Long term drought could affect Antigua, Eastern Caribbean

Port Works dam ran out of water several times in the last few years

The Barbados-based Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) Friday warned of long term drought that could “negatively” impact islands in the eastern Caribbean. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

“Many parts of the region experienced above normal rainfall in March, bringing some relief from dry conditions since late 2021. Despite this, there are concerns over long term drought that can negatively impact large rivers and reservoirs, and groundwater, by the end of May,” CIMH said in its latest issue of the Caribbean Drought Bulletin.

It said that the islands of the eastern Caribbean as well as Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao (ABC Islands) western Cuba and parts of Belize could be affected as a result and that the southern half of the eastern Caribbean and western Cuba should also monitor its streams, small rivers and ponds at least until end of July.

 CIMH said that a shorter term drought situation, by the end of May, might possibly develop or continue until the end of July in Barbados, western Cuba, Dominica, Grenada, Martinique, St Lucia and St Vincent.

It said longer term drought is evolving in the ABC Islands, Barbados, most of Belize, Dominica, Guadeloupe, St Kitts, and the United States Virgin Islands.

“Areas ending up in long term drought by the end of May may experience significantly reduced water levels in large reservoirs, large rivers and groundwater,” CIMH said, adding “we advise all stakeholders to keep monitoring their environment for signs of drought”.

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  1. Drought is a serious problem in the region, especially in Antigua. This is why Gaston Browne must carry out his promise of this new water system.

    Today, on the 7th of may 2022, there are only 146 days remaining to the implementation of this nationwide system.


    • Gaston can provide a new water system BUT until APUA gets their acts together we will ALWAYS have water worries. ALWAYS!!!

      Where are the APUA water managers???

  2. So what is the long term plan? We are a drought prone country. Robin has been in office since Noah build de ark. He did not know that we are susceptible to droughts when he spewed his nonsense in Granny’s defense? Don’t make promises in Opposition that will crush you in govt.

  3. More showers of blessings needed 🙏🏿🙌

  4. Pipes! Pipes! Pipes!
    Should be the rallying cry!

    Follow the money… RO plants & fossil fuel electricity generation, big, ongoing bucks…
    Ain’t no money in pipes & modern sewerage eh?

    Might that be part of the reason we STILL have overhead electric wires, water woes, unstable telecoms?

    Time for a utilities audit of all monies over $100,000 spent in past 3 years, along with checking if projects were tendered openly, or split/multi- awarded to stay under the radar, and any recurring charges, such as 10c per gallon sold, or introduction fees etc. to anyone & why.

    Time for Antiguans to demand an infrastructure that is hurricane & climate resistant – let’s stop doing what we’ve always done.

    This plea is to all politicians that may be entrusted by the people to form a government.

    Final thought, howabout a unity government for 4-years to get A&B on track?
    Or is our political system so personality and hand-out based, that could not happen?

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