Local Spanish community ‘not happy’ with ABLP


Members of the local Spanish community are “not happy” with the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP).

Alex Martinez says he and the political committee of Dominicans with Labour “feel very disappointed with the Labour Party.”

“We have been there without failing … dedicated to do the best in our community … and we feel we are not important enough,”

“We also are the ones who really can make the masses move at any time. We haven’t done anything wrong to be treated like we don’t matter. Enough is enough,” Martinez continued.

It was not immediately clear what led to the strained relations with the ABLP.

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  1. That clown looking attention long time- just hush the Dominican community doesn’t recognize you as no leader nor do they like you generally. Alex just cool yourself out.

    • Does Alex have any selfish motives? Take a walk on Joseph Lane what do u see?
      Take a walk in Johnson Village what do u see?
      Take a walk in Villa & Point what do u see?
      Take a walk in other communities what do u see. It’s just growth & development of the Spanish fraternity as entrepreneurs … Under ABLP all nationalities are welcome and made comfortable

  2. They certainly won’t be voting for the “HATE FOREIGNER” UPP PARTY. To paraphrase Joanne, the Labour Party has mastered the art of singing kum-bah-yah

  3. What the Hell is wrong with the UPP Candidates. Latest is UPP from St. Mary’s North allegedly beat His student. The Student still suffering from pain. This Candidate should be charged and DISQUALIFY. I HAVE never seen a political with so many CRIMINALS. UPP is a CRIMINAL PARTY.

    BRIXTONIAN this is the Party you support. Shame on BROWNE.

    • “SHAME on Browne”

      You got it right the first time @ PHILLIP G

      Brixtonian never misses an opportunity to highlight y’all ‘tupidness 😁

    • B@ Phillip G. Brixtonian has no shame neither any pride. Anyone voting for that inept crew from UPP need a head scan to see if their brains are missing

  4. This guy doesn’t represent anyone in the hispanish community, this is just an oportunist who scammed a lot of people and because of that, he was moved out of the post he had at immigration. He doesn’t represent anyone in our community!

  5. This is all to be seen since most are actual Antiguan nationals and may just decide the next government in masses. Whether u hate the man or not, he’s saying something.

  6. The ABLP knows that, this is an easy fix.

    A…let Immigration turn a blind eye to their overstaying, then offer up #amnesty at a later date.

    B…let them open bars, brothels, prostituting dens in particular Neighbourhoods which changes the dynamics of these neighborhoods.

    Hey #Bond! James Bond! Have you seen #Pussy_Gallore?

  7. Spanish people interest in black people is to see what they can get from black people. Otherwise spanish people dont love black people.

    • DR black people don’t consider themselves black. I know because I have DR cousins. Do you notice how they treat Haitians? I wonder why they come to a predominately Black Country.

      • @Asking..the come because they want to see what they can get. They only associate with black people if they think the black person is better off economically than then. So what they then do is to use the black person to try and improve their economic status.

  8. I no longer know who is an Antiguan as I no longer have a country. The Labour Party has intentionally diluted the native population by bringing in non nationals to vote for them. Just look at the amnesty granted just before elections. Why don’t the non nationals form a political party and take over the government? Because of Labour Party policy to stay in power, non nationals will soon be the majority. This government does not love native Antiguans, they only love power.

  9. These were the same people that were having parties and jam sessions during COVID while we were being responsible!!

    Disappointed? Listen gimme a break!

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