfather of Generosity.’ It was also revealed that not only individual members had significantly benefited from his ‘Generosity,’ but also the organization as a whole. Elections or not, he has, and continues to reach out to people of dissimilar, but distinct pigmentation. Significant sums of his wealth were said to have been expended to cover costs for inter alia; ‘non-benefit concerts; Contracting regional and local entertainers, to sourcing of ‘Party and Manifestos; Paraphernalia; and Billboards’ for all a sundry.


The incumbent, ‘Asot Anthony Michael,’ showed no wavering in his determination in rendering much needed assistance to his constituents who, facing harsh financial realities, had found themselves in dire straits. Such ‘Goodwill Gesture,’ speaks to ‘Attributes and Attitudes’ that have seen many constituents and other people, gravitated to his personality. Consequent upon the ‘January 18- General Elections,’ across the nation of ‘Antigua and Barbuda,’ he has been easily seen as the most popular candidate that has triumphantly emerged in the race to the bi-cameral ‘Chambers of Parliament.’ Through the electoral support of his constituents, he has overwhelmed the three candidates that came up against his candidacy [ANU: January 18, 2023].


The organizational executive appeared to have underestimated or misunderstood the resolve of the ‘St. Peter Constituents.’ The membership appeared to have incensed them to ‘Point of Rebellion.’ Thus, the constituents were aware of the apparent victimizing attitude of the ‘Executive.’ This was imminent when newcomer ‘Rawdon Turner’ was selected as the constituency candidate to contest the ‘January 2023 General Elections.’ The eligible voters knew that in whatever way, shape or form, and in any place designated for ballot casting, the ‘Index Fingers’ would do all the talking. Such would have been the opportune time to ventilate their feelings and exhibit their grievances. Everyone shall now know that in an election, there is no ‘Wild Card’ and no ‘Wild Horse.’ One is played, while the other often bolts.


His friends and colleagues, have become his ‘worst enemies.’ The triumphant ‘Asot A. Michael’ now understand the lyrical contents and meaning of the ‘Robert Nesta ‘Bob’ Marley’s song; ‘Man to man’ [YouTube]. The constituents became aware of his political woes. While the Scripture forbids ‘Prayers for Vain Glory’ [KJV: Galatians 5: 26], yet likened to its declaration of the ‘Lord,’ of that which precariously hangs for the ‘Sinful and Iniquitous,’ the electorate of ‘St. Peter,’ constituency, consisting of; (a) ‘Gunthorpe’s and Light Foote: (b) Paynter’s Paradise and Parham; (c) Vernon’s and Pares Village,’ they may still say to the party executive; ‘Vengeance Was Ours’ [KJV: Romans 12: 19].Constituents shall now kneel and pray and say after their Parliamentary Representative; ‘Jesus Christ is King, Hallelujah.’


He knew that when the executive instituted organizational disciplinary measures against him, the well-positioned members, as well as those assigned to inquire into his behavioral transgressions, for reasons of ‘Treachery and Manipulation,’ could precipitate his expulsion from the organization. Though not necessarily placing reliance upon the favors of sycophants, he still held confidence the ‘Disciplinary Committee Member.’ He knew that while comrade ‘Hilroy Humphrey’ was party to the proceedings, he shall properly guide members to reaching informed decisions, void of influence and bias. Even so, he took comfort only in the knowledge and belief that his constituents would remain unwaveringly loyal.


He not only had adequate resources for litigious expenses, but also the will and a steely resolve to fight. He relied upon their moral and political support. These were all that mattered. His courage appeared to have been derived more from the constituents and of his own ‘Will,’ together with the ‘Spirit’ of his ancestors. These, without a shadow of doubt, appeared more energizing to his mind and spirit, than of a wish that he had the ‘Genes and Blood’ of freedom fighter and ‘National Hero Prince Klaus.’ Research has revealed that until his organizational and ministerial troubles, he has provided for the well-being of the general membership of the political organization.


Though he had to contend with those that tried to deny him a fourth electoral term, independent incumbent ‘Asot A. Michael’ harbored no fear of the ‘Agony of Defeat.’ His ‘Strategic Shrewdness,’ never allowed for electoral defeat. The two male contenders and one woman’ posed no threat, neither to his candidacy, nor his support-base. Politically, he was invincible. That which confronted him, were those issues that may have been self-created, or those otherwise created for him. For instance, when he fell out of harmony with the executive of his politically-affiliated organization- ‘Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP),’ he knew that his ‘Political Troubles’ may have mushroomed into ‘Struggles and Legal Battles.’


Conversely, when ‘Fallen’ from the ‘Grace’ of his ‘Political leader and incumbent Prime Minister, Gaston Alfonso Browne 55,’ he also knew that there would be inter alia; (a) ‘Public spats; and (b) Allegations and counter-allegations. As supportive, and as loyal he has been, he always knew that the odds would have been heavily stacked against him. His ‘Mother, former Ambassador Josette Christine Michael 81,’ wished no such altercations [ABN: October 31, 2022]. Now deceased, she knew before transitioning to another place that, human nature being what it is, these things are as inevitable as they are inescapable. Electorally, he was forced to contend with ‘two men and one woman.’ Whatever their testicular or intestinal fortitude may have been, they held no terror to him.


In his ministerial capacity, whatever may have been his transgressions, he has been the only one of his kind. When he was relieved of his ministerial responsibilities, the media also quoted him as saying; ‘I do not consider that any justifiable question has arisen that I have failed to comply with the highest standards required of public office’ [SKN News: October 26, 2017].  If nothing else, he may have dined with people in high places, but never seemed to have lost his common touch. That said, the commentary particularly looks at his; (a) ‘Trials and tribulations; (b) Troubles and struggles; (c) Political woes and agony; and ‘Defeats and Triumphs.’ Equally as much as he knew the ‘Good and bad,’ he also knew the schemers and the treacherous.


Consequently, they were determined to dispelled the harbored notion that ‘Voting for Party,’ through a ‘dressed-up dog or donkey,’ was never, and could never be an option. Moreover, any hand-picked candidate shall not only expose himself, but also sure to experience the ‘Agony of Defeat.’ Though ‘candidature of their long-recognized constituency representative status had merely shifted to that of ‘an Independent Candidate,’ in their eyes, he was the ‘De Facto Representative.’ The eligible voters of that constituency had determined to make it sufficiently clear, that the talk of ‘dressing up a dog or donkey’ in a ‘Red Shirt,’ and that they would vote for a ‘Party,’ was everything, but an ill-conceived myth.


That which appears to have been logged in his brain, seems to have energized his will to fight. Irrespective of name, symbols or colour of skin; ‘brown,’ or yellow; black or white,’ he was prepared to fight. Litigiously, he subjected the decision of the executive to judicial scrutiny. Though not necessarily appropriate, he also chided them within the ‘Sacred Chambers of Parliament.’ He thought members on the executive were not only ‘Exploitable and Treacherous,’ but also vindictively dangerous.’ The eligible voters had told themselves that whomever wishes to join ‘Dogs and Donkeys,’ if so allowed to vote, they would not be part of such exercise.


Moreover, irrespective of voting tradition, to the constituents, posturing or not, no ‘hand-picked candidate’ shall be accorded recognition as the constituency representative. The ‘De Facto Representative’ may have reflected upon his ‘Elections Billboards,’ with threats of demolition by the relevant, but apparent docile State Agency and agents. Sensing his eventual expulsion and termination of his organizational membership and public-announced replacement,’ he knew that the ‘Political Dye’ had been cast. Aware that his political career could head down a slippery slope to eventual destruction, not only left him dismayed and distraught, but also dejected and distressed.


Though he may have considered many options, that which he seemingly knew best, was just what he shall fight for, and when and where he shall fight for it. Still, he may have warned himself over the attitude of some regional ‘Courts.’ He knew of their apparent sorrowful lack of ‘Judicial’ courage and intestinal fortitude. However, to all ‘Intents and Purposes,’ he garnered sufficient faith and confidence in the ‘Judicial System,’ as to have caused the ‘Judiciary’ to visit upon that which himself, and his supportive constituents had perceived as acrimonious punishment.


There shall be no exaggeration, should anyone say that ‘Asot A. Michael’ had not operated among the most treacherous of the organizational membership. In spite of his ‘Troubles and Struggles,’ he may take responsibility for the ‘Leadership Demise’ of ‘Sirs Robin Yearwood and Lester Bryant Bird KCN.’ Both then appeared to have been seen as reaching the end of their ‘political tether. It was time for them to give up the ‘Political Ghost.’  Research has revealed that almost two decades ago, appearing to have been the most domineering among a quartet of parliamentarians when they withdrew support for his parliamentary colleague ‘Robin Yearwood 78,’ then ‘Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II,’ Loyal Leader of the Opposition.


Given his persona, he appeared widely accepted throughout the ‘St. Peter Constituency.’ Besides his affluent status, he was not only said to have wielded strong influences upon members of his organization, but also upon the political landscape. To all intents and purposes, a parliamentary clique appeared to have developed among the latter three Members. Instructively, joining forces with (i) Steadroy Olivero Benjamin; (ii) Gaston Alfonso Browne 55,’ they have wrested the ‘Parliamentary Leadership,’ from then ‘Her Majesty’s Loyal Leader of the Opposition, ‘Sir Robin Yearwood 62’ [2004- 2006]. Sixteen years later, ‘Sir Robin 78,’ the ‘Grandfather of Parliament’ [1976 – 2023], appears not to have been ‘Smelling the Coffee.’ Consciously, he remains to be seen as being fed from the ‘Saucer.’


Moreover, the only aroma he might be smelling and only ‘Smoke’ he might be seeing, seems to be that being emitted from his Cubana Cigars.’ Then as ‘Parliamentary Leader,’ a plan was hatched against him. Before he could say ‘Comrade,’ his colleague ‘Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin,’ was pledging ‘Allegiance’ to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II,’ as he assumed the coveted position [2006 – 2014]. The next casualty was the ‘Political Leader, Sir Lester Bryant Bird KCN.’ Reasonable inferences may have been drawn that the trio, holding ‘Reasonable Expectations,’ felt that the ‘Organization’s Leadership’ shall be held by a sitting ‘Member of Parliament.’


Strategically, this required some form of ‘Connivance and Collaboration.’ This appeared to have been the best and most effective way of ousting ‘Sir Lester.’ Seemingly using both the power of ‘Influence and Affluence,’ ‘Asot Anthony Michael’ may have been willing to do, not just the unthinkable, but anything, once the ‘End justifies the mean.’ Before he could say ‘Give me an Aspirin,’ an organizational Convention was convened. When the proceedings were over and all formalities completed, the attending ‘pro-Gaston Browne; Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin and Asot Anthony Michael delegates’ reportedly voted overwhelmingly for the ‘Political Leadership’ to be also wrested from him.


The emerging ‘Political Leader, the indomitable sitting ‘Member of Parliament, Gaston Browne.’ Inferentially, the trio, ‘Exploitatively and Collaboratively’ working surreptitiously, effectively wrestled; (i) ‘The Parliamentary Leadership; and (ii) Organizational Leadership’ away from Sir Robin and Sir Lester.’ While it could easily be said that it was the workings of ‘Democracy,’ it could also be said not to have been difficult to discern that it was an act of ‘Treachery.’ Such was suggestive of a clear intention to remove whatever influences or vestiges of ‘Yearwoodism and Birdism’ may have had on the organization and its general membership. Consequently, these were to be etched in the annals history for the benefit of posterity.


This not only marked the ‘End of Birdism,’ but also that which had been described the ‘Bird Political Dynasty.’ The once-dominated political landscape of the ‘Bird’s,’ shall cease to exist. This came when public pronouncements indicated that no member of the once dominant ‘Bird Family,’ would be part of the paradigm-shift in the new organizational leadership. This necessarily meant that neither the ‘Ghosts of Sir Vere Cornwall Bird; his eldest son Vere Bird Jr,’ nor his grandsons and political-aspirants ‘Sean Bird,’ nor ‘Vere Bird III,’ shall be allowed membership in the re-named political organization ‘Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP)’ [2006-].


By three Parliamentary Members; (i) ‘Gaston A. Browne: (ii) Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin; and (iii) Asot A. Michael,’ the ‘Destiny and Fate’ of those leaders, had been pre-determined. Politically and opportunistically; (a) ‘Their graves had been dug; (b) Leadership Tenure, severed; and ensuring that their ‘Spirit’ remained tombed, that had been tightly and inescapably sealed.’ The first sign of change was the name from ‘Antigua Labour Party (ALP) to the ‘Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP).’ This provided for the ‘Sister-Isle Barbuda’ to become organizationally, part of the political landscape.


Dismayed, but not dispirited, the latter, forming his own organization, named it; ‘The True Antigua Labour Party (TALP).’ Subsequently, the latter joined forces with the main opposition, The ‘United Progressive Party (UPP).’ By then, the trio; (i) ‘Parliamentary Leader, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin; (ii) Political Leader, Gaston A. Browne; and the ‘Influencer, Asot A. Michael’ had been well-positioned to devise their own electoral strategies. While they may have been charting the electoral course of the re-named organization, his troubles began.


In parliamentary ‘cross-talking,’ then ‘Prime Minister, Dr. Baldwin Spencer’ told him in the ‘House of Representatives’ that his administration would be ‘Hounding’ him about the ‘Ishikawa Jima Harima Heavy Industries (IHI).’ Undaunted, he contested the ensuing ‘General Elections’ [2009]. Though it resulted in a challengeable showing, the marginal success was clearly not enough to remove the incumbent ‘Prime Minister, Dr. Baldwin Spencer’ and his ‘Hounding Threats.’ Until now, many have failed to come to ‘Understanding of Fact,’ that he had not personally fiddled with ‘Public Treasury Funds,’ as it related to the ‘IHI Fiasco.’


The sophistication employed by then ‘Contracted Debt Rescheduler, Bruce Rapport’ (Deceased), made it virtually impossible to nab within this jurisdiction or on foreign soil and to successfully prosecute any person accused of ‘fingering public funds.’ The local administrative arrangements saw ‘Debt Re-Scheduling Funds’ being legitimately remitted to the ‘Swiss-American Bank’ by the nation’s ‘Accountants General.’ The local Bank then wire-transferred to the ‘Bruce Rapport Miami Headquarters. From previously conducted research, guided by professional criminal investigation training, knowledge and experience, information gleaned suggested that the ‘Debt Rescheduler, Bruce Rapport’ had caused banking transactions to be conducted on; (i) ‘British Dependency Bermuda; and (ii) The British Isle of Man.’


The ‘Debt Rescheduler’ appeared extremely careful not to have arranged for ‘Third-Party’ bank transactions to be conducted within ‘American Jurisdictions.’ Those kept in ignorance, and remains so, as well as those that continue to feign ignorance for obvious exploitable reasons, intend to keep the ‘Ignorant in Ignorance.’ Those seized of information, cannot now attempt to enlighten the populace. They have been mis-fed with rhetoric and inuendoes. It has been to their ‘Official Knowledge,’ that accessibility of funds in ‘Bruce Rapport’s Financial Accounts’ in the referred nations could never link such funds to those reportedly remitted by the nation’s ‘Accountants General.’


That which shall be known is that in all criminal trials, it has never been about ‘Repetitive Rhetoric’ and inuendoes. These have ever been adduced and/or admitted in evidence. The ‘Laws of Evidence,’ do not allow for such. It has been the professional prosecutorial knowledge and experience that when ‘Prima Facie Evidence’ was available, ‘Directors of Public Prosecutions (DPP),’ have always been guided by professional wisdom. That which they are in; (a) ‘Discharging their constitutional duties, in so far as it serves; (a) ‘Public interest;’ and by extension (c) The Rule of Law.’ Even as some persons continue to harbor certain beliefs, and as much as they continue to ‘Hound’ him, ‘Asot A. Michael,’ not only remains undaunted, but also steadfast focusing upon his ‘Constituency and Constituents.’


Research has revealed the partial contents of a letter purportedly dispatched to him prior to an organizational meeting. It states; ‘Your disruptive and hostile behavior towards the Party and its leadership has created a chasm that prevents you from playing any meaningful role within the ‘Executive’ body of the ABLP.’ It also cited several ‘Lawsuits,’ instituted against the ‘Party Leadership.’ Instructively, the litigious actions were described as ‘hostile’ [ANU Observer: October 25, 2021]. Those familiar with litigious proceedings should know that Courts’ mostly looks at inter alia; (a) ‘Abuse of Process’ and consider if pleadings have reasonable prospects of success, based upon the question of ‘Probability,’ as opposed to ‘Hostility.’


Incidentally, it has been a tradition in which many ‘Independent Candidates’ had vied for elective office, only to become historically doomed. Most of whom often forfeited the ‘Electoral Deposits of EC$500.’ Forced to re-enter the parliamentary race as ‘an Independent Candidate, ‘Asot Anthony Michael, ‘St. Peter constituency and constituents have firmly etched themselves in the nation’s annals of history. The Constituency not only broke away from voting tradition, but also ended the longstanding ‘Party-imposed voting’ for ‘Party-nominated candidates.’ The historical departure, not only speaks to their ‘Love for Asot,’ but also reflected the apparent provoked ‘Wrath of the Constituents.’ Consequently, he shall not be judged and acrimoniously punished by history and posterity for that which may have been unfulfilled. Instead, he shall be gratified for the things he has done in assisting in improving the quality of life of many indigent people. While some may dance to the widely performed ‘African’ song; ‘Jerusalema’ [YouTube], the ‘St. Peter’ constituents, now sing his praises. Conversely, the overwhelming majority of the voters, have been singing; ‘…Asot morning, noon and night; ‘…Asot everyday; and on ‘…Christmas Day; …Boxing Day;’…New Year’s Day; …Elections Day; and on St. Peter’ Day- Asot all the way.’  ***

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  1. It is amazing how praises and glory are lauded upon a man.
    It has become sickening to hear the loudspeakers bawling out these praises and glorifying a mere human being.
    Man is fallible. The heart is deceitful and desperately evil. There is NONE righteousness….no not one. Wrongteousness is bound up in the heart of men.
    They politrickians set themselves up as masters and cause the people to look upon them as their “gods”. The people foolishly follow these evil spirits and are led astray into idolatry.

    Wake up, people. We perish not for a lack of knowledge, but because we blatantly refuse to accept and follow after righteousness. We want no part of God in our lives because His way demands discipline, temperance, selflessness and humility.

    We reap what we sow. Just look around. Have we not been reaping the evil for the mess we have been involved in all along ?
    We will all stand before the Universal Judgement Throne one day soon.

  2. By handing out favors to the poor and needy, Asot Michael has overwhelmingly garnerd loyalty. This, while good from a humanitarian perspective, is counterproductive to community building . This loyalty will ensure that the constituents of St Peter remain poor, with hands outstretched, always begging favors. Michael has done very little for the constituency and if this persist, he will not have to to remain its parliamentary representative.
    It is only in recent times that we are hearing that the DAWG willfully neglected St. Peter. This is unacceptable, but as long as Mr. Michael continues to hand out favors, this retardation of progress will persist. The country will remain rich and the people poor.

    • @ Watching. Isn’t a government for the people. Is t a government responsible for the development of a country? Stuuuups

  3. Well done St. Peter. You collectively stood up to the big bully. You have shown all of Antigua that power lies in their inky fingers.
    You have demonstrated your loyalty to your representative; a representative that you’ve been able to count on during difficult times; a representative who’s there all year round — not just during silly season.
    People who lacks that loyal quality within themselves usually underestimates how powerful it is. They think they can just buy you off at their convenience.
    A clear and decisive message was sent to the political parties that you cannot be taken for granted and that you won’t accept being ignored any longer.

  4. I accurately predicted that Asot Michael would be the fly 🪰 in the ABLP ointment🧉 before the General Election – and so it has proved to be.

    You ABLP acolytes can thank Brixtonian later. 😁

    Here’s another prediction:

    When Parliament re-starts, Asot Michael is going to reveal, and then hold the ABLP to account for PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE promises; and when you add the 6 UPP seats and the Barbudan representative into the parliamentary mix as well, all we have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the fireworks!🔥


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