ABLP senators sworn-in



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  1. So, you think the UPP would not appoint the losing candidates to the Senate? Let’s wait and see.

  2. Where is Lennox Weston? Is he is going to be Junior Minister in Finance? Lennox is the right person for Minister of Finance than Gassy. Finance and Economics are Lennox Weston, and he will do good in that capacity. Lennox Weston for Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, kick out Gassy.

    • Move to the back of the class u ass. Lennox lose his seat because he lazy and nam too much rice pudding

      • Good day to you @ Iman, as a proud and patriotic Antiguan, I will be holding the ABLP and Gaston Browne to account – I’m sure you wouldn’t expect anything else from me.

        Brixtonian is waiting in the wings for the INEVITABLE slip-ups!

        Like you, I enjoy the cut and thrust of the ANR threads. Lovely.

      • @ Iman, the more u talk the more u get egg on your face… u should just shut up… lost by 6 votes isn’t something to shout about where yall claim u would get 17 seats… next time around that will be it for labor party. Only the people who care about party will vote for Alp… this new generation will vote for performance so I suggest u focus on that rather than pointing the finger.

    • … and look dey?! Rawdon Turner??? Wha’ he do for the dis ya country?

      How that classic song lyrics go again?:

      🎶”Clowns 🤡 To The Left of Me …🎵
      🎶 Jokers 🤪 To The Right …🎵
      🎶 Here I Am, Stuck in The Middle with You … 🎵

      Sounds from the man called Brixtonian, spinning the musical 🎶 decks of King Tropical Hi-fi … tell you no lie!


  3. @Sideline, you are late on the draw buddy. This idea is several days old. Chances are, ALP stole this from somewhere. We know one thing about this band of incompetent miscreants: they have not an original bone among the lot of them. Just look at all the cogging they did.

  4. Woiiee me belly that’s all I have to say doing like kermit sitting on the side and sipping my tea.

  5. It was Clementina Antonio that helped knocked down Serpent’s Billboard in Potters Village. Now that person is a Senator? He works for DCA and now is a Senator. How many paychecks are those people getting,like Colin O’Neal.Those Ladies need to exercise more and eat less. Colin O’Neal surely looks miserable. I wondered why.

  6. I see there are 11 Senators above on the Labor Party end. How many total Senators would there be in Antigua and Barbuda a combined 170 square miles.

  7. These do not reflect a good cross section of Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party. Who does the PM consult with in appointing these senators and directors of boards. We need back our village councils and those that are active within their communities will automatically be elevated to higher offices.

  8. Lord help us in this nice little Antigua & Barbuda.
    That they going to continu trow under the bus.

    Well all them Senators will enrich them self too.
    Soon or later..

  9. Is there anyone on the government side who represents the interest of workers? No one from the ATLU? I the lack of respect for the working population continues after covid. Calling on the leadership of the ATLU to wake up and take note.
    Anther thing when senator Lake was first appointed the PM boasted about his support for LGBTQ community…has that change . Comrade Bramble, you too need to wake up and think about filing divorce papers.
    The President of the senate , the phenomenal intelligent A Williams Grant has already expressed her disappointment over the decrease numbers of women on the government side…women of labour I am also calling on you to wake up and take note.
    Have a nice all

    • Like Serpent deserves to be called “Honorable” or Bowen? Bowen have a criminal record of having murdered a woman, while serpent has allegedly raped someone in Grenada. That is far from being qualified to sit in our highest office. The parliament. But that is democracy. We get the government we deserve. Full of Laggard, Losers, Murderers and Conmen.

      • “… We get the government we deserve. Full of Laggard, Losers, Murderers and Conmen”.

        I think this is the first time I’ve EVER agreed with you @ From The Sideline … hehehe 😂😂😂

        WELL SAID BOSS 👍

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