Lodge makes donation to Barbuda family


On Wednesday 26th September, 2018, members of the WALADLI LODGE NO.9887 E.C made a presentation of a fridge and a stove to a needy family of eight in Barbuda.

This donation will especially assist the children of the family better cope with their extenuating circumstances.

As a result of the passage of Hurricane Irma in 2017 which devastated Barbuda, a number of families were adversely affected. One such family is comprised of Mrs Iristine Jack and her husband, who are now the guardian of seven of their grandchildren, ages ranging from 2 to 16 years, along with another daughter and her child. This situation developed due to the untimely death of their daughter and mother of the children, a month prior to the impact of Hurricane Irma.

Having learnt of this situation through information from the National Office of Disaster Services, the Lodge reached out to the Mrs Jack to ascertain their needs and is pleased to be in a position to provide relief to this deserving family. Freemasons are taught to practice charity and to care not only for their own, but also for the community as a whole – both by charitable giving and by voluntary efforts and works as individuals.

Worshipful Master Lenworth Johnson presented the items and hopes that they will assist in improving the home environment to allow for the children to be more focused on their school work. It was Winston Churchill who said, “We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give”. The Lodge also wishes to express appreciation to Townhouse MEGASTORE for their assistance in the procurement of these items. Mrs Jack with a few tears was most appreciative of this donation and seemed to be overjoyed with these turn of events.

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  1. Hmm all of a sudden the lodge is making the news. Seems as if they are on a campaign to change their appearance. What is a worshipful master? A judge is called your worship. And the law Lords are in England. How is it there are no law Lord in the Caribbean? The lodge and the court system sounds like a church to me.

    • People should be wary of taking things from these devil worshippers……but rastaman you very observant am here saying the same thing …..they want to let people believe that they are a charity group like people na hab google and YouTube lol ,if u dont know what it is all about is because u want to remain blind

        • Advocating for accountable governance so no one in the community will ever have to rely on charity giving up their dignity. Their photo taken with a fridge and stove just because hurricane destroyed all they had and they cannot afford them at this time.
          This is taking advantage of the less fortunate to prop up themselves.

  2. I would never accept no gift from a lodge. I await the reports of the fridge talking and saying why am I feeling cold and the stove saying you cowl…well me hot hot!!

      • Me…No Sah.. Stay far!!! Well it is a good thing they did not get a bed also. The whole house would be in drama. Imagine coming home tired and as you about to lay down the bed shout out No Come Pan Me!!!!

  3. Do they still wear that stupid purple apron to cover their crotch? Apparently it symbolizes when Adam and Eve sewed figleavea together and covered themselves. Lots of politicians, clergy and so-called prominent members of society are triflingly selling their souls for so-called esoteric light. There is no such thing as “The Great Beyond” but I guess Hiram Abiff brainwashed them to thinking otherwise. May the Most High have mercy on us all.

  4. Wow am so surprised that so much people are aware of what this evil is ,the reason they where the apron is because of easy access to their private part to secretly hey ask wendy Robinson

    • There is a photo online of a certain deputy head of state and a prominent Moravian bishop clad in their aprons. If politicians want to join that darkness that’s up to them. But no clergy should yoke themselves to such darkness. I’m surprised the Moravian church still permits the “good bishop” to shepherd their flock.

      “Babylon is fallen. Come out…come out…”

      • Well as they say u can be of any denomination because all they do is say the great architect of the universe lol so what about a atheist who dont believe in worshipping the devil/baphomet but alot of people are so gullible how can u be apart of this evil talking about charity if you join without doing your investigation and u can Google amd YouTube the information…..just like they have the eastern stars lodge for women with a bunch of promiscuous ladies that the evil witch demons enter them for them to behave in this way ..u need to know your soul is important u cant get it back after u sell it

        • Apparently you must believe in some deity in order to join. Doesn’t matter which deity. Not only do they target females through OES, They also target the youth through sororities and fraternities. (Black Greek Letter Organizations) on college campuses. Members of the Lions, Rotary, and such organizations also need to research the real history of these “charity” organizations. All that glitters is NOT gold. Don’t play with your soul salvation. “Babylon is fallen…come out”

  5. It’s amazing how foolish some people are to believe in the bs they hear about lodge on youtube or from other people. Lodge is just the scapegoat for the problems that are happening out there. It makes them feel so self pleasured when they think they have it all sorted out, i mean its easy to blame lodge for something, right? So while everyone is so excited about their fears in the unknown, the real culprit is still out there inappropriately forcing itself upon them and their fanilies’ lives while they sleep in ignorance and blame lodge.
    If it makes you sleep better at night, so be it.

    • Did you sleep during comprehension class? Where in the article/comments do you see blame being cast at the lodge for “the problems that are happening out there”?

      The article mentioned the donation. The comments exposed the evil behind the lodge attempting to mask itself as a “charitable” organization.

    • Hey not blaming the lodge for shit because jesus the son of god is our master ……what can the lodge do to people but do them secret sex games with each other and knowing and un knowingly worship the devil…..your soul is important

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